Gareth Hughes on leadership


Gareth Hughes for Green Party Co-Leader from Gareth Hughes on Vimeo.


  1. I think Hughes is the best of the three so far declared candidates for the coleader role. However, the audio synch/ mixing on parts of that vid was way off. The bits around parliament were fine, but when he was outside with family the looping was painfully obvious.

    It may seem a small detail, but it does speak to his ability to competently manage a team. Hopefully, this is a beta and he can tweak it a bit before doing a general release. Even a brief intro from the latter parts of the vid before going to the family shots would help.

    • Gareth,
      Don’t forget the importance of rail in your Climate change statement that you avoided in your video also, & remember us in Gisborne without rail now & truck gridlock.

  2. Quite uninspiring, but I’d probably still vote for him if I was in the party.

    I guess your not allowed to talk about policies once you get into parliament.

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