Metiria’s slip of the tongue vs Key’s forked tongue


The glee with which some in the media and the Right seized upon Metiria’s slip of the tongue in Parliament last week was tedious.

Locked in a debate with John Key over child poverty, Metiria said…

“23 per cent on average and up to 90 per cent of kids in schools are going without lunch”.

…she meant to say…

that of the schools KidsCan worked with, on average 23 per cent of children turned up without lunch and at least one school had 90 per cent of their children going without.

…Key’s need to denigrate Metiria for this slip of the tongue highlights the mentality of our spoilt and privileged Prime Minister. Key may have grown up in a State House during the gold plated era of social welfare in the 50s and 60s but any insight has been replaced with contempt.

The reality is almost a quarter of our kids are turning up to school hungry, to attack Metiria and silence her point by seizing on a slip of the tongue is a disgraceful way to ignore and avoid those kids living in poverty. Key would prefer to shame Metiria than actually do anything for hungry children, playing politics is more important to Key than the plight of the less fortunate in his own country.

To write off Metiria’s life long concern for the poor when this Prime Minister has lied and led the most politically corrupt regime in modern NZ history is as outrageous as Key irresponsibly labelling the milk threat as ‘Eco Terrorism’ and as sickening as Key promising not to reinvade Iraq before the election  and changing his mind after winning it.

This PM who told the NZ public that the GCSB were not engaging in mass surveillance when Snowden and Hager and Greenwald and Fisher and Nippert have proven they do. Key even said he’d resign if it was found out that they engage in mass surveillance


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This is the PM whose Office colluded with the SIS to frame and smear Phil Goff in the run up to the 2011 election. This is a PM who has used deceptive tactics and dirty politics to further the agenda of the wealthy.

This is Reddit’s top 150 lies by John Key…

1 John Key claimed that he didn’t know about the Exclusive Brethren tactics. False.

2 John Key claimed that he didn’t have Tranz Rail Shares. False.

  • He actually said he had between 25k – 50k shares, but after a journalist discovered his family trust had also bought some, he changed it to 100k. Still dodgy, but not quite claiming he didn’t have any.
  • Herald: Key accused of lying over Tranz Rail shares

3 John Key claimed that he didn’t own a vineyard. False

4 John Key claimed that he voted to keep the drinking age at 20. False.

5 John Key claimed that he didn’t know about the renewal of the BMW contract in 2011. False.

6 John Key claimed the wage gap between New Zealand and Australia had closed under the National government. False.

7 John Key claimed that his office had no involvement with the SkyCity deal. False.

8 John Key claimed that the Sky City deal will provide 1000 construction jobs and 800 casino jobs. False.

9 John Key claimed that all five bidders for the convention centre were treated equally. False.

10 John Key claimed that Solid Energy asked the government for a $1 billion capital investment. False.

11 John Key claimed that the 2011 Budget would create in the order of 170,000 jobs. False.

12 John Key claimed that NZ SAS soldiers were not involved in the Kabul Hotel gunfight. False.

13 John Key claimed that Iain Rennie recommended Ian Fletcher for the GCSB job. False.

14 John Key claimed that he hadn’t seen Ian Fletcher in a long time. False.

15 John Key claimed GCSB law wouldn’t allow for mass surveillance.  False.

16 John Key claimed that the illegal spying on Kim Dotcom was an isolated incident. False.

17 John Key claimed that the bulk of New Zealanders earn between $45,000 and $75,000 a year. False.

  • According to Statistics New Zealand’s New Zealand Income Survey results for the June 2010 the median income (the amount which half the people in the country earn below) was $529 per week, which equates to $27508 per year.

18 John Key claimed that he is honest and upfront. False – see above.

19 Video of John Key on the campaign trail in 2008 ruling out a rise in GST if he won the election. False

20 On privatising assets, “I don’t believe that’s gonna turn the New Zealand economy around. False/u/John_Banks

21 update 10/07/2014, “National promised in its 2011 election manifesto all state houses which could be practically insulated would be.” False

‘In answer to written questions this week, Housing Minister Nick Smith said of the 30 percent of the 68,000 houses under Housing New Zealand’s management had not been insulated.”

22 More GCSB – at least Key’s pal is in charge now…

“The spymaster who initially cleared the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) of illegally snooping on Kim Dotcom was also directly involved in seeking the suppression order signed by Bill English as Acting Prime Minister.”

The Herald has learned former chief legal adviser Hugh Wolfensohn was involved in arranging the once-in-a-decade certificate which sought to bury the scandal.

The Prime Minister confirmed yesterday for the first time it was Mr Wolfensohn’s advice that quelled GCSB and police fears they had illegally spied on Mr Dotcom and his co-accused Bram van der Kolk.

He told Parliament: “The best of the legal advice presented by Hugh Wolfensohn was that it was legal. As we now know, GCSB and Mr Wolfensohn were wrong.*

Mr Wolfensohn no longer works at the bureau after being placed on “gardening leave”. A spokesman for the GCSB said of Mr Wolfensohn’s advice: “With hindsight, we know it wasn’t right.

23 John Key: ‘I’ve never lied about Kim Dotcom’, 21/11/2012 False – from 5 Oct 2012 and One video exposes Key, GCSB’s & Banks’ Dotcom lies

24 “Gerry Brownlee breaches airport security rules”. Every other National MP that has broken much less serious rules (and got caught) has been removed from their position. Hypocrisy

  • Using the exit door jokes, optional.

25 Genesis energy asset sales will be predominantly ‘mum and dad’ buyers. False.

“A controversial American couple are the biggest investors in recently floated Genesis Energy – sparking angry claims the Government has been caught out “screwing the scrum” against mum and dad Kiwi buyers.”

26 “The good news was I was having dinner with Ngāti Porou, as opposed to their neighbouring Iwi ,which was Tuhoi, in which case I would have been dinner” (audio)

You can find the rest here.

 Metiria’s slip of the tongue is preferable to Key’s forked tongue any day of the week.

While Key point scores, quarter of our kids live in poverty.


  1. Well…as I wrote in Joe Trinders thread….here is a further Ode to John XKEYscore …sung to the tune of – ‘ I’m an asshole’ – by Denis Leary.

    I’m an irregular John with an irregular job
    Laughing at all the average,… suburbanite slobs
    I have selfies with footballers , like porno and books about war
    Have a mansion , – in Hawaii ,- with nice hardwood floors
    My wife and my job and Obama’s Cuban cigars

    But sometimes that just aint enough to keep a man like me interested in being PM
    No I gotta go out and have fun at someones else’s expense
    And I cant tell you that but I can tell you this
    oh yeah , oh yeah….

    I live my life fast in the ultra fast lane
    While the working poor are going insane
    I’m an asshole (he’s an asshole , what an asshole )
    I’m an asshole (hes an asshole , such an asshole )

    I shit on the unions and those out of bread
    And if your unemployed , your kids wont get fed
    I’m an asshole (he’s an asshole , what an asshole )
    I’m an asshole (he’s an asshole , such an asshole )

    I suck up to Congress for the TTPA
    And snoop on your e-mails and phone calls all day
    I’m an asshole (he’s an asshole , what an asshole )
    I’m an asshole ( he’s an asshole , such an asshole )

    I privatize state houses , pissing on renters heads
    I campaign round Northland , even though its half dead
    I’m an asshole (he’s an asshole ,what an asshole )
    I’m an asshole (he’s an asshole ,such an asshole )

    I leap to my feet in parliament chambers
    And commit us to war with the American Rangers
    I’m an asshole (he’s an asshole , what an asshole )
    I’m an asshole (he’s an asshole , such an asshole )

    Maybe I shouldn’t be singing this song,
    Frothing and raving and carrying on
    Maybe their right when I deny that I’m wrong….

    NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!! …..but at the end of the day….

    I’m an asshole (he’s an asshole , what an asshole )
    I’m an asshole (he’s an asshole , such an asshole )

    I blame my own office – its a convenient ruse
    For corruption and treason – its a convenient excuse,
    I’m an asshole (he’s an asshole , what an asshole )
    I’m an asshole (he’s an asshole , such an asshole )

    My goons spy on you -and you all buy it
    The media ‘ we ‘ own – so I can deny it
    And you wont get no bridges unless your compliant
    It’s ME and the ‘ STATES that your all now reliant …………

    COS !

    I’m an asshole ( he’s an asshole , what an asshole )
    I’m an asshole ( he’s an asshole , such an asshole )

  2. In regard to item 21, i think we now know the answer to that one. Actually i think we know the answer to all of them.
    @ WILD PUKEKO you are a warrior poet.

  3. Martyn;

    Bloody hell,these list’s are becoming truly impressive!

    And all documented links for future reference. But it’s more than that.
    List’s like these reveal (and keep reminding us) of the true nature of
    Key and this Government. Truly Orwellian Double Speak and truly
    sinister in nature.

    Item 25, for me is the biggy.

    How the hell do we get this info out to the masses?

    Like Countryboys suggestions with pamphlets and posters etc

    And for me, I am now informing people of your column in particular.

    After all,The Daily Blog is your creation and without you we would
    not have this marvelous forum. It’s development excellent.

    People ask me who? And when I explain your background they are
    impressed. Especially your life long ban on RNZ.
    For cutting thru the crap and getting to the real issues that matter.
    Not afraid to criticize Key and Gvt where it’s genuinely needed.

    It might come back to bit them on the bum.
    I see their ratings are falling.

    People say that they don’t have the time to go thru the blogs and it’s “only opinion anyway” is the common response.
    But if they know that there is explosive information, that can blow
    the lid off all the lies and deception,and all in one place they certainly will.

    I am impressed by the number of readers in your column that are
    really awake and are providing links to show whats really going on,
    not just locally,but in the world in general.

    More and more,readers are seeing the true nature of the ‘enemy.’
    It is a worldwide trend as people move away from MSM.
    NZ has been a bit slow off the mark but we seem to be getting there.

    CLEANGREEN put up another biggy, for me, the document that shows
    that Key had been to the annual meetings of the Bilderberg Group in
    2011/12 where they decide on Presidents (and other leaders) before
    the public even knows who they are ,like Obama!
    Had always suspected but never had the proof.There he was,on the page.
    Of course these meetings deal with lots of other things,secretly.
    Key has gone there in secret! It’s against the law in USA so it must
    be here as well.

    So, how do we get this sort of info out.Would the Opposition do it?
    Would the Media report it?
    Does Labour know a lot of it? I bet the ‘Old Guard’ does?

    I can tell you this,Martyn.

    In the USA sites like Info-Wars and the Drudge Report have been
    ‘forcing’ the MSM to cover stories that they may not have otherwise
    done. ie the open border in the south with hundreds of illegals pouring in with diseases and criminal records because Obama had
    told the Guards to stand down. ie Open Boarders.

    Info-war reporters went to film what was happening and because of
    the numbers involved now viewing alternative media and DrudgeReport picking it up,months later the MSM finally did(with their own spin off course) but at least it was covered.

    Matt Drudge(highly respected) site is a huge independent Clearing House of News covering the globe,with links to all the worlds
    major newspapers etc. Set up in 2013.
    The Establishment hate his guts,let alone Info-Wars.

    My point being;

    With all the good quality links from awake Readers starting to stack up in your column,apart from using word of mouth to point people to
    a growing resource of alternative information ie the truth(bit slow?)-
    what’s the chance of a collaboration, with you as moderator, with nz and releasing some of it with our very own independent
    News Clearing House!

    Free speech is not dead yet is it?
    After all,we are only a bunch of nutters on a blog site,yeah?
    They have not shut down Info-Wars or Drudge yet and the situation
    in America is well in advance of us.

    It’s too early to make that move yet,right?
    And if they did it would be game over for them in the eyes of the
    public, surely?

    I am not suggesting anything controversial, at this point in time,but
    what about starting with CLEANGREEN’s document showing Key’s
    attendance at the Bilderberg meetings. They release an attendance
    list each year.(well most of people and I think it’s because of the
    growing awareness globally)

    This may be OK with Scoop because they are looking for funding
    and a revamp of their model.
    Just the right moderate story with clout to wake the sleepy hobbits
    up and who know’s? funding might not be an issue again.

    This story could well be the winning blow in Northland by-election if
    it was released in time. Gordon Campbell,on the front page.
    Surely the MSM could not ignore that?
    They will never cover it other wise. No good tucked away in some

    Give the Opposition the courage to hammer him in Parliament.
    Wipe that smirk off his face and knock him right off the front bench.
    That will teach him to denigrate Metiria over minor matters.
    He’s just to smug and cockey, it’s sickening.

    Co-ordinated with each lie and deception Key wheels out, our
    readers are always posting pertinent material.
    As CLEANGREEN said;’it’s all teamwork.’ I agree. Many eyes.

    Other stuff can come later,like the link about the staged be-headings
    from GlobalResearch I posted.
    I am sure they are open source and trusted research.

    Exposure of the funding,training and recruitment by the west next?
    That would really shut Key up and may stop any more troops going.
    ( I am sure that’s the goal)
    No more smart arse rants for him.
    It would ensure change of Gvt next election, if not before?

    We have an independent news site now.
    Lets use it. Fight fire with fire.!

    One of Info-wars catch phrase’s, “We are the resistance” !
    Let’s do it.
    We can’t sit back and carry on the way we are.

    Can it be the game changer?


    • You are quite wrong that attending a meeting of prominent people from around the world is illegal on NZ (or even the US for that matter). Of course I suspect this won’t stop you promoting your rather absurd conspiracy theory as it isn’t facts you are interested in but the narrative you have constructed for yourself.

      • No ones fooled by your ‘ Exclusive ‘ renditions of your right wing ‘ Brotherhood’ anymore now , Gosman,…

        And by the way- get rid of that ridiculous pseudonym , its irrelevant with regards the Xkeyscore program so you don’t fool them either.

  4. It would be very easy to utterly destroy that list of alleged ‘lies’, but suffice to laugh hysterically at number 23. I can’t wait to see the look on KDC’s face (and that of the previous judge for that matter) when KDC’s court testimony is put under scrutiny at the Bank’s retrial. Bring it on!!

  5. Martyn

    How do you feel about Labour’s actions in 2005…overspending their limit by $400,000, and then legislating to retrospectively validate it? (Along with other parties overspending it must be said…although nothing as devious as the pledge card!!)

    • Well …..wall….at least …. there was not the issue of all the colossal lies by Key threatening this very nations sovereignty…

      I mean mate- its getting ridiculous now with the revealing of whats gone on now in the Pacific…even you have to admit that. and the laughable way Key’s carried on…it would be funny if it wasn’t also illegal.

      Read the NZ Herald ( March 5th 2015 ) on Key apologizing to Mr Kim Dotcom for using the GSCB to illegally spy on him .

      As WELL as all the other colossal lies leading up to the invasion of Dotcoms residence.

      AND all the colossal lies after the fact of that invasion of privacy.

      Tell me – are you a fascist?

      Are you one of Brash’s ( ‘ Excluded Brethren ? ‘ )

      Because I tell you mate…Iv’e never seen someone so defensive of the indefensible like you and Gosman before…

      This goes beyond mere politics… more like an obsession, – and I think you got something to hide with that silly Biblical pseudonym…..

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