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I have launched an internet petition in the form of an apology to several Asian and Pacific Island nations for the GCSB spying on their government communications.

I am providing an opportunity for ordinary New Zealanders to disassociate themselves from what I believe is the GCSB’s objectionable and illegal electronic spying on friendly nations in the Asia/Pacific.

I don’t believe such spying is in New Zealand’s interests. In fact, it may provoke a backlash from significant trading partners like China.

Such spying, where the bulk of the information gathered is sent on to the US National Security Agency, also undermines New Zealand’s reputation as a peaceful, independent player in world politics.

The results of this petitioning will be sent to the governments it addresses.

The petition is on the website at this link on the site:

The petition addresses the governments of Japan, China, India, Pakistan and Pacific Island nations [which include Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Tuvalu and French Polynesia].

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It asks “that you accept this apology from concerned New Zealanders for our government’s illegal spying on your nations’ electronic communications. It was done without our knowledge and damages friendly relations between our countries.”


  1. A petition is needed for spying on all countries to let them know we the people of NZ are not in favour of NZ spying for America on any country. John Key can bluster all he likes he promised to resign if found to be mass surveiling NZs, now hes lying again saying its not true but dodging the truth as usual, he is a pathological liar and has no place as leader in NZ.

  2. How about launching a petition to drag jonky kicking and squealing out of OUR offices then placing him under arrest pending a commission of inquiry while you’re at it ? Otherwise this shit’s going to keep happening . If the fish rots from the head down , so the saying goes , then chop the head off .

    • John Key ignores petitions. Defenestration is the traditional response to scum like Key – problem is we’ve mostly had better people in government for the past 200 years and many people are now unfamiliar with the tradition.

    • @ countryboy – You got it.

      There have been people initiated petitions during the past year to the Governor General requesting he investigate Jihadi John (Key that is), re his evasive behaviour, lies, corruption, etc etc. One petition even asked for him to be removed from office.

      And the outcome of these petitions has been … ??? That’s right – zilch so far!

      Bet the GG is under strict instruction by Jihadi John to play nice – or else!

      Oh well if the GG chooses to ignore the people, then the only alternative is for the people to take things into their own hands! The streets are always a good place to start! The streets are there for the taking.

    • Good luck with that, given Key’s personal popularity, and the fact that on present polling the left needs tory Winnie to get even close to the Nats.

  3. A worthy cause. A message does need to be sent that this spying was a decision made by government without the mandate of the people to do so.

    The justification for doing so, as part of our obligation for membership into the 5-eyes club, is abhorrent.

  4. Key is screwing up left, right and centre, and its going to come back and bite us, New Zealanders on the backside.
    How did they oust government in Greenland then, people power?

  5. The nordic countries have it right. They are taking back their governments and kicking out the crooks / bankers. Their economies are recovering and they are doing much better than the rest of us. People power ! We can also take back our government and get control of our GCSB. John Key cares less about this blog and what we write and affirm. Pathological liars have no business leading countries. They are in denial mode and running scared. It must be hard for the Nats. to continue to support a leader like ours as the truths are revealed. A big thanks to The Daily Blog and Keith Locke ! ! !
    Key’s team are quickly covering tracks and busy spinning tales that they think we are buying. Do you hear the nervousness in their voices now? They know that the people are slowly waking up to their corporate greed / controlled media / corporations running governments and Agenda 21. Rosa Koire is worth checking out about Agenda 21 and the history and whys and where fors behind all this. The Rothschild etc. [Anti-semitic reference deleted. – ScarletMod]

  6. [Offensive comment deleted. Seven days time out to reflect on your ill-advised use of words. – ScarletMod]

  7. The thing that depresses me is that I signed your petition that has a tiny amount of signatures and yet a petition to bully a TV network to sack someone can receive 500,000 signatures overnight. It proves to me that TV is the opiate of the masses and whoever rules the airwaves governs.

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