In America cannabis is becoming regulated in NZ we are fear mongering drug driving



God isn’t it depressing? In America, the home of war on drugs fascism, the regulation of cannabis grows every day with revenue for the Government and none of the end of world myths anti-cannabis clowns claim will happen if cannabis is regulated and legalised…

Big investors back US cannabis industry

Silicon Valley has given its approval to America’s burgeoning legal cannabis industry after the investors who bankrolled Facebook gave millions of dollars to drug start-ups.

Supporters of cannabis legalisation called it a “Berlin Wall moment” and a “tipping point” as money was committed by Founders Fund, the venture capital firm started by Peter Thiel, who gave Mark Zuckerberg his first US$500,000 ($638,000). Thiel has invested in New Zealand tech firms including Xero.

…and where are we in NZ? We have money spent on drug driving advertising…

…drug driving is just more stoner madness hysteria. THC remains in the body long after impairment meaning the stats of people crashing with it in their systems proves nothing.

The issues with cannabis are that they might have a slight increase in mental issues for those who are susceptible but that will only occur if young people start smoking cannabis early. If it becomes regulated, you are able to close the tinny houses near schools.

How can we be so backwards when America is so far ahead? The revenue, the cut in policing costs, the racist application of the law against young brown NZers and the ability to regulate cannabis are all there for us to seize, yet the political stalemate means the issue never gets debated.

Christ this uptight country desperately needs a joint.

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  1. We won’t even allow growing of hemp which I understand is much more environmentally friendly. I heard a doco on National Radio last night on the Aral Sea (almost gone) which was caused by siphoning off the two main rivers to grow cotton. New Zealand is a conservative country driven by fear these days.

    • You are wrong about this, hemp is currently being grown in New Zealand, although surrounded by far too many regulations.

      • Indeed. I studied the NZ hemp industry for a university paper, and am also friends with some commercial hemp growers.

        The law was changed in 2006, a Green Party initiative, under a Labour govt, to make hemp growing legal in NZ, but it is way too heavily regulated. There is a $500 fee, and no hemp is allowed to be grown within sight of any major road, for the convenience of the police, to prevent them being flooded with false alarm calls.

        That needs to be revisited.

  2. One problem in NZ with this is that the police have far too much influence, and they have a HUGE ideological-psychological-emotional attachment to the continuation and intensification of the failed “war on drugs”.

    Any politician who is brave enough to tackle this issue will have to face down the police and their supporters, and explain why the police stance on this is a load of rubbish.

    • But then what would said cops do with all their time. . .Guess start pulling over more undesirables for ‘random checks’. . .

      And where would they get their pot :S

  3. I fully support decriminalisation of cannabis.

    That doesn’t alter my viewpoint that driving under the influence of cannabis can be dangerous. So I fully support the driving campaign as well.

    One star for your comparison.

  4. The police must be desperate nowadays, just last week my folks were stopped at a roadblock set-up specifically to check whether vehicles have a rego and warrant. Read the papers, police must be having trouble discovering any crops and are advising people to nark on suspected growers/dealers. Must be one of the dead end methods this government is hoping to achieve a surplus or something.

    Then there’s the prolific news coverage of those two train surfers, whose biggest crime is probably because they got a free ride in a greedy dysfunctional society. Cash, gas, grass or ass.

    Those adverts are an embarrassment, ludicrous sterotypes that makes for very dull stoner comedy. Might as well have just given the money to some creative pot aficionados to do something more original and liven up this characterless country.

    This place was once lauded as the social laboratory of the world, now fast becoming a conservative backwater social lavatory.

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