Key threatens Northland – no roads if Winston wins



The terror within National that Northland voters might send them a message at the ballot box and what that will do to National’s radical right wing 3rd term agenda has prompted Key to threaten the voters of Northland.

You read that right, threaten.

Key is now saying that there is no ‘free lunch’ and that if voters elect Winston he won’t fund the new infrastructure he just promised them.

That’s right. The infrastructure  was supposed to be an acknowledgement that National have underfunded Northland, now as momentum builds around Winston, Key is openly threatening voters that despite the reality Northland has been under resourced for its infrstraucvture needs, Key will dump the building of infrastructure  if voters don’t elect his candidate!

His selfishness and threatening mentality is suited for a Gangster or a Corporate thug, not the leader of a Country facing an election in one of the poorest electorates. Bullying and threatening not to give Northland voters what he has promised despite remaining in power is a new low for this Prime Minister.



  1. A new low in an endless litany of lows. First the carrot but if they quite rightly tell National to fuck off well then it’s the stick. Anyone making those sort of threats must have such contempt for whoever they are dealing with!

    Apparently John Key and Amy Adams are now promising Northland faster fibre optic broadband roll out. But she was caught out eventually by Duncan Garner because it won’t be up and running until around 2020/21 and to be honest, who knows where anyway.

    Nice one Amy! And nice one John, a misleading piss take yet again. Whatever he says has to be micro analysed as it will never ever be the full story!

  2. Hahahahaha didnt have to wait long for key to do that. I think ossy may find that we up here dont give a flying f $#@ about the highway to omaha. They can also stick their bridgea up their kybers!!!!

    • Interesting point about Omaha, I think you have hit the nail right on the head. What a way to have the last laugh on a country where you personally erected a brand new highway literally to the door of your holiday home.

      This PM has an unbelievable amount of contempt for the country he is supposed to be representing for their wellbeing and improved future.

    • His shark eyes reveal al!!!!l..he’s a liar and a thief and more than an embarrassment to this country ..I can’t stand looking at him,least of all pain my ears to his continuous bullshit.. a prized ‘C#@t’ of the 1st degree. I am more embarrassed with my fellow countrymen..


      Good on ya mate.

      Flash roads,with tolls I suspect,will only speed up that invasion.


  3. The funny thing is I see they are referring to their plans for building the new stretch between Puhoi and Wellsford.

    Fact is that is not needed or wanted just like you JK, your government and your shady deals with other country which include mass surveillance and a TPPA deal which is being slipped past the country in secret although last time I checked we were a democratic country.

    When National lose the by-election it will trigger many others around the country to wake up to this dirty government as they look at just why you lost up here.

  4. How can you tell when a politician isn’t lying? When his lips aren’t moving?

    I’m surprised Key didn’t just take the result as it transpires and if Winston won just say “I can’t remember giving that promise to build roads and widen bridges!”

    Problem solved – amnesia/selective memory/defective memory/reactive memory to Key’s rescue. But won’t that be a great slogan for the next by-election:

    Vote National – OR ELSE – you’ll end up with a horse’s head in your bed and we’ll tollbooth your roads for voting for anyone else but us!

  5. whose money is it that Key is dishing out? or not dishing out? his remarks alone are enough to show he is abusing his power.

  6. Our very own Jihadi John it seems. A bully and a thug, using blackmail tactics to get his own way.

    Only the other day Key was stating he and his Natsies were about to release the details of the infrastructure improvements in Northland last year, when Nicky Hager and Kim Dotcom prevented it being made public, by hogging media attention for themselves! WTF??

    The latest threat and intimidation of Northlanders is a very good reason NOT to vote for the Natsies.

    Keep it up Jihadi John. You are sending Winston all the way to winning the Northland seat, which can only be a good thing for Northlanders.

  7. Well what do we expect?…maggots feed on excrement….and this one is only doing what comes naturally to all maggots….

    Excreting the excrement it feeds on.

  8. Blatant scare tactics. Promise the world, but threaten to take it away if they don’t get their way, typical National.

    To be fair the “high risk” of the Puhoi to Wellsford motorway extension not being completed was attributed to Osborne, not Key. Key was outlining how this may undermine National’s ability to pass a FTA with Korea, I suppose to frighten dairy farmers. Free-trade agreements are no ‘free lunch’ either. They don’t deliver on their promises, much like Key.

    Despite who exactly said what, they’re trying to scare voters by threatening to rescind on promises they’ve made. I’m not sure how this is really a threat though, National rarely delivers what it promises.

  9. Funny how they treat us Northerners like crap for years and now it’s them who are shitting themselves, eh?

  10. We’ve had the bribes, the diversion and now the threats. The polling from Curia is sending Key all over the grid, currently into tantrum territory.

    If the well-worn National Party script is followed, should we expect a smear campaign to be next or is it too late?

  11. Isn’t that called bribery? Did not think that was allowed in parliament?

    You can promise stuff, but you can’t not promise stuff if you lose an election.

  12. Awe Mr Key is not going to “give ” Northland roads or bridges or broad band upgrade , does he not know its taxpayers money not his.

    Well we have news for him we never believed we would get those bribes such is the trust we have in him,nasty bully,.

    He is like a spoilt child who has a tantrum if he dosnt get his own way,Northland has been without decent roads and bridges for so long does he think Northlanders are stupid ,if he actually said we wont get the baubles if we don’t vote for his candidate,he has just hammered another crooked nail in his control of Northland.Watch the vote count hes getting desperate,maybe rigging is all he has left , not saying he would stoop to that but ahem ! who knows?,we will tho’when vote is finalised.

  13. Yes Northland take note;

    John Key threatened HB/Gisborne with rail closure the same way, and we lost our rail.

    So his gang operates on making people fear them as other dictators do.

    Subject; On 12th March 2015 – when three die in a truck crash a letter was received by HB Regional Council Chairman Wilson Fenton from the KiwiRail CEO Peter Reidy turning down the request from the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council for an extension of time to finalise lease arrangements for the mothballed rail line.

    Spot the similarities/differences here?

    One triple death crash occurred during 24hr period Kiwirail chose to turn down reopening of rail services in the the HB/Gisborne truck gridlocked region.

    Due to the severe health risks associated with our current road deaths and declining environmental heath & well being on behalf of our communities on the east coast, we asked John Key to reopen the damaged rail link as our publically owned asset but Key refused to even answer our letters.

    Instead like Northland rail the Government is starving these rail links into the remote regions and flooding them with trucks.

    This is the result.

    Three car crashes with trucks recently inside four weeks killing seven people in terrible crashes.

    John Key now has blood on his hands, where he cannot walk from, and these remote regions of northland & Gisborne/HB will suffer for all of future if/when the tracks are eventually removed as has happened in many other areas of NZ.

    Our NZ roads are now crammed full of trucks often speeding at 100kms per hour.

    This result of moving all freight now to road by this Government is causing NZ the dubious title of becoming one of the most unsafe countries to drive as a result read below these three cases in 28 days and Northlanders please vote for Winston.

    He will reinstate our regional rail services.

    1st Press release 17/2/15;

    2nd Press release 4/3/15

    3rd Press release 12/3/15.,tsf

    The New Zealand Herald

    Three killed in logging truck accident near Tokoroa
    5:35 PM Tuesday Feb 17, 2015

    NZ Herald

    Three people have died and one is critically injured following a collision between a car and a logging truck in south Waikato this afternoon.

    The crash happened on State Highway 1 at Lichfield, north of Tokoroa, between Tokoroa and Putaruru, around 3.50pm, Inspector Willie Taylor from the police northern communications centre said.

    Three people died when the car and a logging truck had collided, he said.

    TV3 news.

    One killed in truck crash near Tauranga
    Wednesday 4 Mar 2015 8:33 p.m.

    A person has been killed in a collision between a car and a truck near Tauranga.

    The crash happened on Plummer Point Rd just before 5:30pm today, police say.

    A vehicle with three occupants crossed the centre line and collided with the truck, according to a report.


    Read more:

    Three Americans killed in Waikato crash

    Three Americans visiting Hamilton’s Mormon temple have been killed in a collision with a truck on the outskirts of the city.

    Share on twitter Share on email Share on facebook Share on print More Sharing Services 0

    12 March 2015

    Three American tourists were killed near Hamilton when the driver appeared to turn in front of an oncoming truck, police say.

    The two vehicles collided at the intersection of State Highway 39 and Tuhikaramea Road in Ngahinapouri, southwest of Hamilton, late Wednesday afternoon.

    These are our arguments as follows;

    Kiwirail rejects further time extension on negotiations for the lease of the Napier Gisborne rail line to HBRC.

    on the very day in another truck crash of many over the last two months three American Humanitarian aid workers died in this Hamilton crash with this truck.

    Once again we are reminded of the total extreme costly devastation of truck accidents, this time again by the NZ Police that the cost of fatalities on our roads is rising out of control and has become unsustainable to the point it is causing us to seriously question why the cost of road deaths now exceeding $3 5 million per fatality now, is avoidable by mitigation.

    This latest accident with a large truck is crippling our economy meaning that this single devastating crash cost NZ over $10 million dollars, could lower just one death a year by removing some trucks we need to move in this direction.

    the Government in “external costs” or as TransFund’s A8 appendix “Intangible Effects”?

    (see attached above)

    “Transfund” in their Page A8-1

    Transfund’s Project Evaluation Manual Amendment No. 8

    Manual Number: PFM2 Effective 1 October 2004


    INTANGIBLE EFFECTS Section A8 of their Project Evaluation Manual on road impacts costing manual, is actually the functioning and funding agency for NZTA.

    So if now the cost of one fatality is set at $3.5 million why cant this cost be set against the “intangible Effects” when a rail service is considered to be reopened or remain shut or converted to other uses?

    $3.5 million would almost cover the reopening of the Napier Gisborne rail service and prevent some fatalities on the Napier Gisborne Opotiki roads wouldn’t it?

    Why we added Opotiki was that when rail last operated there were shipment of logs going to Hamilton via rail.

    Now we assume by our recent viewing that many log trucks appear to be moving logs north from Gisborne/HB on Highway 2 through to Opotiki to the Waikato lately, and this will cause more loss of lives and more cost on the roads.

    We hope John Key will re assess his will ignore the will of these regions and restore the Northland and Gisborne HB rail services for the future of these remote regions like Northland and Gisborne/HB and work with the local councils who are offering to help interested rail operators who now offer a business plan of restoring Napier Gisborne Rail services.

  14. Key warned his MPs not to get arrogant in their 3rd term as government but hasn’t taken his own advice. After getting his PR image so right for the first six years he has degenerated so quickly, since the last election, that he is in danger of leaving an appalling legacy as a prime minister. After being the number one asset of the Nats he is fast becoming a major liability. I so hope that Winston Peters wins this by-election, not because I support him or his policies, but so that a huge message of discontent can be sent to this toady, lick-spittle, lying excuse for a government.

  15. John Key and Tony Abbott. Two of a kind albeit in different nations. Bribing voters and resorting to threats and scare mongering because an opponent has a better candidate.

  16. Are we living back in the 30’s with ‘the mobs’?
    Just send a message Northland, bullying ain’t acceptable, no matter your age or standing!

  17. This is not going as John Key Ltd. has planned…he wanted to leave office at the end of this term as he is clearly bored with the anoying little people of New Zealand. He has eyes set on a nice wee position, such as Helen Clark has, to round off his power trip – the UN would just suit his ambitions nicely. But Winston is upsetting his plans in a big way, and as he has nothing to lose – think about it – threats are now all he has left.
    We are all relying on the common sense of the people of Northland to send a message straight to the heart of National.

    • Also we need a few more of the older hand National party mps to take early retire,ment and force a new election .

      Surely some of these national mps must have a consicence considering all the dirty deals and info that is coming out.

      But I wont hold my breath considering the attitudes of young nats I know they are just as arrogant as john Key paula bennet and judith collins etc.

  18. Northland voters should realise they will get the bare minimum in infrastructure improvements if the national candidate is elected because winning is important to Key so he can fulfil his US masters requirements not so he can improve the lot of people in Northland. Winston however will make it an issue if he is elected as his image depends on his subsequent performance if elected

  19. He may be taking a move out of the playbook of Huey Long, long ago Governor of Louisiana, USA.
    Long threatened no roads, AND THEN HE DID EXACTLY THAT.
    Key kind of reminds me of old Huey too.

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