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By   /   March 28, 2015  /   2 Comments

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It’s my birthday today and I have a wish list:

Wish list with penIt’s my birthday today and I have a wish list:

I wish all students had pencils, pens and work books.

I wish every child in every class had a decent, healthy lunch.

I wish people would stop punishing children for the perceived sins of the parents.

I wish National Library would reconsider its curated resources plans.

I wish all schools had a paid co-ordinator to co-ordinate community-based projects.

I wish that all schools had adequate funds to attend to all of their children’s educational needs.

I wish the focus on shonky National Standards would stop.

I wish teachers didn’t have to work so many hours over their paid hours just to stay afloat.

I wish people took more seriously the link between socio-economic status and educational achievement.

I wish there was a decile review taking place, to find a better system for funding schools.

I wish Christchurch school communities were given a fair hearing.

I wish people would look beyond politics and ideology and think critically about education policies.

You can keep the cake, keep the presents, and even the cards – let’s just be serious about helping all children achieve their potential.





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  1. In Vino says:

    + 100%, and it isn’t even my birthday.

  2. Andrea says:

    Many happy returns, Dianne.

    In the very olden days, when my mother was at school, the pencils were issued and retrieved by class monitors. My mother came from a very low income community in Britain.

    I know ‘it shouldn’t be’ but – do what we used to – buy spare pencils to issue to the kids with a chronic tendency to chew pencils to death, or lose them or, just like the kids in your classes, couldn’t afford them.

    Having most kids in a class doing lessons on donated newsprint is nothing new. Personally I wish it was in the ‘long-past’.

    Hope all your wishes come true -AND you got at least a slice of your favourite cake!

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