GUEST BLOG: Simon Buckingham – Democratic Process in Northland



Q. What does National, Act and New Zealand First all have in common?

A. They all believe in horse trading over democratic process.

Labour has stood a candidate in Northland. She is fiercely local, listens to people and has the best interests of the Northland people at heart. It is also worth noting that she is one of the most popular Candidates in the Auckland and Northland Region for that very reason. Out of all the Candidates during the General Election, she was one of the most attentive when it came to disability rights for example.

Many Parliamentary Candidates stand for their own personal careers. I truly believe, knowing her, that Willow-Jean has the people at the core of her motivation.

And we come to the loss of democracy. Many people are urging for a deal to keep National out. Let’s get this straight from the start. I am not right of the Labour Party. I dislike National a lot, and see the damage they are doing. However the people, whether rightly or wrongly, chose them, and we live in a democracy, thank goodness.

I do not like National because this Government is not at all above lying, arrogance, self-interest and corruption. We have seen that time and time again, and yet the people sadly continue to support these toe-rags. I cannot understand why, but that is their choice, as we are in a democracy.

It has been pointed out to me that ten years ago a former Prime Minister who has long since moved to better things with the UN urged people to tactically vote. However, Labour still stood a Candidate, and fought the electorate, though it was unwinnable. People had a choice. We did not remove democratic process.

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If we put democracy aside to reduce choice because we do not like the other Party we are no better than them, and do not deserve a democracy. On one hand we see demonstrations against TPPA because it takes our voice away, but on the other hand the same Party run by a cult figure wants to remove the freedom of choice for personal gains.

I am sickened by the removal of what we all hold dear in New Zealand. This to me holds the stench of corruption and self-interest, and I have never been more proud to be Labour. Seems like we may be the only ones who want to preserve democracy as opposed to following National Party dirty tactics and oiffsetting the voice of the people in favour of a preferred result.

I contend that this is New Zealand First’s version of underarm bowling, and I am sure it will backfire.


Simon Buckingham is New Zealand’s first diagnosed Autistic Spectrum lawyer. He is a social justice activist and passionate about politics.



  1. Nope….you cant swing that one round here like a cat by the tail ,- there just isn’t enough moral high ground for you to do it.

    And do you remember a bloke called Hone ?

    And do you remember another bloke called Kelvin Davis?

    And do you remember a seat called Te Tai Tokerau?

    I’m sure you do because he belonged to the same party you seem to be a supporter of.

    And do you remember what your party did?

    Sided up temporarily with your arch enemies , the National party as well as a lot of other petty goon outfits to unseat what YOU perceived as a threat to your self interests.

    That’s right….it was John XKEYscore that advised his National party types to vote for Labour’s Kelvin Davis.

    So instead of actually being able to have two ,three or more potential allies alongside , – you saw them as a threat and ignored the TTPA , the corruption , the mass surveillance …..

    And now this…John XKEYscores admission ( after it was dragged out of him ) that mass surveillance exists, and that we now have the same maggot unilaterally committing us to an overseas war , selling off state housing to private enterprise , being caught out spying for the NSA on our friendly Pacific Island neighbors…….

    Do you want me to stop ?…because the list is by no means exhaustive – you get the picture.

    There’s an old saying about ‘ people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones ‘ .

    Just think…if Davis hadn’t won…( but because of poor planning and ego’s he did )….

    We just might have stood a good chance of getting rid of the treasonous little maggot we now have as PM.

  2. Have you Simon really attended any Winston meetings before the election?

    You say he is a horse trader, we don’t hear that anywhere during his Napier and Gisborne one hour stand-up speaking engagements.

    Rather what we as swing voters of the centre left saw a man intent on us returning to our own roots of full employment and job programs for the starving regions as above.

    Winston did not align with any party or will not in any election he said then make tea cup deals so no non he is a principled man with a vision of returning us to a more fairer caring egalitarian era that national is piece by piece destroying as we speak.

    Get this right that Winston truly respect the older generations and we owe a debt to him for this as we know Key hates us 70 yr. olds and would rather we die quietly but until someone else comes along to also respect the old generation Winston will ride high on the moral plane of compassion that few others seem to care to belong to.

    New Zealand First was formed on 18 July 1993 to represent the views of all New Zealanders concerned about the country’s economic and social direction, the sale of public assets to foreign control, and the decline in employment and social services.
    The party represents tens of thousands of New Zealanders wanting progressive policies and common sense decision-making in the best interests of all New Zealanders, and has a proud record of achievement on a wide range of policy fronts.
    To put New Zealand and New Zealanders first through enlightened economic and social policies, by placing control of New Zealand’s resources in the hands of New Zealanders, and by restoring faith in the democratic process.

    Simon this doesn’t sound like horse trading to us.

  3. Hey Simon … have you noticed YOUR OWN LEADER (Andrew Little) appears to be down with strategic voting? Y’know, coz he told Labour voters to take the “realistic” option and vote Winston 😀

  4. If all parties were honest and put the public first that would be great ,but as we all know Key puts Obama and the money first.
    Last election Labour was influenced by Key to vote for the very people who lost the election because he couldn’t stand up to Keys critism and sneering.
    In todays political scene with people like Key in charge other parties must fight fire with fire,no room for political correctness Key did the very things that he critised Labour for, using tactical voting,Winston Peters is too smart for Key and can counteract any smartarse dealings Key comes up with.
    Yes Peters drifted to National in the past to be king maker,but now he will if he wins Northland seat he will be a force to be reckoned with no need to suck up to Key.
    Willow Jean Prime will have her chance next election, most likely with Key out of the equasion, and hopefully stronger and better party leading NZ

  5. ” … this is New Zealand First’s version of underarm bowling, and I am sure it will backfire.”

    Winston not being elected will prove freedom of choice has been taken away?
    Winston not being elected will prove democracy has been put aside?
    Willow-Jean not being elected would prove freedom of choice has been taken away?
    Willow-Jean not being elected would prove democracy has been put aside?
    Mark Osborne being successful means things have “backfired”?

    Or Osborne being voted in means that when the electoral heat went on more of the Northerners reverted to type (if I can say that) and voted as they usually have, his party organised themselves and got voters out, or the Key fear and other factors got him home?

    The worst result would be Mark Osborne sneaking in by a handful of votes with only something like 37% or 63% bothering to vote.

  6. Q. What does National, Act and New Zealand First all have in common?

    A. They all believe in doing what it takes to win.

    Q. What does Labour not have in common with every other party?

    A. Labour believes (despite all the evidence to the contrary), that they can get a majority to govern alone. Meantime rejecting all potential allies, come that fabled day.

    The trouble about this sectarian approach to other parties is that your party eventually ends up as a sect.

    • Q. What does National, Act and New Zealand First and Labour all have in common?

      A. They all support off shore oil and gas exploration and drilling in Northland’s waters.

    • “A. Labour believes (despite all the evidence to the contrary), that they can get a majority to govern alone. Meantime rejecting all potential allies, come that fabled day.”

      If Labour, the Greens and NZ First between them gain a majority in 2017; and Labour, assuming it is the largest of the three, elects to form a minority government and govern alone, will the Greens and/or NZ First get the pip and support National.

  7. Whoever wins Northland will very likely win with less than 50% of the vote. Mr Buckingham’s argument would carry more weight if a preferential system was being used. But in that case there would probably be no need for “horse trading”.

    Incidently, I’m not sure that either Winston or NZ1st can be accused of horse trading.

  8. I agree with the poster above about Hone and Mana.

    As an aside: Willow Jean sounds like a fine candidate, but the trouble is she doesn’t have a hope in hell in Northland. Would she be a better MP than the other ones? Yep. Possibly. Arguably. But she is NEVER going to win in Northland.

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