Gardasil does not cause sex



Dear ‘middle-class Pakeha’ parents,

I’m sorry to burst the ‘my kids are better than your kids’ bubble, but it’s time to get real and acknowledge that it doesn’t matter what colour skin our kids have – or how much money you have – they will have sex.

We’ve all had sex, haven’t we. Our kids wouldn’t exist if we didn’t. So will your kids, eventually. That’s how the life-cycle works. Teens have been having sex since the beginning of human life, and no religion, law or punishment in all these years has stopped it from happening. But we can stop them from developing a major health issue that is now preventable. I’m talking about the Gardasil vaccination, and here’s why.

Let’s get squeamish. Sorry dads, but this is a pre-Gardasil woman’s reality. Fellow mums – I’m sure that like me, many of you have had to deal with cervical abnormalities over the years.

The letter that arrives in the mail (or these days, often a text) reminding us that we are due for our smear. The gulp we have at that moment, that feeling of dread. Sadly, a lot of us ignore these reminders, and go years without smears because we fear them so much. A percentage of us will go on to be treated for cancer, and some of us die from it. Those of us who do go have to do the whole bottom half off, on a table, in an extremely undignified position thing with a GP – and while some of us find it fairly easy, many of us find smears painful and/or frightening.

And for 1 out of 4 of us it’s triggering, because we have been sexually assaulted. Now this is a very important thing for you to think about as a parent that I know you don’t want to think about – but its reality. If your daughter is sexually assaulted in young adulthood and has not been vaccinated, she has a high chance of contracting HPV. Do you want your daughter to get cellular abnormalities or cancer – needing more triggering treatment thanks to a rapist with HPV? You need to remember that not all teenage ‘sex’ is consensual.

Then there’s the letter and/or phone call from the clinic. If we’re lucky, it’s normal. If it’s not, we deal with anxiety, a strange feeling of guilt, and a wait to go to the Women’s Clinic at the hospital for a colposcopy. Legs up in stirrups gripping a partner/friend’s hand exposed to at least 2 medical professionals we met 5 minutes ago snipping a chunk of cervix out. Lying on the couch in discomfort for the rest of the day with a wheat bag and Panadol.

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For me, that’s where my journey with CIN ended because the biopsy got it all, but unfortunately for some it’s too late, and they begin treatment for cervical cancer. Note that if it’s too late, your daughter may need a hysterectomy. I had a hysterectomy at 24 – not for this reason – but I can attest to how soul & life destroying losing the ability to have children is at such a young age. It is an absolute tragedy, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

Do you want this to be your daughter’s future? Do you really want your daughter to go through this because you’d like to hold on to the belief that your daughter isn’t like ‘those (apparently more slutty) kids’? Rich teens have sex. Pakeha teens have sex. Highly intelligent teens have sex. You most likely did, and so will they. Such is life.

The fear that vaccinating your child against a deadly disease which just happens to be sexually transmitted is going to make them start having sex is just so illogical to me that I get really frustrated. There’s a reason it’s done so early – because as much as we like to delude ourselves that we can control our children’s lives – they will make their own choices, and if they really want to have sex, they will. Also, sadly, while we do our best to protect our children from sexual predators, we do not always succeed.

The two vaccines (Gardasil and Cervarix), say the Ministry of Health, ‘are effective against HrHPV types 16 and 18, which are thought to cause up to 70% of cervical cancer. It is expected that over time this will have a marked effect not only on the incidence of and mortality from cervical cancer, but also on the volumes of abnormal cytology and colposcopy assessment.’ Brilliant. So many lives saved, so much stress eliminated. So why not save your daughter’s life? If it was a vaccine against bone, breast, leukaemia etc – you’d be jumping at the chance, right?

My son is 12 (and a half mum) and in Year 8 in a decile 8 high school. His female classmates are getting Gardasil vaccinations at the moment, so he came home the other day and asked me what it was all about. We’ve had the sex talk a couple of times already, but I didn’t need to mention sex to explain to him what it was about – and neither do you! An explanation that there was a virus that people can get that causes cancer later in life for girls and this vaccine will stop that from happening satiated his curiosity. He asked me if he needed it too. I explained that one day boys will probably get vaccinated, but girls are getting it now because it harms girls worse than boys. He expressed his relief that at least he didn’t have to get ‘another bloody jab’ and went out with his mate to do parkour training. Conversation over. It’s that simple.

So why this belief that if you get your daughter vaccinated at 12 years old she’ll be rushing out the door after school to have sex? The nurse vaccinating your daughter doesn’t give her it and then pat her on the back, telling her to go forth and have sex with as many boys as she likes now because she’s safe.

The Gardasil vaccine is only sexualised because you have sexualised it in your own brain. It is you who are thinking like this. Your daughter isn’t. So please, do the right thing by her, and gift her an adulthood free from anxiety and smears, and possibly procedures, infertility and cancer. It’s inevitable that she will have sex, eventually, but only your choice not to vaccinate her makes the above inevitable. The right choice is obvious.



  1. I’m picking the attitude is more one of “my gell won’t be having sex with detty boys, so she will be ok”.

  2. when I was at Intermediate school we didn’t have HPV vaccine, but we did have the Rubella vaccine, and it was only for girls. I remember it being explained that girls got the vaccine and boys didn’t because the biggest risk with Rubella was when you’re pregnant. I don’t remember anyone deducing from that that having had the vaccine meant it was time to go out and get pregnant!

  3. You’re rather jumping on the bandwagon before the research has been done. The researcher in the piece you link to “believes” that white kids are not vaccinated because their parents don’t think they have sex. Why does the Herald choose to lead with the opinion of an uninformed PhD student? Because it makes a great headline with the word sex in it!

    There are all sorts of possible reasons why this demographic has lower rates of uptake on this medical procedure that have nothing to do with sex. It’s entirely possible that the researcher is more obsessed with the sex angle than the parents.

    To parents who believe they are making an informed decision, your letter sounds somewhat patronising and will be ignored by the very people you hope to influence.

    • Where did I refer to this researcher as any kind of authority? What she is highlighting, which is truthful, is the amount of parents who DO have this attitude about it. That’s not to say there are other valid reasons – but this particular one is ridiculous to hold onto.

  4. Gardasil , just another drug with hopefully a captive audience,maybe
    maybe the better off parents believe that with the right upbringing their kids wont get sexual diseases.
    The drug, like this articles writer havnt any idea what final research highlights ,whos to know who would get diseases ,its a blanket coverage. The drug companies will be vaccinating for pimples to make a profit soon or anything else they can think up.
    In the UK a family member needed to pay 200 pounds for a chicken pox vaccination,she didn’t have her daughter vaccinated, later the 3yr old had chicken pox and it was very mild and she recovered quickly ,just previous generations did.
    A 13yr old had a variety of vaccinations when she was 11yrs old, she been unwell ever since.
    Polio was a really dangerous disease and vaccination for that was a good idea,but now most vaccines are for profit.

    • ELLE;

      Good on you.

      Saw this post this morning,with no replies, when I was about to go to bed.
      I’d been up all night replying to Martyn’s post “Metiria’s slip of the
      toungue….’ March 14.(recom read)

      I was so incensed with it that I almost carried on but was so tired
      and thought better of it.
      So let me tell you why;

      When I was working(now retired.Iam 66) I lost a really good friend.
      He had a computer,and was telling me things I simply did not believe.
      Although I thought of myself a reasonably open minded sought of
      person,I was more of tech, maths,science,physics. ie logical.

      I used to scoff at him because I believed the media,history,our authorities,medical and trusting(now know indoctrinated)
      Your perfect little citizen.

      When I retired early(you know the push to shed the people still with
      their old conditions in place) I finally bought myself a computer after
      seeing Al Gore’s doco with the ‘poor polar bear’ looking ‘lost and isolated’ on a small bit ice image.
      Having reasonably good cognitive skills it looked a bit ‘odd’ knowing
      bears can swim long distances and checked out my first subject of
      ‘Global Warming’.
      What a machine the computer is. All that info at your fingertips.

      And so I started my journey. Finding out more and more of what my friend had told me was actually true!

      No one likes to find out they were fooled and conned on purpose!

      In fact this part of the reason 80% of the people that are told such
      things that conflict with their belief systems won’t go to research for
      themselves,even when they are told where to look!
      Factors are complex and I’ll stop there.

      I got angry,and the more and more I found out I slumped into what
      you might say 6+ months of chronic depression.
      And then I snapped out of it when I found the one website and
      understood it’s glossary terms and definitions.

      The Paradigm Shift happened and crystalized everything I had been
      reading and all became clear.

      Up to that point,I can assure you,the experience was not pleasant.
      But now know that this can be normal response for a lot of people,
      especially when you are breaking away from all your childhood
      indoctrination and adult beliefs.

      After nearly 6yrs of separating wheat from chaff,taken down mystical dark alleys and pseudo-science dead ends, I believe I have 9 essential sites to make sense of how the world really works.
      Actually researched and trusted sites.

      The Dominate Social Themes, that turn into memes can be spotted
      a mile away.

      And so to the article quickly and your comment.

      To me,this is the classic way the deception is carried out.
      A confusion article full of emotion and scaremongering all designed
      to end with the desired conclusion.
      The usual the ‘authority ‘saiz this because of the ‘science experts’
      evidence that’s not validated in any way. (act like paid shills)

      For people that don’t know any better,they are at their mercy.
      The author maybe quite genuine in her beliefs.

      I won’t go further be cause people have to decide for them self and
      the links to do that below.

      I am amazed of the number of people that read the Daily Blog that are
      wide awake.
      Your comment shows that loud and clear and not frightened to say so.
      Your remark of ‘vaccines for pimples’ is right on ‘the money’.
      In fact there is meant to be up to 50 new ones in the pipeline to roll
      out and moves are in the process to MANDATE vaccines,not just for
      the child programs but for adults that have never had them at all in
      their life and expected to HAVE THEM ALL from the start!
      This is utter madness. Herd immunity is another myth.

      There is a substantial German study(20011 I think) that shows that
      kids not vaccinated are 5 times more healthy than vaccinated kids
      throughout their lifetime. It seems that vaccines compromise’s their
      immune system for life. In seems that natural immunity boosts immune systems,like we did in the 50’s&60’s.
      Some parents in USA are doing just makeing sure they get
      natural measels.
      Looks more sinister than just profit.

      The DailyBell and Info-wars will tell you that when the Elites dominate social themes(memes) are in jeopardy they “double down”.
      This is whats happened to the Global Warming meme as well.
      The world is waking up.

      The safety of vaccines is about to fall apart.It has been documented and hidden.
      Top Exec of Merk is about to give evidence in front of Congress
      this month.
      Given immunity of prosecution to say the the company has knowingly been provideing vaccines with adjuncts.Mercury,aluminum
      and more.Not only are they written in the inserts(and people should
      ask to read them.Not even the doctors do)but it says you could get
      the measles and be infective for up to 28-60 days.

      I am not saying the science of vaccination is invalid.
      It just seems they have known toxins.

      I’ll stop there before I get more upset because my nephew
      after the Gardasil shot got extremely ill and never regained her
      proper health.
      I believe India and Japan have suspended their programs.

      Gardasil,MMR,and even the Flu shots are in question but people
      have to make their own decision.

      RACHEAL’s quote from her Imagine article.

      “You want to have the right to be given accurate,thruthful,neutral,balanced and evidence-based information
      to come to the right decision.”

      Well here it is.
      Search Gardasil on site; – 76 entries- at top is exple of MSM spin. – 486 entries- this is THE top health site to keep
      for life,literally.(global ranking.indpt)

      Finally, thanks for support in your comment on RT in Martyn’s “Latest Snowden revel…..march 11. There is my reply to XRAY that

      Also,if you want to refer to the ess. 9 sites, they are located on
      FRANK,s ‘Opposing the TTPA…..’march 9. (at the end.I get up late)


        • Thankyou iain, I check lots of sites and get lots of info from them , I don’t take everything as gospel I use instinct.
          There a some people who think because a vaccine is brought out and is said to keep people free from whatever ailment is around, they believe advertising spin or government as being last word .
          Profit is usually the bottom line but not always, some drugs are very useful but I would check the side effects and contraindications every time,sometimes the side effects are worse than the disease.

      • Very interested to hear your journey. Like you, I believed the authorities were right and scientists never lied. I was prescribed a statin and assured by my doctor that they had no side effects. And so began a very long and tortuous journey to discover that not only was the statin debacle a fraud, but that the same techniques are being used to manipulate our opinions vis other medications including vaccines, the food supply and electropollution, to name just a few.

        • Rachael;

          I worry for you.

          Your statement shows that you haven’t even gone to
          have a look properly!
          You would not have had enough time.
          You are just defending your article.

          This is why I would never vote for the Greens.
          Young ideologist’s that just accept what’s handed down
          from high.
          Those institutions are not benevolent any more.

          I know it’s hard to accept.


  5. Great article Rachel. I am proud to say my older one was 16 when the vaccine came out and signed the consent form herself. My younger one had it at 12. Its a no brainer. I don’t get this attitude that women shouldn’t have sex and deserve punishment ie unwanted pregnancy cervical cancer if they do.

  6. Racheal. The article refers to a premise by one researcher it is not a conclusion drawn from a study.
    One of my concerns about Gardasil, (and the attendant $160 million we spent promoting and administering it) is that it may give those taking the vaccination a false sense of security, and they will delay or avoid regular smears.

    We know that cervical cancer is one with almost 100% recovery if it is diagnosed and treated early. Human nature needs to be part of the equation when assessing the likelihood of this. I have never met any acquaintance yet that views regular smear tests as something to look forward to, yet they know that that temporary discomfort is offset by the benefits of early identification of cell changes.

    I would have preferred the $160 million to have been put towards the $25 I pay at my GP, to do the “more accurate” pap smear, which is double checked and finds anomalies earlier.

    • I 100% agree with you here. There is indeed still no evidence these HPV vaccines even work AT ALL, since the period they have been available is far too short to be able to draw such a conclusion. There are many HP viruses, and I suspect that those not covered by Gardasil will rapidly spread – a near perfect analogy is why people still “need” a new flu vaccine shot EVERY YEAR. My gut feeling (as a scientist) is that these vaccines will provide little to no protection against cervical cancer over the long term. Time, of course will tell, but imo this could easily be one of biggest medical scams in history (although it will take a lot to top the blanket prescriptions of statins to lower cholesterol, which has exactly NOTHING to do with heart disease).

        • The reason I my gut tells me these vaccines will prove next to useless is this: Even if Gardasil is 90% (I’m just using this as an example, it could be lower or higher, but the point is it won’t be 100%) effective against HPVs that cause cancer, leaving just 10% of other cancer causing HPVs free to spread it just won’t work as advertised.
          The AVERAGE NZ woman has 20 sexual partners (this is factual). EACH of those sexual partners thus has a 90% (I stress again this is an arbitrary number for example purposes only) chance of carrying a strain of the virus that is protected against. Basic statistics tells us that 0.90^20 = 0.12, i.e. the vaccine will only protect 12% of the AVERAGE woman in this case. If the vaccine is only 70% (again just an example, not based on data) effective against cancer this number drops precipitously to < 0.1% (i.e. 99.92% of vaccinated woman would still get infected with cancer causing HPV).
          I have no idea where the actual number lies, but my feeling is it's probably not nearly as good as the giant pharmaceutical companies would have us believe.

      • NITRIUM;

        Agree 100%

        I can assure you a scam it is indeed; both subjects.
        Very sinister. is THE top site in the world.Up with the latest

        We should all consult it frequently.
        To get our health back for our family and friends.


    • You make a good point. I thought I read somewhere that you should still get a smear test even if you have the vaccine. Makes sense to me. We all hate them, but most of us will do it anyway. More investment in female-friendly, free testing would be great.

  7. My 11 year old son is going to be vaccinated if we are able to get it. I’ll pay to avoid him having the risk of penile, anal, mouth cancers plus he will never pass on HPV to his future partner (s).

  8. And let me add this.

    Cancer is caused by the toxins in our food, water, and environment.
    And vaccines.
    They know this already.

    World’s Elite eat organic food, drink pure water, practice holistic medicine.
    And clean vaccines for anything deemed necessary.


  9. Good Grief Rachel….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’ve never even done any homework on this shit vaccine!

    Just a sample:

    I would NEVER NEVER NEVER trust pharmaceutical/ vaccine INDUSTRY!!
    Ditto Government and M.O.H.
    because $$$$$$$$$. Conflict of interest & $$$$corrupt

    And that’s also why you’ll NEVER read any TRUTH about it in MSM (= $$$ BUSINESS$$$)


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