5 reasons why Goff will run for Auckland Mayor



Goff will run for the Auckland Mayoralty for a number of reasons. All of them political.

1 – Little needs to cut the dead wood in Labour, and he needs retirement strategies for the Labour Party old guard. It also hands Labour a  relatively safe seat to gift to a new aspiring candidate who has done the hard yards for the Party and deserves a shot. Michael Wood maybe?

2 – Labour see Auckland as essential to win 2017, having a high ranking former Leader would cement that.

3 – Shearer, the factional leader of the Right wing faction of Labour would move up a notch.

4 – There is no way Len Brown can win. Ever since Whaleoil cruelly destroyed his reputation, Len has been a lame duck Mayor. The Left will not support Len for another term and it is all positing behind Goff.

5 – Auckland requires a Mayor who will fight Wellington not get pushed around by them and a Mayor with the kind of brand recognition of Goff will make his fight Labour’s fight by proxy.

Goff will only be able to make headway if he has a Council who wants to work with him, Penny Hulse is essential to help make that happen but they will still require strong candidates. If Goff stands, expect to see a whole bunch of high profile newbies also stand for council.

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Goff had all the natural flow of C3-PO in the 2011 election and managed to make solid wood look flexible and warm, but in a Auckland Mayoralty election, he’d crush all pretenders effortlessly.



  1. Unless John Key tries to insert his own pick like Palino, he’d like nothing better than to control Auckland .
    Good luck to Phil Goff, decent guy.

    • @ Elle . ” … decent guy. ” you say .

      Huh ? Fancy that ?

      Here’s me thinking he’s a career politician stained with neo liberalism . A red herring wrapped in a smoke screen . Every ones moderate, closet-extremist . Poisoned custard . A beige beasty with a snarky, condescending pointlessness to his entire being . An ‘ Hey… look’ type . A master of time wasting . Is this the guy @ Gosman refers to as ‘ the hard left ‘ ? Is he instead representative of the flaccid middle ? When I think phil goff I think also of anaesthetics , the kind you don’t wake up from ?

      Is he the perfect Mayor of Auckland ? Oh fuck yes .

      That’ll learn em .

      • Have to agree with Country Boy. Like Len Brown our hopes and dreams will be crushed under the neo liberal agenda of Phil Goff.

        Cunliffe for Mayor!

        Phil for foreign Affairs role!

  2. Of course Phil is a good guy and will he be central to labour winning 2017 as MP?

    There are some other also ran not as well performing individuals within labour that they stick their hat into Auckland’s mayoral race that wont be missed that dramatically as Phil will be.

    Shearer, Galloway are just two that come to mind instantly for their lack lustre performance in parliament.

    Hasn’t Goff got some unfinished business in store for Key and his henchmen/women over SIS dirty politic in his failed 2011 election bid?

    I see your reasoning is good, just my thoughts Martyn.

  3. Or given how dead democracy is in NZ under this Natz Government, maybe JK will YET AGAIN use the SIS to sink any chances Goff has.
    We know beyond all reasonable doubt JK is crocked, we are just now sizing the depths of his appalling character and disregard for NZ.

  4. Brown was the only one who destroyed his own reputation. No one forced him to break his wedding vowels for a 2nd time but himself. No other person lead him by the hand to the Ngati Whatua room to meet his mistress. Goff would be just as bad as Brown because he has been shown to tell lies to save his own skin also. Auckland needs a mayor who can reign in the wastage and get the council back to its core business & get away from all this other stuff that costs us and is of no use to man nor beast.
    There has to be 1 person out of our population that could do the job competently and is honest.

      • Current council core business,
        No governance on resources consents and planning and transport and IT.
        Putting up rates while pretending it is due to the above and ‘out of their control’
        Did I mention doing nothing..
        while talking about creating a dream Auckland…. while not doing it, in fact like with cutting down historic trees (saved only due to public protest) (Pohutakawa 6, Kauri tree)..
        Putting up price of public transport for cash fares..
        Ports of Auckland extending wharf no public consultation…
        etc etc

  5. Len Brown is soiled goods…Goff would be much better…depending on whether Penny Hulse wants the job

    • Penny has been a councillor for 20 years,what has she done? The city is getting worse, where is public transport, planning out of control, IT out of control. etc etc

      She and Len even voted to cut down the Kauri tree!

  6. I think Cunliffe is a much better bet for Mayor.

    We actually need someone who can get something done, and not sell off Auckland Rogernomics style.

    Cunliffe would be perfect. He is smart and brave. Both traits missing in the Auckland Council Councillors.

    Goff might split the left vote in Auckland as many Lefties are not so keen on his Rogernomics background, allowing the right to slide through.

    Goff great in a foreign role in his retirement.

      • Well Labour don’t seem to be using Cunliffe at his full capacity in my view and Labour would be involved in a brilliant coup if they put him in Auckland Mayor. If they were thinking long term….

        I’m am just speculating just as everyone is with Goff, but Cunliffe has did mention he might leave politics after the infighting with Labour, and he has a young family, lives in central Auckland, and has they type of profile that I think Auckland’s would vote for.

        As an Aucklander he is by far the best bet.

        BTY, apparently Len Brown and Penny Hulse voted against ‘the tree’. Madness, totally out of touch with public opinion, not even prepared to try to save a tree, everything expendable in their view?

        Aucklander’s want a brave, resourceful, smart Mayor who does not want to sell of Auckland’s assets and can handle Government.

        • In addition Cunliffe has good experience in areas that need the most work in Auckland council.

          Out of control planning, stupid decisions, no public consultation and the resulting dwellings not affordable…. Turning the city into a soulless treeless motorway. Investing in risky ventures like Westfield. (Cunliffe wife is environmental barrister).

          Out of control IT spending and not knowing what they are doing at Auckland Council IT wise, any one who knows anything bout IT will know, if you get it wrong, have the wrong people, manage IT wrong, well the money is a bottomless pit….. as a ratepayer I am not interested in 100’s of millions of rate payers money going into a poor IT that will not end well and is enriching their mates they play golf with.

          (Cunliffe unbundled Telecom IT so hopefully has some technical knowledge and can deal with bureaucracy).

          Cunliffe has been an MP long enough to handle Government and short enough to not be totally compromised and jaded. Auckland needs more progress on Transport. Rather than pay more in transport taxes, look at all the wasteful spending like the areas above to save money.

  7. Labour has a lot of ground to make up to prove itself strong enough to stand against National. Labour is still too unstable due to Little being indecisive. Little either needs to get his arse into gear and start pushing back, or stand down and bring back David Shearer, who should never have been removed in the first place.
    My vote and support are for the Greens and NZ First, because they’re the only ones really attacking at Key & National. Whoever takes on mayor for Auckland has got one shit of a job to sort and clean up. God forbid should Key get in this time, New Zealand won’t be ours anymore, I can guarantee you that much.

  8. Martyn;

    Keep up those list’s of logic and reason.

    Goff won all all those debates hands down and the media ridiculed him.

    Goff had the power over caucus.
    Better mayor than any Nat.

    Little needs room to breathe
    1down 2 to go?


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