NZ getting into deeper trouble with Pacific spying



Historically governments have engaged in spying for political and economic ends.

Nicky Hager and Ryan Gallagher’s articles over the last two days have shown that is still the case for New Zealand. They are clearing away the smokescreen that the spying on Asian and Pacific nations is mainly about tracking down criminals and terrorists.

Hager and Gallagher revealed in the Herald on Sunday that New Zealand was specifically targeting the emails of Solomon Island Prime Minister’s chief advisers, the Cabinet secretary and non-government political players.

Such targeting of leading political figures is likely happening in the other South Pacific nations whose communications are being hovered up by the GCSB’s base at Waihopai.

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Pacific leaders are not going to be happy now that it is proven that their most private communications are being comprehensively gathered and analysed.

There’s also a big downside to New Zealand’s association with Australia’s spying on its Asian and Pacific neighbours.

Australia got into terrible trouble when it was discovered to be targeting the phone calls of then Indonesian president Susilo Yudhoyono and his wife. The same was true when it was revealed Australia had been bugging government offices in Timor Leste, to get an advantage in negotiations over the use of oil resources in the Timor sea. Last year the International Court of Justice ruled against Australia over this spying.

Here was a rich country, Australia, using its superior interception technology to screw a better deal for itself out of a poor neighbour, Timor Leste. Is that something New Zealand wants to be associated with?

Yet, as Hager and Gallagher reveal in this morning’s New Zealand Herald, GCSB operatives in our Honiara High Commission were helping its Australian counterparts spy on the Solomon’s mobile phone network in an operation called Caprica.

If you are one of those New Zealanders opposed to our country conducting such political spying on our Pacific and Asian neighbours, please sign the petition I have initiated on the website at this link.


  1. Signed the petition thanks Keith,

    New Zealand was specifically targeting the emails of Solomon Island Prime Minister’s chief advisers, the Cabinet secretary and non-government political players.

    So Key’s spy net will be obviously spying on his opponents who are “any political player outside Government” then?

    This could be half the bloggers and general population?

    So Key said they only spy on a couple of hundred in total, so how can they spy on anyone out there blogging or other countries non governmental people who engage in Political issues as “Players”.

    Something doesn’t add up as there are many more people engaged in no Governmental politic play here, so again Key lied to us.

    Guess we should not be surprised, the liar, traitor, carpetbagger, and Judas Priest.

  2. I spy with my 5 little eyes something beginning with ‘ K’ ….



    Kiribati ?


    x ….ummm……Keyscore?…?



    Yes – your turn.

  3. Isn’t it amazing that rightwingers are relaxed (cough,cough) about the growth of the surveillance state and yet they jump up and down about goddamned shower heads and scream NANNY STATE!

    Right wingers want the State out of our lives except when it comes to full surveillance and data collection.

    • So very very right WHO GNU.

      National have re written the book on Nanny State and now look like the true NatZ control freak Nanny.

  4. John Key says he will resign if the GCSB conducts mass surveillance.
    John Key says a lot of things. Some true, some not.
    The following two links will show a side of PM Key that he would like buried. He was rude to Dotcom and Greenwald and it turns out that they were honest and truthful. Please watch MOMENT OF TRUTH.
    Please consider passing these below links on to your facebook page and all the people you think may want to see them. Let’s contribute to justice.

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