That was Then, This is Now #27 – John Key on GST (again)



27. gst (again)




Fairfax media: Key ‘no GST rise’ video emerges

NZ Herald: Budget 2010 – Income tax slashed, GST to 15 pc

TV3 News: Adding GST to online shopping ‘inevitable’ – Key

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  1. Ah , – but I was so much older then ,…..I’m younger , than that ,….now

    Bob Dylan .

    Well Frank ….the man’s a liar.

    Mussolini was a liar.

    Hitler was a liar.

    Pol Pot was a liar.

    Nixon was a liar.

    What do they all have in common?

    That’s right , – they are all charismatic speakers who led the people on -who by various shades of twisting the truth convinced people to follow them.

    And what is the other common denominator with all of them?

    Right again , – All of them led the society’s they conned into destruction.

    Vote Winston this by election.

    • And the other thing that they had in common was that they’re all right-wing zealots. And before anyone goes on about what they called themselves I’ll remind people of the old saw:

      It’s not what they say but what they do that defines a person.

      All of them went against that left-wing notion called democracy.

      • Read your history books about Pol Pot…geez your embarrassing Gosman – you saying he wasn’t a liar to all the academics he slaughtered?

        Don’t worry – you wouldn’t have been counted in that number, bud.

        The lie is this – he promised a rural workers paradise but instead led the people of that country into debauched genocide.

        As for not being right wing? Perhaps totalitarian would be a better word and in that case it doesn’t matter if your talking communist (which he aspired to be in his own take on it ) or fascist. Its all the same thing , mate.

        Ruling by fear and ruling by force.

        A bit like how in the end the neo liberals will be trying to do.

        • How did he lie to the academics? He basically told them they needed to reconnect with work and shipped them off to work camps in the country. Seemed to be pretty honest about what he was doing.

        • WILD KATIPO;

          And Webster Tarpley will tell you that America ( ie Global
          Elite) spurred him to do it.


      • When you look objectively, there is little difference in how ultra right fascists and ultra left Stalinists behave. They both use the same tactics – violence, repression, control of the food supply, military aggression and xenophobia to keep their people afraid and keep themselves in power. Whether you call them left or right is meaningless – they are just plain evil.

        • Not sure they all lie though. Many are quite open about what they want to do. The problem here is the logical fallacy that people deliberately make to try and paint the current government in NZ with these totalitarian regime.

      • Try reading Ben Kiernan’s “The Pol Pot Regime” – There are more examples of lies and hypocrisy in there than I could possibly list here. Lies about what his regime were doing, about who was responsible for border attacks, whether inbound or outbound, about where people were really disappearing to, about what really went on in Tuol Sleng and Cheung Euk, about where those aid packages were really going to, about where the money was really going – And then to top it off, even when his regime ended and mountains of evidence (including records left behind at Tuol Sleng of all the political prisoners murdered there because they neglected to take the records with them or destroy them when they fled) came to light of his actions, he still denied everything. This was a man raised in privilege and educated at top schools, who then founded a murderous regime that decried education as an evil that was destroying the communist ideal that was Cambodia’s only hope, who then went on to return to being a teacher under an assumed identity after the fall of his regime.

        Whether he is “right wing” is a matter of debate, but his status as a liar (and a hypocrite) is a well documented fact, and opinion has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    • John Key is not a charismatic speaker. His oratory, well no, let’s not credit him with having anything to do with oratory. He squeaks, he slurs, and he mumbles. His weasel words definitly do not inspire.

      How do you see Key as charismatic? Seriously – how do Kiwis take this dissembling hack pollie as a national (small n) leader? For crying out loud, during the Christchurch earthquake memorial – the one with the balding British prince, Key squeaked and slurred through his entire speech.

      • And for the Leader of a country replying with words” I don’t think they give a monkey’s”. Wow what an impressive orator Key is.
        He is the weakest link goodbye!

        • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head regards his popular appeal…he comes across as non threatening ,…therefore ‘one of the blokes’…..

          It is precisely this that gives him the appeal to the common man and woman ,…hence his popularity.

          And that in itself is a carefully crafted ‘ low key style ‘ charisma.

  2. Yes very clearly National are liars, carpetbaggers and traitors to the citizens of this once great land they are paid to represent the best interests of.

    If this was enacted in France would we again see the bastille raided by the “peasants” as happened in the late 1700’s?

    Probably yes as the French have sprit to fight back but NZers seem to have been neutralised by Joyce/English/Key propaganda machinery, but there is some hope that after watching Q+A this morning as there seems as the political pundits’ appear to have developed some balls, at least on the face of it.

    So much so that panellist ex National Michelle Boag muttered a veiled threat to Q+A producers “Your program (Q+A) isn’t reaching the 30% rating” and we understood this to mean that if they don’t cut down the criticism of nation’s campaign, so the nasty NatZ are bullying again during the Bi Election campaign.

  3. The vote count will need every person that can be raised to make absolutely certain the vote isn’t rigged,its just one electorate .National will do anything they can to keep power in Northland, be on the alert for vote rigging and voter fraud.Vote Winston to stop this horrible national team from rising in Northland ,the local candidate has had just about every minister backing him up,so imagine what he would be like in parliament,hes out of his depth.

  4. Out of all the appalling, dishonest things that Key’s government has done during its years in power, the raising of GST is the one thing that has most destructively affected my family. Every trip to the supermarket is an exercise in fiscal torment, and I’m forced to explain to my kids why we can afford A this week, but only at the expense of B, despite the fact that both A and B were routinely on the shopping list prior to Key’s broken promise regarding GST.

    The cost of living, especially in Auckland, continues to swell and bloat like a corpse left out in the sun, and wages have not risen to match. Eventually we’re going to reach some sort of tipping point, and people are simply not going to be able to afford to live. For some, this has already happened as is evidenced by the roaring trade done by food banks and other charities. I used to believe Jenny Shipley’s government was the pinnacle of neo-liberal heartlessness, but she’s been made to look a rank amateur compared to Key’s rapacious brigands.

    Welcome to National’s ‘brighter future’. Hopefully we’ll not all starve to death waiting for it to get here.

  5. I just spent about $1000 dollars on parts for my bicycle. Even with GST included it still would have been cheaper than buying in NZ meaning that National’s attempt to prop-up local stores will fail. Which also proves that we don’t pay the ‘global price’ in NZ.

    Here’s the important bit though. Even if they had had GST included and been more expensive to buy over seas they still would have been imported anyway because, despite the fact that such things are easily made, none of them are made in NZ. What needs to happen is a decrease in the value of the NZ$ and that’s not going to happen as long as the government leaves it to the ‘market’ while we have some of the highest interest rates in the world.

    If the government really wanted to make a difference to the economy they’d drop the present system of valuing the NZ$ and put in place a formula that defined it by the actual trade value. As imports exceed exports then the dollar should drop in value and vice versa. This would be a cumulative effect and be against individual countries.

    • The Nats love it that way cos they make lots more money, tradig in currency, so they wont change things.

  6. Elle, you are 100% bang on.

    How can we be sure this corrupt Government are not using rigged devices?

    Electronic “Source code” tabulation is the way that can skew the actual final election results without any trace.

    See this video.

    This programing can be purchased easily as this vodeo shows, and possibly even online and used in any counting of the electronic final count process once the paper voting results are inputted into the electronic final count process.

    National are becoming very scary and desperate so your fears are well founded so we do need to get all voters out to vote for Winston so the vote swings well in favour of Winston.

    My thoughts are that a manual final vote should only be conducted here and not only just rely on a electronic doggy possible rigged source code count.


      Excellent link,again.

      Winston is already talking about a recount.

      Lets hope,because of the small numbers of only 1 electorate,that
      the skilled people can look for any anomalies.


  7. Yes clean green, you’re spot on. All eyes need to be on the final count. This government and international players have a lot to lose by not holding the so called ‘majority’ in New Zealand.
    I really hope that Northlanders realise the enormity of this by-election, and the possible flow on effects it will have for the best interest of the country as a whole. Send the bullying Nats a message. A change for the better. Go Winston.

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