National strangle democracy in favour of Corporate Dairy



The Rock Star economy is an illusion.

It’s based upon rebuilding from a natural disaster, selling milk powder to China and Australia’s downturn.

It is not competent stewardship by National, it’s a borrowed, state asset selling corporate welfarism that benefits property speculators and those rich enough to gain the most from tax cuts.

The need to keep denigrating NZs environment so Corporate Dairy can continue to be propped up is apparent by Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy refusal to even discuss a moratorium on Dairy conversions in the Waikato and Nick Smith’s extraordinary admission that National will continue to deny the people of Christchurch a democratic say on water management so that local Dairy interests trump public concerns.

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This isn’t economic management, it’s crony capitalism.

National sold off our state assets to give $400million for irrigation projects, why should we allow privatisation of our energy assets so Corporate Dairy can pollute more water while taking more water?

The only people benefitting here are National, Chinese importers and Corporate Dairy. Surely public interests over our collective environment should have more voice than corporate interests?


  1. great article Martyn,

    Milks solids global market price slumps to new low to $4.70 odd.

    Help say the famers!

    They are the only ones getting squashed due to NatZ mis- management of this imaginary “Rockstar economy”.

    Fonterra is making millions of course as they always will, so the whole structure is crashing all around them now and the “Eco terrorist ” scare was just that a false scare to hide the failing diary industry restructuring policy that Martyn points out very accurately thank Martyn.

    What excuse will the nasty natZ come up with next? the mind boggles.

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