Are our new Iraqi allies about to commit war crimes in Tikrit?



Now we are in a war that we weren’t going to be involved in before the election, we have a cavalcade of ‘allies’ whose human rights abuses help explain how ISIS were created in the first place.

Human Rights Watch have warned about Iraqi forces in Tikrit committing revenge attacks agains Sunni civilians, ironically it was these types of militia atrocities against Sunni that helped create ISIS.

This is the reality of the war Key has involved us in because we are part of the 5 Eyes Club, allies who commit atrocities that will contaminate the reputation and honour of the NZers who have been told to fight.


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    • IKE;

      Like your links. Have viewed most of Stormcloudsgathering video’s.
      They are short and concise.

      You are a wide awake citizen.

      For a more in depth analysis of the situation go to – on front page right now,in particular;

      ‘The relationship between Washington and ISIS:The Evidence.’march8-by Prof Tim Anderson.
      ‘The Ultimate War Crime:America’s “War on Terrorism”- march 8 by
      Prof Michel Chossudovsky. He is of english/russian extraction and
      lived in Canada for years.
      This is the text he presented in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia on march 9.
      Peace Convention.

      The real people behind all this is a Global Elite that works from
      above and behind all our governments. They control America.

      America is their Muscle.

      Their HQ is the ‘City of London’.

      They own the major Corporations with powerful lobby groups.
      (the Fortune 500)

      They own the major Media Corporations.

      They are known as “The Committee of 300” (Google the term)

      They sit above the Club of Rome and the Bilderburg Group (in that order) The later, the ‘action’ group where Presidents are decided
      ahead of time (then promoted with their ‘media machine’)and other
      leaders. (most probably where it was decided that John Key would
      leave his most lucrative job and come to NZ to be Prime Minister)

      CLEANGREEN posted the info that showed he was there in 2011/12.
      secretly.(same as Obama,that is against the law)
      He has/is putting in place their agenda.
      He thinks he’s part of the ‘club’,but they will cast him aside/sacrifice
      as soon as he’s reach his use by date.

      For the links about these people go to Martyns post of march 8th
      titled ‘So mass surveillance is happening…..’ and my reply to UNA WENDT.
      The last link (of 4) is a 1hr 40min presentation by Dr John Coleman
      who spent 20yrs in research of his book. You will not find this info
      in any mainstream media.
      Such as the Queen is not a Windsor but a Guelf, one of the most
      notorious families of the ‘Black Nobility’.

      In short,Royalty,Banksters,and the Vatican (ie the Holy See.) Even
      the Pope is a puppet.

      The ‘info-war’ is in progress. Happy Hunting.


    • If America planned and crushed wtc and killed 3000 of its civilian,its also can planned sectarians in Iraq and urge Syiah and sunnis to fight killed each others badly in order to protect Israel.America deserve to destroy both Sunnis and Syiah strength by shooting a bullet in Iraq and killed Saddam.Hence Syiah and sunni will fight each others that will involve Iran and sunnis countries.Kill two birds with a bullet.

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