Most NZers reject mass surveillance



Most NZers reject mass surveillance, yet instead of this…


…we got this…


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…and ended up with this…


…if NZers and the media had focused more on what WAS said during the Moment of Truth rather than what was not said, Key could have been held accountable.


  1. I would suggest that the coverage of The Moment of Truth in some way be made a permanent fixture in a place of prominence on this website…

    To always be a ready and easily accessible point of reference , as well as a constant thorn in the side of the like s of this odious little weasel ‘PM’ mascarading as leader of the National party…namely

    John XKEYscore.

    I said to a smug Nat supporter at the beginning of the year that Key’s finished…that this will be his last term.

    Not just because of the usual 3 term heave ho given to incumbent govts in this country…but because as with most leaders drunk with power and inflated ego’s …they eventually make more withdrawals from the bank of goodwill than they put in.

    But in Key’s case…it is a different ball game. This man has acted in ways no other PM has… in our country at least. Inasmuch as this man has deliberately committed illegal acts whilst in tenure, indeed treasonous acts contemptible of the public.

    He is no leader.

    He is similar in vein to Joh Belke Petersen of Queensland. I suspect until people finally have had enough – and I suggest NZ will start to feel progressively more and more pain because of him…that it will only be then that Key’s treason’s will finally give him his comeuppance.

    Whether that happens in a timely fashion as it did in Australia is hard to say…but it can be stated the longer he is leader of this govt , -the greater the damage don to our sovereign nation.

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