Leaked TPPA chapters shows it up as a corporate gangster shakedown



Jane Kelsey: Leaked TPPA text has all the dangers Govt promised to negotiate away

Yesterday Wikileaks posted a near-ready investment chapter of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) dated January 20. It shows the Government has not listened to New Zealanders opposing special rights for foreign investors and their enforcement in controversial, private, offshore tribunals.

Nor has it protected the New Zealand Government’s right to regulate from being attacked by foreign investors and from rogue interpretations by investment arbitration tribunals, as promised.

The text shows the main rules relied on by foreign investors are largely unchanged from the previous leak in 2012. In one important case, the worst option was chosen.

I just want to take a moment to explain how this works, because what has been leaked is the worst case scenario in terms of our economic sovereignty. Our ability to pass laws that we the people of NZ have demanded from our political representatives will be amputated by the TPPA which leaves us with a weakened and feckless democratic state that merely becomes a sock puppet for off shore interests.

That should read ‘more’ than the sock puppet we currently are.

How these types of ‘free trade’ deals work is open the Government up to legal challenge (and most threateningly, legal cost) if an industry they want is in anyway subsidised by the Government.

Take NZ culture. Currently any attempt to set a NZ content quota on NZ TV would open us up to legal challenges by Corporate Hollywood.  Seeing as the expansion of American Culture is so important to the US from a  soft power point of view, this challenge would quickly escalate. Helen Clarke was interested in setting a TV content quota until she found out it would breach existing free trade deals we have with the States.

How the TPPA will operate is far worse. By agreeing to allow American Pharmaceutical Companies to review Pharmac purchasing decisions, the Companies can tell Pharmac that they will take any subsidy decision that doesn’t require us buying their more expensive version of the same drug to the tribunal and the extra legal costs will always remarkably end up being more expensive than if we just buy the more expensive versions off them in the first place.

It’s a god damned mafia shake down! The TPPA effectively is American Corporations forcing our Government to pay protection money and their products or it’s off to Tribunal we go.

This is a Racket, it’s not a Free Trade agreement. Seeing how incompetent Key was with the SkyCity deal, how on earth  can we trust National to sign the TPPA?

Whose interests are John Key serving here? Wellington or Washington?

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  1. John Key is serving the interests of those way WAY above Wellington and Washington. Martyn – I hope you can do more research on Agenda 21 and do a piece on it. Key and Helen are both involved and were dictated to by those way above governments. Please take some time and look into this deeper. Most are just unaware of what is really going on and why.





    • BLAKE;

      Don’t let the down voting worry you. (and IKE)

      What you have put up is all true,if only people would make the time
      to analyse them properly.

      I am beginning to think that many readers may not sit through a
      1hr or 1.5hr video, or if they did, fail to understand the ramifications
      of the subject. They may want the 5min answer,which of course is
      I think the printed word is the most reliable because you can go back over it if you don’t understand,before you move on. Otherwise
      you may get lost.

      The UN’s Agenda 21 is of course tied to global warming etc and the
      scarcity and sustainability meme which is so ingrained in many heads.
      Webster Tarpley will tell you both are complete bullshit.(and others)

      Any scarcity is artificial and this is how you can get top dollar for
      something or an excuse for rationing.
      They have been doing it for centuries and diamonds is the prime example.

      Many readers may not realize that NZ is already signed up to Agenda21 and Global Dimming.
      There are other reasons for the severity of the weather in places
      but I will not go into that here.

      Of course Key and Clarke are involved and as puppets carry out the
      agenda of others both you,I and others talk about.
      Many may get to the International Corporate level but then off course these people own them. It is called Mercantilism. They could
      not carry it off otherwise.

      Rosa Koire is another who has carried out years of research and put
      her findings into a book, it so alarming. This is why she travels worldwide to get the message out.
      In simple terms part of the plan is to clear populations from the
      countryside and herd them into mega cities.

      In USA Walmart has been responsible for wrecking small-medium
      communties by setting up their model of ‘by all commodities’ and
      driving all the small and family businesses out, and when the people finally leave,just shut shop leaving the mall standing and moving off
      to the next.
      Perhaps that’s why Key and Gvt are not supporting the provinces
      like Northland and Gisbourne. The branch railway line to Dargaville
      has stopped and the shutting down of the Napier(port) line to Gisbourne is most questionable. There is huge amounts of timber to
      come out of that area!
      Then there is the Fontera issue for farmers. The milk price is nearly
      half and many small/family farms may end up struggling and end up
      with even more bank debt.
      When the crash comes,interest rates will go up and more families are
      driven off their lands. Just like the last time,with banks and Coporates ready to swoop.

      It is all documented. The Club of Rome wrote a book called
      ‘The Limits to Growth’ in 1972. In it they write “the new enemy shall
      be Humanity itself”!
      There are a number of choices in the google search,but this one is
      the most comprehensive of what’s going on.
      It is validated by Dr John Coleman’s research of 20yrs.

      This why I think the Greens are another ‘controlled party’ and they
      are given this area as one of their policy planks.
      They never talk of the real toxins in our environment.

      Your second link,while true,it gets Rosa in a 20min aprox interview,
      but the problem I have with them is these Shock TV videos are
      Christian productions with over the top emphases on ‘The Illuminati’
      and their signs and symbols,’end days scenario’s’ and when people
      new to the subject see them they can easily dismiss them as ‘cultish
      conspiracy’ rubbish.
      These 4 links are truly shocking in their scale and when presented
      many get really defensive.
      They do not like the attack on their ‘comfort zone’ and sense of their reality.It ‘un-nerves’ them.. It’s easier to deny it’s not happening. This can by the psycological response of many.

      The last 2 Truthseeker clips are good but there again,a sceptic can
      write them off as Russian propaganda regardless of the documentation. I can assure readers that every Truthseeker clip is
      validated on GlobalResearch with out going anywhere else.

      I nearly posted the Eugenics clip up on Rachaels Goldmith’s column
      in support of my comment on the Gardasil article.
      There is a more quality one, but I thought better of it.
      One piece of information at a time.
      I must admit it took me a long time to accept the population reduction plan but the more I read about past and present it finally
      clicked and it all made sense.

      Supposedly, these elites are starting to panic.
      Their plans were meant to be completed by the year 2000.
      Now the world has nearly woken up because of the internet.
      This is why things are starting to move rapidly.
      When people look at what’s happening in America most will say ‘surely not’?

      Experience tells us what happens in UK and USA will finally come here.
      They are rolling it out on a global scale.
      And Key and co are preparing the groundwork.

      Lets hope with MASS AWARENESS we can stop them.


  2. For a bunch of so-called “businessmen” this government is the worst we’ve ever had for negotiating deals of any kind. They give in on everything, always

    • John Key was a money market trader. While I am not belittling this role or Mr Key’s obvious excellence in the area it is not a role that requires high levels of economic or strategic skills.
      When I first joined a Banking organisation I was thrown in the deep end defining models for the dealing room. As an economics graduate I was most disappointed to find that in the main ” FX, Money Market and most forms of “Trading” are tactical not strategic. In this environment picking what way the “herd” was going and how long for, was what counted. What longer term strategy there is comes from the treasury, credit and lending and other groups in the bank.
      Add in a hefty dose of commitment to free market dogma and this skill / mind set is reflected in John “you don’t want to be this type” Key’s deals and policies as prime minister.

  3. Is there a glimmer of hope that the Tpp will not go ahead with Key .
    He will ignor us and follow his corporate bosses wishes, hopefully we can stop him.
    We are anti Key and anti corporations ,not anti American ,but yes we are anti this government, they are a bunch of arrogant self interested bullies,who think because “won” an election they say they have a mandate,they don’t ,we the people have rights and we wont let National trample them because Key thinks he has the power.
    Go Winston on Saturday.

  4. Who leaked it and why? Why was it NOW, put into an arena/area/file where it could be accessed via Wikileaks? Sounds like a Francis Urquart leak (House of Cards)
    GCSB spying on Pasifika?
    GCSB spying on WTO candidates?
    The new flag’s gone limp?
    “Great news comrades,” blaired [sic] the telescreen, “Eurasia is no longer at war with Eastasia”

  5. The TPPA does nothing to improve the lot of New Zealanders in the world. It undermines our sovereignty but allowing foreign owned corporations to sue the government if they pass legislation at odds with their driving profit motive. So, $$ > People.

    It’s a disgusting deal, we should exit from these negotiations immediately.

  6. Again, it is not just american corporations trying to run the show. It is multi-national corporations but very special ones that are linked with the agenda to dominate world trade. The ones who are closely linked with the WTO and the World Bank and the gangster banksters are the ones to watch out for. It is no accident that the Merrill Lynch crook is running our country.



  7. Governments around the World are required to surrender everything of any worth to the Totalitarian Globalists (Zionists/Corporatocracy) – call them whatever you want – they’re Elitist arseholes and they and their kind around the World (John Key is a major Globalist playa) need shutting down, seriously.

    Humanity, our planet and everything on the planet are being assaulted guys – it’s pretty much WWIII and we’re up against it now – Globalists are throwing issues, events and proposed governance changes to our rights, welfare etc. etc. at a made pace now, all while polluting and destroying the planet around us. Our resources, agriculture, freedoms, livelihoods, food, environments and animal life around the planet are being pillaged, raped and murdered – yep, if you’re looking at what these arsehats are doing around the world, it looks horrifying – like a bad dream but it’s real guys, and people need to wake up, look around – see it, because these tools need to be stopped. It is war people, really … please wake up.

    No-one has given these Totalitarian freaks rulership over our planet and Humanity need to step up and speak up – send a message to these Oligarchy/Archon Globalist c*&$ like John Key, because what they’re doing is wrong! Don’t let these clowns get away with the shit they’re pulling!
    Stand up for Humanity, our sovereignty, our rights, and be prepared to defend ourselves and our planet guys. START GETTING ROYALLY FUCKED OFF Kiwis because we have the right to. WE’RE SOVEREIGN – OWN IT …
    Start networking with your friends – if you have family, friends and contacts in the military/law enforcement, then get talking to them. Start getting informed because this and much worse is going on all around the World … it’s like a movie script I know, haha but this is really happening – our planet/environments and life are being altered and destroyed and people are being targeted/oppressed and murdered – (look at Western Papua for example) …
    It sounds and looks like a movie script, I know, but this is shit getting real guys – our planet, it’s resources and animals are being attacked – Monsanto pesticides are killing billions of pollinators (bees, butterflies and birds) with their pesticides, and are spreading their GMO into agricultures around the world. Govts are authorising hunts of animals which help to sustain environments and natural habitats around the globe – wolves, bears, whales, dolphins – they’re being targeted and killed off/hunted to extinction!!! The intent being to alter our planet, undermine natures efforts to sustain and provide for Earth life …
    This is about creating scarcity and competition guys – global domination ultimately, so please people, open your eyes and look at those in power and what they’re doing to our planet and to us. Get yourselves and your family/friends informed – start participating and waking others up …
    Again – START GETTING ROYALLY FUCKED OFF Kiwis because we have the right to. WE’RE SOVEREIGN – OWN IT …

  8. TPPA= debt serfdom for NZ’ers. Hopelessly in debt to Goldman Sachs and the like. Community banking would be a better approach.

  9. Let us call it for what it is:
    The Trans Pacific Prostitution Agreement, nothing more or less!

  10. Our resources are, for the most part, up for grabs now but if TPPA is signed, it will be much easier and faster for them to rape and leave. If they get unhappy, they will just sue us in court. The Amazon women stood up against the mineral takers and polluters and won and we can too. This is our home they are taking from and destroying and we should learn from others track record that stood up these corporate greedy looters. What they have been doing to other countries will soon be on our back door if TPPA goes into law.
    S T O P T P P A ! ! Our country is not for sale. No one should have wholesale or free license to do what they want here when it negatively impacts the environment and peoples lives.

  11. My guess is that we are about to see one of the worst of the World’s multinationals go internationally ballistic over several round of recent medical and biological research that suggest:

    1. Glyphosate may be linked to pancreatic and other cancers in humans (The World Health Organisation has recently issued a health warning/advisory).

    2. It appears to adversely affect some of the beneficial microbes that are present in healthy chicken guts.

    3. There are also suggestions in the literature regarding links to other human diseases via contamination of ground and surface water caused by glyphosate.

    What is the Monsanto link? Well, glyphosate is the main active ingredient in “Roundup”. it is also present in McGregor’s “Weedout” which sells in NZ as a cheaper alternative to “Roundup”. (Apparently “Weedout” is banned in Ontario, Canada – possibly due in part to David Suzuki’s work.)

    Its well worth your while googling some word combinations like “Glyphosate bacterial” or Glyphosate cancer” (for example) especially if you are a user of these products.

    An interesting aspect of the current round of free-trade agreements that the Key-Groser consortium are so eager to sign up to is this:

    Once signed, it may no longer be possible for scaremongers like me to write stuff like what I’ve just posted above. Thats because to do so would risk a law-suit filed by the likes of Monsanto aimed at sueing me to the eyeballs for possibly adversely affecting their sales of their herbicides in NZ.

    This assumes of course that anyone bothers to read my stuff – which hopefully not too many of you do, as this may turn out to be my only defence against a multimillion dollar lawsuit.

    I suppose I could try arguing that its the Government’s fault not mine. After all, they have the GCSB, so they could have found out what I’ve been up to, and thus could have stopped me in time. Like before its too late. . . . ? ? ?).

    This may well be my first and last posting on this topic!!

    Oh, and by the way, just to show what a total hypocrite I am, the sad fact is, I’ve used both products in the past.

    • MURRAY;

      1.”Glyphosate may be linked to……”
      Should read IS linked to…..
      The only reason the WHO is issuing health warnings now (because the research has already been done years ago) is because so many people are now aware of the issue.
      They are just ‘but covering.’

      2. “Adversely affects the chickens gut…..”
      As well as above, also reason is because they are feed meals that contain high levels of
      GMO’s (all factory farmed animals) and we eat them and so it affects
      us the same way.
      The science that saiz it doesn’t is fraudulent.
      Glysophate safety as well.

      3. And there is so much roundup strewn about the environment that
      of course it gets into our water.

      GMO’s are only engineered to withstand huge amounts of glysophate
      hence the reason they are so dangerous.

      Corn and soy total world production is now 90% GMO.
      Canola oil is 100%.

      These are the top 3 to get out of everyone’s diet.
      They are present in most processed foods.
      Start reading labels,which is why they don’t want to label properly.
      This is why so many people have irritable bowel syndrome.

      http://www.mercola.com will explain to anyone who has doubts about what’s going on.
      Dangers of some vaccines as well.

      France,Russia and India have kicked Monsanto out completely.
      Other European country’s moving to do same.

      India have moved to be totally organic inside 20yrs.
      This is something that could be added to Martyn’s new ‘Left’ party’s
      manifesto but would require huge support to the farmers while they
      change over to the new organic system.

      It is proven that GMO plantations degrade the soil by the 3rd planting and organic long term produces much more anyway.
      http://www.globalresearch.ca will verify all these facts.

      Germany has banned this GMO feed to pigs and is moving to do the same to all other animals.

      Anyone wonder why all our breads(most) contain soy flour?
      To me this is outrageous. Probably to lower cost and I bet this only
      happened since the GMO’s started. Bread is supposed to be made of wheat only or it was is my day.

      And this came from the main woman researcher in India.
      Wheat and sugarbeet crops(I don’t know about cane sugar) are
      sprayed with Roundup 10 days before harvest to speed up the
      drying process to save energy! Would you believe that? It certainly
      makes sense.The bastards.

      Finally ;
      You are right about the TPPA. This is the nail in the coffin to any
      sovereignty we have left.
      No wonder it is secret.
      Not even our politicians are allowed to read it, or Congress in USA.

      America’s agency that controls all media communications is proposing that the internet comes under it’s jurisdiction and have
      inserted a clause that loosely talks about ‘good behavior.’
      This will be used to shut down websites or bloggers that are deemed
      to be a threat to security,economic or otherwise.
      Simply put, anyone who critical of Gvt or status-quo.

      Martyn’s description of a ‘corporate gangster shakedown’ is right on
      the money!
      Mafia style.


  12. Martyn is correct 1000%.

    We should consider ourselves lucky that Martyn serves as a watchdog over this corporate global mafia’s activities.

    And that these Global corporations and banker’s are attempting to take over the entire world without a shot fired or a war declared to honestly declare their insidious intentions of greed and corruption of our societies.

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