It is outrageous that Northland will vote before knowing Sabin’s personal reasons



It is outrageous in the extreme that Northland voters are being asked to elect a new representative without being allowed to know why their last elected representative stood down for ‘personal reasons’.

It matters because they are now being asked to re-elect the Party this MP stood down from. Their candidate was the Treasurer of the former MP, yet he can’t remember hearing anything about his MPs personal life just like he can’t remember the 10 bridges he’s tried bribing Northland with.

When the response by the Party becomes the defining focus of Mike Sabin’s personal issues, voters deserve to know what Sabin’s personal issues are and when the National Party Leadership knew about them, then voters could cast their vote with a clear conscience.


  1. By now most people know his “personal” reasons, when everyone knows they would be disgusted at Key for hiding it and promoting Sabin.It will show Keys true nature,and its not pleasant.
    If by any longshot or rigging Osbourne did win , National support will dwindle, but too late after the election.
    Already National are pretending the support is more than it is, Osbourne stating (as its to be expected he’s been told to do)that his vote is building up and hes had a good response,tell that to the few people at his walkabouts. The air smells of rats

  2. If Sabin’s “personal” reasons for retiring from Parliament were known Northland would be the least of National’s problems. Key would be embroiled in a scandal of epic proportions that would cause even his most die-hard supporters to question what on earth he was doing not only letting Sabin continue in his position but also considering promoting him.

    National wouldn’t stand a chance of keeping the Northland electrorate, they’d probably be run out of office.

  3. Tell everyone you know.

    Someone is bound to blurt it out in parliament eventually. Hooton is right: the longer the issue goes on, the worse it gets for the National Party. If, by some “miracle”, the media are permanently prevented from reporting on it, we will know that the judiciary can be added to the “corrupt” list.

    • rudimentary common sense would tell you the sabin issue was of very high relevance to nzers specifically in this byelection – what real world reason would a judge have for name suppression when it is so blatantly in the public interest, what logical reason would the judge have

      • something in the painting doesnt look right, is it the dead elephant under the carpet in the room or the officials standing in front of it appearing unfazed

        • not in this case due to who he is, the name suppression is most likely going to be lifted during his court appearance, the details of who the victims are should and most likely will be suppressed

        • I dont know if that comment was intended, but reading between the lines, it appears to tell us all we need to know. Thank you.

    • @ TOM – Along with msm, the police and a few more I suppose, the old cynic in me suspects the judiciary could also in Key’s pocket as well! Why else did the suppression orders go on the “prominent NZer’s” case? No other reason than to protect Key!

  4. Well..we know a police investigation was being held at the same time he was the chairman on a select committee regarding….

    Law and order ???!!!???!!!!


    And Key -sey Wees -sey was ‘ comfortable ‘ with that….

    Y’ know…..I kinda get the feeling this Key – wee mutt would be comfortable lying on a bed of nails at night as well , sometimes.

    And a pillow filled with razor blades just to lull him off to an innocent sleep….

    And ,….and , …. and ,….WOW !…even the treasurer didn’t know what was going on…Gee Golly Whiz….!!!!

    Y ‘ know ?

    [Wild Katipo – I have asked others not to post innuendo regarding Sabin’s alleged charges. There is a Court order suppressing all facts surrounding his case. Cameron Slater was prosecuted and convicted for breaking suppression orders (unrelated to the Sabin case). I will not see the same happening to TDB’s administrators. Please do not make such a post again or I will have no choice but to suspend you for a week. The same goes for anyone else contemplating playing silly buggers on this issue. – ScarletMod]

  5. Like all the Natsy ne’er-do-wells before him, Sabin must do the right thing. Maurice Williamson did. Aaron Gilmour did. Judith Collins did. Brownlee sort of did.

    Sabin will be trundled out after the election, before the seething mass of public scrutiny and mea-culpa himself, in order to protect JFK.

    There will be another dopey looking shrug from the PM and he will say “The NashnulParty hus a job te duu…I cant remember anyone telling moee about Mr Sabin and I’m off to vusut NuZild’s brave troops trainers at CumpTaji”.

    “Let’s move on peuple. We have a nuflag to design, and terruristss to dufeat”

    There will be the standard phrases from Sabin will be:

    “I have let my Party and colleagues down.” ” I let the PM down and he knew nothing about the depth of my personal issues” “The PM is a man if integrity.” ” Blah, blah, fat German…the devil made me do it…I had a tough childhood…blah blah fat German”

    All’s well on PlanutKey. Sorted

    • Hooton may be pissed at losing a Christchurch contract, but he’s still a Natsy remora deep-down at heart. A plant. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. The so-called slighted ex Natsy supposedly now a “moderate, left-leaner” and allegedly outing Nasty blemishes and excesses in the name of “being fair”.

      Almost like Coddington, Rich, Hyde being’fair and unbiased” Radiolive ex-Act/Natsy commentators. They are plants, who, at every opportunity spin the party line of neoliberal, trickle-down shite.

      God forbid, that the next thing the media will have to offer will be Paul Henry, supposedly now more mellow and balanced after his PC-induced-sabbatical from the airwaves. FFS, I have just heard that Paul Henry WILL back on all airwaves in April.

      Someone give Shiela Dikshit’s relatives a call and get them to be Paul Henry’s first guests on his show. Almost as big a coup as Paul Holmes having Dennis Connor. Will he apologise unreservedly, push his sponsored spectacles up, thank his mum in the home for the bewildred for forcing him to apologise, then snicker like the dog on Wacky Races (Muttley). Utter right-wing shite back on the airwaves ….

      Why can’t the NZ public do a Willie Moon and Natasha Kills on Paul Henry BEFORE he even gets to be judge, jury and executioner of every social responsibility and vestige of egalitarianism Aotearoa has left?

      Once Henry is back, the revolution will be complete. Hooray Henry and Hedonistic Hoskings, pinup boys for Stephen Joyce, John Key and the guy running for Northland who looks like a cross between Sergeant Schultz and Hoss Cartwright.

      “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”
      ― George Orwell, Animal Farm

  6. Sabins problem could highlight the spying problem of the future, even if he is not found guilty , in years to come if someone dosnt like him the stored info in the spy basket can be trundled out and say well you were almost charged in the past so why should we believe you now, its not a case if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear, Its a case of mud sticks ,he can be set up anyone could.
    If it were an opposition mp who was the subject of this scandal, it would be spread all over the country, and Key would be laughing ,but because hes “in charge” he can suppress anything and get away with it.
    NZ is the worse for having Key as PM.

  7. Well, I think the fact this is kind of kept secret (for those not in the know already) and tried to be swept under the carpet is enough reason for sensible voters to ask themselves many questions, and then perhaps think, it is time for a change.

    It may not be so relevant what exactly Sabin did or not, it is relevant that he felt he had to step down.

    Others may know more, so word will have spread anyway, and I think voters will decide accordingly, whichever way.

  8. We all know a Police investigation is not an overnight action.It takes time for the Police to investigate and research into the incident.Which means long before the general election of 2014 the Police were looking into the Sabin case and probably with the full knowledge of John Key.As is Key’s habit of saying “at the end of the day……’ at the end of the day Key is the PM and yet he said and did nothing until well after the 2014 election.WHY???!!!Was it because Key knew and was okay with what Sabin did??!!!And also was Key fine with Sabin, after he(Sabin)resigned to get a back-dated pay increase earlier this year???!!!No matter what the results are after the last vote is counted in the Northland electorate tonight there is one thing that stands out and that is there is no such thing as an honest National MP whether that MP be the PM or any other MP in the National team.Their total selfishness.Their total self-serving actions and their total arrogance reeks of a corrupt government that has gone way past its Best Before Date.Meanwhile Key prefers to be at a cricket match where he would be in his element i.e a none thinking but yelling spectator with photo opportunities galore.He will wave a little NZ flag that he intends to be rid of whilst he is PM..He probably deems it below his dignity to be at the funeral of Singapore’s first PM.

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