So mass surveillance is happening – sleepy hobbits get the Government they deserve



Remember this? Key 4 days before election: “…NZ has not gathered mass information and provided it to international agencies.”

Well, well well.

Turns out the Kim Dotcom, Snowden, Greenwald, Assange and the Moment of Truth was right, NZ is deeply involved in mass surveillance. I suspect the easily led sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind will attempt to ignore all of this staggering new evidence and shrug it off with the nonchalance of our Prime Minister.

“So what if we are a nark for America. So what if we have sold our national sovereignty off. So what if we are part of an intrusive stasi like surveillance state that directly breaches the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights – “No one shall be subject to arbitrary interference with their privacy”.

So what indeed. When even the former boss of the spy agency admits we are doing mass surveillance, the sleepy hobbits still believe the Prime Minister.

We have betrayed the egalitarian principles and values of independence that we have fought and died for. Sleepy Hobbits get the Government they deserve.


  1. Welll…we need a Gandalf and a Gimli and a Borimir and an Aragorn , dammit…and a Sam , Pippin and Frodo.

    The epitome of integrity all seven of them.

    We already have a Smeagle /Golem – John XKEYscore fills that role nicely – we have a Mordor ,…the all seeing five eyes network , ….a few willingly corrupted wizards in Joyce and English ,…..

    Hell !…we even have a whole army of unthinking , moronic Orcs , goblins and Uruk Hai , that all vote for the evil Mordor all seeing five eyes network and the disgusting , loathsome creature called Golem who represents everything corrupt and degenerate.

    All in all ..we just need the top 7 to turn up to show that good triumphs over evil any day.

  2. Hi Martyn,

    Sad but true,

    And fuelled by a gagged and neutralised MSM, who are busy just trumpeting the cause for legions of foreign takeovers of all our productive remaining assets like buzzards around a dying animal.

    This sale of our intelligence to the global elite will endanger our own commercial knowledge base as often called “commercially sensitive” information which will now be hovered up by business’s abroad to capitalise on now and undermine our economy.

    Bet Fuck John Key and all his Sleepy hobbits never thought of this further undermining of our future eh?

  3. The latest information on surveillance across the Pacific by the GCSB confirms what many had suspected. John Key’s reassurances that the GCSB does not conduct mass surveillance were lies, pure and simple.

    He promised to resign if the GCSB were shown to be conducting mass surveillance, this has now been shown, John Key should resign.

    He also said that the GCSB wouldn’t conduct surveillance on New Zealanders. Even the information to hand today shows that this has happened with the New Zealand citizens of the Cook Islands. Add to this any New Zealanders travelling in the Pacific on holiday or business who have made a phone call, sent an email or updated their profile pic on Facebook.

    I think with the evidence to hand that it has become clear that we have a liar for a Prime Minister, it should be impossible for those with the ability to think rationally to believe otherwise. I suspect that all that is needed to blow this issue wide-open is the release of information that shows that all New Zealanders, in New Zealand, are having their phone calls, texts, emails and other electronic communications hoovered up in similar fashion (i.e. the PRISM of the South Pacific / Verizon of New Zealand).

    The implications would be too hard to ignore. Obviously there would still be the, “nothing to hide, nothing to fear” brigade. To them I say, give me your medical records, give me your bank PIN, give me your saucy texts to your significant other. If you have nothing to hide, you won’t mind a complete stranger having access to this information and more.

  4. Another lie from John Key –

    “But there never has been any mass surveillance and New Zealand has not gathered mass information and provided it to international agencies.“

    Err … Kim Dotcom, NZ resident!!!!

  5. Hi Pacific people =) – please know that spying on our Pacific neighbours has never been the intention of NZ Kiwis – THIS IS OUR sell-out Prime Minister John Key … Kiwis only found out about this a few days ago, guys – sorry.

    Our Prime Minister John Key has no regard for public opinion, and he will decide on everything that he possibly can without consultation with the people of New Zealand.

    Yes, Key is a monumentally self-serving and indulgent NWO Globalist – and yes and as many around the World are beginning to learn, Globalist Oligarchs worldwide are traitors to the constitutional oaths they swore to uphold and protect -they care only for themselves and their own interests.

    Governments around the world have been taken over and hijacked by criminal psychopaths whose only loyalty is to the oligarchs that own and control them… The richest 1% on Earth now own near half the global wealth – call them Zionists if you wish, and they are psychopaths and they are Satanists. Sadly many of the World’s political and religious elite are Luciferian/Satanists now, so yes our governments really have been hijacked.

    Elites worldwide are violating their national Constitutions – they are traitors to the constitutional oaths which they swore to uphold and protect and are betraying the people they swore to serve. These individuals are violating Humanitys’ civil liberties – they’re creating false flags and wars, and are looking for every opportunity to toss our freedoms, rights, civil liberties and securities under the bus because they know that Humanity will oppose their Totalitarian agenda …

    Essentially WE ARE AT WAR WITH GLOBAL ELITISTS guys – and you know that this is true!! Globally Humanity are not quite there yet, but it’s coming and the Elite know it … This is how it’s going to be, and it’s going to keep on getting worse until Humanity wakes up and starts getting pissed off and motivated for a Revolution.

    This is what is happening in America, and AROUND THE WORLD, and the proliferation of regional trade agreements (TPP) are expediting this one world agenda all over the globe.

    Our government, i.e. globalist John Key actively avoids consultation yet he keeps telling us all that he is acting in New Zealand’s best interests while at every turn he undermines our economy, self-determination and sovereignty as a nation!!

    The loss of self-determination and sovereignty is not in our interests of course, and we know this now, but NZ weren’t aware that these matters were an issue until only recently. Like the rest of the World New Zealand are waking up and are getting informed … John Key rates himself far too highly -Kiwis will hit critical mass soon and shit will be about to get real.

    Pacific nations please – Kiwis encourage you to give John Key a HARD TIME – hold him and NZ’s National Party government accountable for this spying business. Kiwis were not aware our government conspiring with the U.S. and we do not agree with any of it. John Key is repulsive – he doesn’t represent NZ Kiwis, so call him to account and bring him to task on the matter.

    If we do not follow the dictates of our inner moral compass and stand up for all human and Earth life, then his lawlessness will threaten the peace and democracy of the emerging new world – this long dreamed-of vision we’ve all worked toward for so long.


  6. Great description Martyn. “A nark for America” Just like a prison nark NZ has the hard choice of going against the bad boys or standing on moral principals for what is right. The evidence of Washington’s duplicity with regard to ISIS is mounting. A British plane shot down by Iraq supplying ISIS. Israeli and American trainers captured by Iraq helping ISIS. The USA is in its death throes. They have debauched their currency through money printing and are desperate to inflame wars in Ukraine and Iraq/Syria to hide the parlous state of their economy. Why is Key siding with these warmongers? Because like a desperate little prison nark he wants the protection of the biggest bully in the prison yard. Remember the days when NZ stood up to the world powers and declared “No Nukes”. Look at what we have come to. A desperate snivelling little nark who will bend over forwards and be shafted to assist those who would foster violence the world over.

    • IKE;
      A wide awake citizen.

      re; “Washington’s duplicity with regard to ISIS is mounting”



      • IKE;

        Is someone (or agency) tampering with the links?

        Although it is still alive and well in Martyn’s article March 5th
        below – “So we spy on Pacific for America……” – click on Alex Jones YouTube channel and
        go back to Feb 18 2015. – Titled –
        “The Secret of Gov’t Sponsored Terror.”

        The first link to UNA WENDT (above,left out /02/ in Frank’s) along with yours should have worked.

        Also, the second link in Frank’s column (‘Nothing to Hide,eh?’ – March 8) got misdirected. Should have been Troll (Internet)
        under “Concern Troll.” – Wiki.

        My mistake,paranoid [don’t think so] or is my computer under


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