The intellectual curiosity of Peter Dunne



Medicinal cannabis data limited, report finds

A government investigation into the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes has found little evidence to support a wider review.

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne called on the Ministry of Health to provide a report, amid growing domestic and international pressure to legalise the drug’s use among certain patients.

The report said although some research had found evidence was accumulating to show cannabinoids might be useful to treat some ailments, overall, data was limited.

This is just so much bullshit. America have been allowing medicinal cannabis for a decade, if the home of the War on Drugs can accept medicinal quality of cannabis, it is astounding that Peter Dunne can’t.

Our inability to use science rather than moralistic garbage to justify the continued illegality of cannabis is outrageous, made even more offensive by the fact that Tobacco and Alcohol kills thousands more every year than cannabis ever has.

Cannabis has major health benefits for many people using pain killers for chronic pain, the associate Health Minister has simply asked for a report that will give him the answer he wants.

The intellectual curiosity of Peter Dunne amounts to a carnival of wilful ignorance.


  1. But peter dunne wears a bow tie . A.Bow.Tie. WTF ? Pop on a big red nose and voila !
    To think that , that fool has my life under scrutiny is too horrible to countenance .

    This is a sound report from Boingboing .
    I found it fascinating , that for pain management , too little is ineffectual and too much can make ones pain worse . It’s getting that sweet spot , for the want of a better term , that’s the trick . And that can only be done by trial and analysis . Trail and analysis that dunne gets in the way of . What a cruel fool .

    I injured my upper back / neck on a job at the beginning of last year . I went to my Dr and my physiotherapist who sent me off for an MRI . The MRI showed that I’d prolapsed a disc between two vertebrae and that was putting pressure on my spinal cord and the nerves leading down my left arm . Three of the fingers on my left hand have suffered permanent neurological damage i.e. numbness but they still work fine .

    What I needed at the time was immediate physiotherapy to open the gaps in my vertebrae to allow the disc to retreat into it’s usual position , for the inflammation to go down and then get some short term massage therapy to relax my neck and upper back muscles to stop them going into spasm and contracting .

    What I got instead was dropped like a hot brick by ACC whom argued that I had a pre existing condition . In other words , I was old . I had wear and tear so a creepy little ACC approved Dr in Dunedin told me therefore… No . No ACC .

    A Word of warning . If you are a labourer or are a person who uses their body between the ages of 50 and death and you injure yourself , you will not be covered by ACC for any joint or ligament injury as a result of that accident . ACC will swindle you out of your entitlements . That’s a fact .

    By the time I was ready to return to my home 480 km away from my work place I was in extreme pain . I like to think I have a quite a high pain threshold generally so when I say that back pain was extreme , I mean extreme . Crawling around on the floor of a motel trying to find a position to give me some relief was the least of it .

    My tactic was to take several 30 mg tabs of codeine half an hour before I got out of bed chased down with two 500 mg tabs of panadol . I even found some left over morphine from when my mum died a few years ago and swigged that . That did the trick of course but I ran out and when I asked my Dr for more I caused much sharp intakes of breathing and tut tutting .

    The codeine’s were starting to take effect . That , and bed rest to allow the inflammation in the disc to go down . ( When a disc becomes inflamed , chemicals are released from the disc that cause irritation to surrounding tissue , causing more pain . )

    By now , I was ready to go home . More than ready actually .
    Off I drove .
    By the time I got to Lake Pukaki I was in agony . My bowels were dead to me from all the codeine and I was getting seriously concerned for when they’d let go because I was grazing on prunes and fruits . I was a ticking time bomb !

    I pulled over and drove down to Pukaki’s edge and gazed up to the Lake to Mount Cook / Aoraki . It was a still , warm , sunny day . I rummaged around in my back pack and Lo ! I found my small stash . One tiny bud a friend gave me . He assured me it was a kind smoke . So I smoked a puff or two and as I swooned in delight , my back pain disappeared as if by magic . And to my great surprise it stayed gone for the duration of the drive of about four hours .

    [Offensive expletive deleted. Keep it seemly please, Countryboy. – ScartletMod]

    • Yep i hear you Countryboy. I got a toothache at 11pm one friday night, years ago. Nothing worked. A kind friend hearing of my dilemma came over at 1am. I was majorly against ‘herb’, but within 10 minutes i was no longer writhing mindlessly in my bed. The only way i can describe this pain relief is, the pain was ‘over there’ but it no longer hurt. So we can be bloody certain that if we could grow our own pain relief and administer it ourselves, it aint ganna happen legally.

  2. Notice how the neo-liberals can change tack when they see there’s profit to be made out of medicinal and legalised cannabis? Another chance to widen the wealth gap.

    Revenue, by taxing the poor again, as if GST hasn’t exacerbated making ends meet bad enough already. Taking away gang revenue so that they diversify into ‘other areas’. A bottle store on every corner and legalised tinny-houses in every neighbourhood – what next?

    How will they reconcile drug-testing and legalised cannabis? No doubt by amoral sophistry, driven by cabalistic greed.

    Is medicinal cannabis part of the TPPA, or is that a secret too?

    • absolutely Mc Sandwitch,

      This Government is like a vacuum cleaner, anytime their is money in anything they will jump for it the creeps, with no morals like Judas priest they are.

  3. Yes, Countryboy is correct in what he say’s, but I suspect many Kiwi’s already know this rort with ACC.

    My view is this,
    If ACC will not cover injury of those of us over a certain age then stop taking our money by compulsion.
    It is fraudulent.

    As for Dunne, a total waste of space and a useless idiot.

  4. I think we also need to be aware that science is bought and sold these days. Academics are paid to front dubious and highly manipulated studies to assure us that the government approved diet is the correct one, fluoride is good for the poor, the latest pharmaceutical ‘wonder drug’ has saved lives (is immortality now achievable?), that it’s perfectly safe to have industrial strength wifi broadcasting a few feet from a child’s head in schools, and mobile phones are safe so little Johnny can spend as long as he likes with the phone clamped to his head.

    Science is being corrupted by industry, government and other vested interests wanting to push their agenda.

    Of course this isn’t new. At some point scientists also assured us that asbestos, thalidomide and sugar were safe.

    • JMH2000;

      Couldn’t agree more.

      My reply to you on the Gardasil post got redacted,probably because
      went off topic and said the author had lost all credibility on another.
      I get really angry when my nephew’s daughter got bowled over.


  5. Peter Dunnenothing a pompous little tory who without the backing of the Nats would be out of parliament where he belongs.

  6. Medicinal cannabis has been proven to be beneficial in many instances of pain relief and if used sensibly, has none of the nasty side effects of traditional and accepted chemical medications.

    It is also supposed to be good for sleeping problems as well. Again much better than the prescribed hypnotic drugs used regularly.

    In fact, I am in the process of considering using medicinal cannabis for osteoarthritis, for when it’s in an aggressive flare up stage, which thankfully is not too often, but is painful enough to disrupt my life and prevent me sleeping.

  7. Martyn;

    Good post.

    And help in on the way for those above.

    If you consult you will see that Dunne and his
    mob may soon be overridden by the ‘powers that be’

    They will hand down the dictate to decriminalize or made legal so
    another industry to control.
    As you said, in America,state by state,they are doing just that.


  8. A client in his 70s had his kidneys destroyed by the pain medication he had to take for chronic back pain. In the time I was with him 2 widely prescribed pain medications were found to have serious adverse health effects. The adverse effects of cannabis are known and medical grade is hardly ‘kiwi supa green’ – why can’t it be used and isn’t it just cruel for mear idealogical reasons? We are talking about chronic pain!

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