Extended Interview with Nicky Hager and more

EveningReport.nz episode 1: Extended interview with Nicky Hager on the Snowden Revelations.

EveningReport.nz episode 1: Extended interview with Nicky Hager on the Snowden Revelations.

AT 8pm TONIGHT EveningReport.nz goes live and it kicks off with an extended video interview with investigative journalist  Nicky Hager on the Snowden Revelations.

We invite you to participate and debate the issues raised in this interview, both on the EveningReport site and here at TheDailyBlog. Both Nicky and I trust and hope the discussion will empower debate among progressive independently minded people, in fact among all people, and on other mediums.

We thank you in advance for stopping by at EveningReport.nz.

BACKGROUNDER TO THE DEBATE: As you will all no doubt be aware, a team of investigative journalists began last week to reveal how the New Zealand Government has been spying on a massive scale on a host of Pacific nations.

The spying has been a part of the United States-led Five Eyes alliance that includes the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

ALSO on Evening Report:

Keith Locke writes: No Public Accountability for the GCSB.

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      “YOU SHOULDN’T WORRY IF YOU’VE GOT NOTHING TO HIDE” is one of the mantras trotted out when New Zealanders complain about the GCSB having access to their private communications.

Let’s turn that mantra around as ask those running the GCSB why the feel they have to hide from public everything they do. Is it because, as recent revelations show, the agency is more about serving the interests of the US government than that of New Zealanders?

There’s analysis by Dr Paul Buchanan on democratic intelligence oversight.

    REVELATIONS ABOUT MASS SURVEILLANCE gathering by the US and its primary allies serve the useful purpose of highlighting the need for, and proper role of, intelligence oversight in democracies. This essay provides a conceptual overview of some of the ideal types of democratic intelligence oversight.

Dr David Robie submits a column titled From a Coconet Spy Tempest to TPPA Secrecy.

    PACIFIC commentator Barbara Dreaver called last week’s spying on the Pacific neighbours controversy a storm in a teacup. Or perhaps something more of a coconet tempest.

Sumner Burstyn presents a robust argument taking on Victoria’s Secret with her column: on the Second Circle of Hell.

      In 2015 the wind is from a machine and the second circle of hell is Victoria’s Secret.

There, everything is come-on and insinuation, intimation and allusion. The walls are adorned with airbrushed images of innocence defiled. There are more angel wings than a junior school nativity play, the mannequins wear miniscule slashes of stretch lace and the entire store is drenched in enough lurid pink to make you hate the colour for life.

And I introduce Evening Report and why I believe it will be a welcome addition to the eMedia landscape with Analysis & Video Debate Backbone of Evening Report.

      I have launched EveningReport.nz tonight under a ‘Independent Interactive Debate’ brand.

And as you can see, EveningReport.nz launches with an extended one-on-one interview with investigative journalist Nicky Hager on the Snowden Revelations.

Here, you will find this e-media site as less tribal than a blog. Know, it is independent at its core. And, it is driven by public interest fourth estate journalism principles.

There’s considerable excitement and encouragement for this project. I invite TheDailyBlog audience to check it out, comment, interact and bring what you have found back to TheDailyBlog too.

Thanks in advance.



  1. Yes this is so nice to feel as we are all in the room and on such a personal laid back way, it is a good interaction.

    Nicky is so sharp and free flowing God effort long may this video conferencing live.

  2. The difference between Hager and Key is that one is genuine, honest and sharp and has nothing to sell. One is a liar and has lots to hide and much to sell. Hager is not trying to “snow” anyone and the other has turned many into sheeples who believe his every word. How Key still has the support of some New Zealanders just shows how many are still asleep and believe what the media affirms is all factual and truthful. Thanks Selwyn for great journalism on this website.

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