Has Winston just won the Northland by-election?


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Northland is a very conservative electorate. Banjos twang, books burn and gender stereotypes are as rigid as the Government’s desire to not feed hungry children.

If you can’t hit a nail with a hammer, most males in the region would consider that as disqualification for going to war, drinking alcohol, driving a car and voting.

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So Key’s terrible aim against Winston’s sterling hammer banging will serve to depress National Party strategists further.

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Key can promise 10 new bridges, but only Winston can build ’em.

After an election where the country were told Key had used the most corrupt and underhand abuses of power in modern political history AND YET STILL WON, politics in NZ has been degraded from reasoned and passionate argument about ideas to base prejudices and unquestioned values, hence banging in a nail with a hammer will probably win an election.


  1. How ironic, we northern Maori are sitting back watching another invasion, this is one of epic proportions. Nothing we can do, especially when the party that was formed to give us a voice in parliament actually hopped into bed with the invaders. So, sigh, go winston, win that seat. Just dont forget us the way the other one did.


      I understand completely how you feel.
      But you don’t need to sit back and give up.

      You live in the ‘winter less’ north and here is an idea that could
      involve MANA as well and help Winston’s campaign.

      Approach Hone and together go and see Winston with this;

      1. A Solar power station built in the heart of Northland.
      Jobs will be created,and the people of Northland will receive subsidized power,similar to the South Island.

      Hone and Winston could approach your IWI Coporate for Funding or
      some of it if a Parntership was needed.
      Best to try and keep it local otherwise the International Corps will
      only bring in cheap labour, like they have in Christchurch,and rob us

      Solar energy technology has vastly improved since the solar power
      station that Spain has built.

      2. If that is not a flyer, a factory to manufacture cheap solar panels
      for every household in Northland,again subsidized,with the surplus
      sold to the rest of NZ.
      Real jobs again,this time your Iwi Corp could probably fund the lot!
      (instead of their nose in the trough of the current system,no trickle

      Repeat: the technology has become really cheap with Russia and China at the head of the pack.

      http://www.globalreseach.ca could be a starting point for our own.
      Just type in ‘solar energy’ on their website. Huge data base.

      You have to do this now for Winston’s campaign.A week at most.
      If you cannot do it, get on the telephone to people that can.

      Good luck.


    • agreed Kiwiburger …the Maori Party sold out Maori big time under Tariana Turia ..it kept John key Nactional afloat…GO Winston!….

  2. NZ First winning, would be the best outcome.
    Our current National dominated government is in need of stronger opposition to offset their business-bias focus.
    Winston, ‘Warden of the North’, is just the man for the job.

  3. All good replies here, we are a cohesive lot we hope the opposition is cottoning on.

    Winston is o doubt our saviour all right

    I see Act pitched in their 300 votes for National yesterday too.

    Go Winston may your wings be full of nasty NatZ hot air to lift you higher to win.

  4. Come on martyn respect for the people of Northland, your fellow Kiwis. To suggest that they are book burning sexist hill billies does you no credit as a commentator. The people of New Plymouth also voted in a National MP. How would you stereotype us?

  5. In light of recent threats/ bullying by john key – I think the answer to the question/ heading of this blog is yes! No one likes a bully.

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