Nothing to hide, eh?





From a Fairfax report on the visit of world-renowned investigative journalist, Glenn Greenwald, on 13 September 2014, and Key’s abuse thrown at the man, there were 712 comments posted, before Fairfax closed posting.

A few of the comments were by John Key’s fanboys, like this muppet;




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Who noticed something laughable about Mark000007‘s post?

Check out his first two sentences,

“I really wouldn’t care if the government is ‘spying’ on me, I’ve got nothing to hide”

Nothing to hide, eh?


I wonder if that’s why he uses a pseudonym?





Fairfax media:  Key dismisses GCSB spying claims from Greenwald

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(First published on “Frankly Speaking” on 13 September 2014)



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  1. Bloody good call Frank,

    Frank said;

    “Who noticed something laughable about Mark000007‘s post?

    Check out his first two sentences,”

    000007 said quote;

    (“I really wouldn’t care if the government is ‘spying’ on me, I’ve got nothing to hide”)

    Nothing to hide, eh?

    I wonder if that’s why he uses a pseudonym?”

    I consider 000007 may possibly be either;
    Peter Dunne
    or John Key
    or Steven Joyce.

    As they are the architects of this new era Goebbels type of mass surveillance?

    As Goebbels did plan mass surveillance proceeding their plans for radical change of direction, (War) which may be unpopular to the mass population who would be affected by those “changes.” we the modern day 99% are also similarly affected by National/Act’s radical “changes” so the plot thickens here.

    Then these new architects of radical change would naturally levitate toward the use their excuse for acceptance of the mass surveillance by a minimal neutral decree of saying “I have nothing to hide”

    While 000007 holds him/her self up as a model of INTEGRITY he/she hides his/her name by a pseudonym, so YES THE BURNING QUESTION NOW IS what has he/she got to hide?

  2. It is clear to me, that someone is running a campaign to flood the blogs and even some websites like the Greens on SIS issues, with pro National government propaganda.

    When you click on the troll identity, they have a lovely wholesome picture of a person and a bit of info, but then nothing else. It is one thing to post anonymously, but another to actually pretend to be a real person, on mass. Also it might be coming from the US. It is relatively easy to just put together fake profiles and then be paid to post.

    Who is paying though? Note that sometimes there is some script that keeps the ‘pro National’ comment at the top of the comments the whole time.

    Anyway, my strategy is to reply when I see it, to disrupt the strategy by putting an alternative view in.

    The MSM just seem to take it at face value…. Oh so many people love brand Key and National. NOT! War on Iraq, all in favour, NOT!

    Someone with an IT background should look into it and see where some of these ‘comments’ originate from. They are particularly strong on pro US surveillance and the occupation of Iraq and the comments making sure to try to control the discourse on that positively.


      The UK’s GCHQ [= our GCSB] has recently employed an “army” of
      1500 to “attempt to control,infriltrate,manipulate and warp online

      As Greenwald’s article shows,this program has been received by the
      “Five Eye’s” alliance.

      America installed theirs in 2009.

      Didn’t Key recruit an extra 500 intel people recently?

      I think that we can take it for granted that this is happening on all
      our social media,especially the Daily Blog,as this is a reservoir of awake and critically thinking people. Especially of Key and Gvt.

      A world wide program.

      Then there is the Troll[internet] by Wiki’s definition,especially the
      “Concern Troll.”
      ‘Attempts to sway the groups actions and opinions while claiming to
      share their goals,but with professed concerns.’ [Even personal attacks.]
      Webster Tarpley might say, “acting under Left cover.”

      The goal is to sow fear,uncertainty and doubt within the group.
      Ridicule and Distraction another tool.

      It would not be surprising if Intel were using multiple pseudonym’s.

      Impressed at the number readers that are posting links to support
      their comments. It becomes not just opinion.

      Frank and readers; Keep up the good work.

      The ‘info-war’ is in progress.


  3. Good notes about anonymity. I will consider dropping it. Posting your name does leave you open to attack from people who’s concept of misbehaviour is more right-wing than your own.

    • With the behaviour of this government, you are roasted publicly if you disagree with them. If you have a job, who knows how much influence there is from Pro Nats everywhere.

      That is why I admire anyone who stands up to the government in their name like Eleanor Catton and others.

      A lot of people in the public eye hate the government but they are just careful of the repercussions of speaking out.

      Remember all the pychos like Slater and giving out names and addresses etc.

  4. Frank/Rumplestiltskin

    Pseudonyms are used to protect bloggers who may otherwise be subject to personal and physical abuse from nutters who disagree with them. I know. It happened to me during the same sex marriage debate. So get off your high horse and address why virtually every poster at the DB uses a pseudonym.

    • Nehemia/Intrinsicvalue, the reason I haven’t asked “why virtually every poster at the DB uses a pseudonym” is because they are not the ones justifying mass surveillance by parroting that they have “nothing to fear”.

      I trust that answers your question?

    • So you DO have something to hide…your afraid of being found out who you really are…YOU VALUE YOUR PRIVACY YET YOUR WILLING TO LET COMPLETE STRANGERS KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU !!


      In other words PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT TO YOU – all the other crap you’ve been spouting is just a load of old pathetic double speak .

      Lol you admitted as such.

      Perhaps it is time for you to quietly bow out while your ahead , Wall , – or whoever you are .


      • I’ll try to explain. I value my privacy, always have. I will not expose my family or myself from the sort of abuse I received for opposing the redefinition of marriage. But when it comes to my communications being scanned by a computer system for key words that may identify me as a terrorist, I couldn’t care less. There will be less planes flying into buildings, less nightclubs blown up, less chocolate shops raided…less Islamic nutters trying to usurp our freedoms. That’s a choice I can live with.

        • “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

          I think the author of that quote had you in mind, Nehemia/Intrinsicvalue.

          Funny that you decry the former Soviet Union for it’s mass surveillance, then advocate the same in our own country. Methinks you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.

          You really are a frightened little person, jumping at every shadow you see? It’s not “Islamic terrorists” you should be scared of – it’s what you’re willing to sacrifice for fear of the bogeyman.

          I really feel quite sorry for you.

        • You having a laugh?

          While those beady little eyes are staring at so-called Islamic nutters there are many other varieties of ardent believer out there making their hay while the spotlight is elsewhere.

          If all you have is a hammer – everything looks like a nail. And it’s that fixation that leads to problems.

          Try this one against your beliefs:

          • Yep, there are nutters in all walks of life. But it is the Islamic nutters who are doing by far the most damage. That’s why we need some semblance of security.

    • So it’s only “nutters who disagree” that you have to be careful about. Not the government.

      Because the government has all of our best interests at heart and would never use the information they gain from spying on us for political purposes, so it’s perfectly okay to be as critical of government as we like in public is it? We’re safe from any government, now and in the future, from misusing their power including police against us?

      Are you quite sure about that?

      If you are, then please could you tell me where you got your crystal ball from that allows you to see exactly what government we get in the future and how honest they are and how well they behave. I’d sure like a crystal ball.

  5. Well done yet again Frank. Concise and straight to the point.

    The Key cheer leaders are out there in their droves, polluting opinion pieces with their pathetic, puerile nonsense, in their vain effort of supporting and promoting dear leader. It’s a deliberate move to neutralize other perspectives. It’s coming from somewhere dark and nasty.

    Thank goodness the right wing BS msm puts out isn’t taken on board by most of us.

    Most of my opinions posted on msm sites are not published now, despite not making derogatory comments about the subject matter. Another point is anything open to public comment through msm re Key, is always closed off early!

    Now that could be because most of the comments posted are against Key and there’s also the possibility msm has been directed by someone high up in the pecking order to disallow too many anti Key/government opinions, for fear of swaying public opinion. Perhaps to prevent those who voted for the dark side, from seeing the truth exposed, being brought to the realization the filth and corruption their vote endorsed at the election!

    State mainstream media manipulation is thriving in NZ!

    • Mary,

      Excellent feedback you gave there, we need lots of this chat about their twisted corruption of todays media, are we back in 1930’s Chicago or Berlin?

  6. Yes exactly ,….WHY DID he use a pseudonym ?………

    It is actually quite laughable if it wasn’t so serious that so many of these right wing , – usually neo liberal leaning – numbskulls pipe up with the same old sucking up to pro John XKEYscore garbage.

    Now I wonder why those in the caring profession ie : teachers , child psychologists , …all state time after time about retaining a certain level of PRIVACY and to not give away vital personal pieces of information freely over the internet ?

    Usually its geared towards minimizing potential harm from predatory types or destructive flaming in social media.

    And those in the financial professions ie: bankers, general managers of trust funds , large corporate’s ALL use PASSWORDS, ENCRYPTION , and software programs designed to deny hackers from intellectual property theft.

    Surely these have EVERY REASON to value their corporate privacy.

    As do clients in legal cases requiring confidentiality between themselves and their lawyers – particularly if those records are stored electronically.

    You can start to see here the massive potential for political abuse , sexual abuse , industrial abuse (insider trading for a start ) intellectual property rights abuse…

    All because these NUMBNUTS cant string a logical conclusion together to form a realistic and likely outcome of the negative consequences of allowing this maggoty little impostor PM carry on with his ulterior motives of tying us in with the TTPA ( what John XKEYscore meant by ” we’re on the cusp of an exciting future !!! ”)….

    Most of these same DEADHEADS don’t even realize by being signatories to the TTPA that those USA corporate giants can TAKE THIS GOVT TO COURT if it suddenly becomes non compliant in either trade deals or attempts to exert its SOVERIEGNTY and right to negotiate something less than desirable to those giant American corporate’s.

    So….you now loose your ability to legislate and control information , your ability to protect your national industry’s (think dairy orchard produce , wine industry if the strain isn’t too much for you ) your ability to negotiate a fair trade for your produce ,……… short ?

    Yes that’s right , dunderheads, !!! – you’ve lost all rights to act as an independent SOVEREIGN NATION !!!!!!!!

    Let me make it plain and simple that even a braindead , disconnected zombie like you can understand :

    If privacy isn’t an issue to someone like you who likes to hide behind the ‘ if you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve nothing to fear ‘ sanctimony….

    Lets just see you disclose ALL things on the internet ,….go on ,…have a ball …get rid of that password, that firewall , make it go viral ….

    How about that prostitute you visited the other night ? Wonder what your wife will think?…While your at it…why not post online what you really think about your boss?

    Hey ! Why stop there?…why not disclose all those tax returns? and how much you REALLY earn compared to your minimum wage employee……

    Then there’s your alcohol preferences….wow !…you really drink that much?
    And you lectured your teenagers about good drinking habits and moderation the other night?

    Why not post about how you dislike certain ethnic groups as well?…after you’ve come back from that church meeting on funding for missionaries overseas ?

    GO ON ! knock yourself out with it !!!!…You said you don’t care about privacy – have a ball !!!


    Penny starting to drop now?

    YOU BASTARD !!! You irresponsible LOW LIFE HYPOCRITE !!!!

    And YOU would set future generations of children up for this sort of invasive servitude ALL BECAUSE YOU WERE TOO GODDAMNED LAZY TO GET OFF YOUR FAT ARSE AND ENGAGE YOUR MINUSCULE , MICROSCOPIC AND LOBOTOMIZED BRAINS.

    • Good grief, I’m not sure who that diatribe was aimed at, but for the record, surveillance has been going on for, well for a very long time. In the soviet union peoples private mail was read, and actually by human beings, not computer programs. The same happened in virtually all socialist regimes, until of course their stupid economic ideology caused them to collapse.

      Look, I’ll try to make this simple. The greatest threat we face is islamic terrorism. Not having computer systems scan mountains of communication to find out which one of us is engaged in it.

      • So Nehemia/Intrinsicvalue, let’s see if I have this right… mass surveillance in the former USSR and Eastern European states = bad.

        Mass surveillance in New Zealand = good.

        Were you as frightened of the French after the Rainbow Warrior bombing? Because to date, the score is, French terrorists: 1, Islamic terrorists: nil.

        I think your fear is making you quite irrational.

        • actually its – french terrorist – 1, home grown terrorist – 1, islamic terrorist – 0

          (wanganui computer bombing – maybe not really terrorism and maybe more a dramatic suicide – but who can tell)

        • Mass surveillance anywhere is bad. We don’t have mass surveillance, we have computer programs scanning communications for key words. That has been the case for many, many years, including under your precious Labour Govt. And yes, you know that.

            • Yep. I don’t care if Computers scan my communications. I would care if I had lived in the SU and some bureacrat had.

              • So… if a Labour-led government is elected in 2017, you won’t be concerned if the GCSB monitors your communications, considering you are a right-wing fruitcake of the first magnitude?

                So you don’t care if “Computers scan my communications. I would care if I had lived in the SU and some bureacrat had?”

                Jeez, Nehemia/Intrinsicvalue, just when I thought you couldn’t demonstrate your naiveté any more clearly…

                (By the way, if you’re so unconcerned, why don’t you use your real name online?) Why do you value your privacy so much?

                • “if a Labour-led government is elected in 2017, you won’t be concerned if the GCSB monitors your communications”

                  Nope. They did it under the Clark Govt, so what’s the difference?

                  “So you don’t care if “Computers scan my communications. I would care if I had lived in the SU and some bureacrat had?””

                  Do you really not understand the difference? Between a computer program and snivelling bureacrat?

                  “(By the way, if you’re so unconcerned, why don’t you use your real name online?) Why do you value your privacy so much?”

                  I’ve explained that previously. I have been personally attacked for views I communicated during the same sex marriage debate. I’m not putting my family through that again.

              • Nehemia (or intrinsicvalue or whatever you call yourself), your paranoia is getting the better of you. You seem comfortable with the idea of living in a police/surveillance state and then rail against the former USSR, or Nth Korea.

                Then you utterly seem to miss the irony of your beliefs.

                I hope you lock all your windows and doors and have security systems in place 24/7. You could get burgled at any time. There are far more burglaries in NZ than attacks by your “islamic terrorist” phantoms.

                You really are paranoid.

                • Paranoia, moi? I’m the one arguing the GCSB need to conduct surveillance! As to Islamic terrorism, how far away is the Sydney chocolate shop?

      • but for the record, surveillance has been going on for, well for a very long time

        So, Nehemia/Intrinsicvalue – if “surveillance has been going on for, well for a very long time”, it’s been remarkably unsuccessful stopping terrorists, hasn’t it?

        Perhaps that is because mass surveillance is not just focused on so-called “Islamic terrorists” but on China, commercial espionage, illegal downloads/copyright infringement; and other “enemies” of the United States and corporations.

        Tagging it with the terrorist label simply sucks in gullible fools like you, who fear a red/terrorist, behind every door.

        Ironic isn’t it, that if the United States hadn’t invaded Iraq, you and I would not be having to now give up our privacy because of the rise of Al Qaeda, ISIS, etc. Have you thought of that?

        Have you thought of US interference in the Middle East and support for Israel at the expense of Palestinians as, perhaps, being the cause why so many hold a deep hatred for Americans?

        I guess not.

        That would take some serious, deep thinking.

        But you’re too busy living in fear.

        • You are very naieve Frank. Islamic peoples have been invading other countries for 1400 years. This isn’t some modern reaction to the US. And please show some honesty. Surveillance and mass surveillance are two different things, and you know it.

            • You blame the US for the problems in the middle east. I don’t. It simply is incredibly naieve to do so. And oh so convenient for the left to overlook Islamic aggression over the centuries.

              • Do you need reminding, Nehemia/Intrinsicvalue, that the USA invaded Iraq under false pretences – the non-existence of WMDs.

                Do you need reminding that the US has overthrown governments and supported military dictatorships in places like Iran and Egypt?

                Do you need reminding that it was the US that supported Israel becoming a nuclear-armed state – whilst acting belligerently to Iran for, ostensibly, wanting the same thing?

                Do you need reminding that the US has supported Israeli aggression against Palestinians, turning Gaza into a vast open-air prison and allowing illegal settlements on the West Bank?

                And you look at “Islamic aggression over the centuries”?!

                I notice you ignored my remark about European colonial powers and their aggression around the planet over the centuries.

                Your ignorance is troubling. Did you really learn nothing at school?

                • Do you need reminding that Israeli aggression against Palestinians is only the result of attacks on Israel, a sovereign nation state?

                  Do you need reminding of the invasion of Europe by Muslims and the eventual destruction of the Sassanid and Byzantine Empires?

                  Do you need reminding of Muslim conquests of Persia, Mesopotamia, Transoxiana, Sindh, Hispania, the Caucasus, Nubia, Anatolia. All in the name of a paedophile madman?

                  Do you need reminding of the Islamic terrorist attacks that took place before the War on Terror? Or of the dozens since, many against countries other than the US?


                  Islam…making a difference around the world, one body at a time.

      • I’m amazed that you just publicly linked the previous Soviet Union with New Zealand, and noticed that they have something in common; mass state surveillance.

        And you seem to be just totes okay with that.

        Absolutely amazing.

        You do realise that historical examples, of which the Soviet Union is a massive one, show that allowing governments the power to conduct mass surveillance on citizens does not end well????

        You’ve correctly identified a common feature to totalitarian dictatorships. And you’re fine with living in one apparently. Ugh.

        • [Final warning Nehemia. Any further referencing to those individuals as “criminals” will earn you a week’s suspension. – ScarletMod]

      • “Look, I’ll try to make this simple. I’ve been brainwashed to believe the greatest threat we face is islamic terrorism”


  7. Be fair Frank, the anonymous one might have the inside info. He/she may be in the trade, rank depending on how you do the maths. First 007, now we have 000007. Does that mean the person is 1000 x James B?

    • Pete,

      Then they could be using 007 ect’ as a diversion to make you think that there is a network of insiders whistle blowing eh?

      To risky each way, so best err on the side of caution as Key has caused this climate of fear as planned is working to shut those up who are under fear of Government repercussions.

      What we need to do is focus on getting rid of the cancerous planet Key not living in 1930’s Berlin widespread fear amongst the people .

      • I hope I’ve got the time to help get rid of him. I can see I’m going to need to spend a great deal of time on a major activity – getting rid of all the reds and assorted others from under our beds.

  8. Glenn Greenwald is a highly respected world renowned journalist, honest and with integrity. He laughs, as we all did, at John Keys trying to discredit him. This only showed the ignorance of our PM Key.
    Clearly he and Assange and Kim Dotcom and Laila Harre were right all along and we knew it. What a great night that was. Great production.
    Then John Key shows his lack of integrity by bad mouthing these fine folks and what they tried to expose and share with the NZ public just before the election. He tried to discredit people who are so SOOO far above him in so many ways when it comes to honest values and integrity and telling the truth.
    Scared little defensive boy and bet he can’t wait to retire back to Hawaii.
    The sooner the better !

    • [Rein it in Nehemia. Your comment about Kim Dotcom is defamatory, and your comment about Laila Harre is offensive. Any repeat of that will earn you a week on the naughty mat! – ScarletMod]

      • Hi Scarletmod,
        It may be my imagination but since Nehemia Wall was given a week off Gosman has popped up in place.

        Maybe another of the same person?

  9. Anonymity on the internet is a thing of the past. I use a pseudonym for posting my political views. The thing I have to hide is my identity from those like the GCSB who, as has been outlined again this week, are monitoring electronic communications en masse.

    I’m not so naive as to think that merely changing the name I post under will prevent my identification, but it is the least I can do, by way of personal protest, to make their efforts to surveill New Zealanders that little bit harder.

    There have been moves by the likes of Facebook and more recently Chinese ISP’s and social media sites to ban the use of pseudonyms. In the case of China these moves are designed to repress political expression at odds with the Government. I see little reason to believe that Facebook’s moves aren’t similarly motivated.

    So, I do have something to hide, because I have something to fear, reprisals from a government that has become increasingly arrogant, and despite the enormous weight of evidence still only answers allegations of mass surveillance with, “Nothing to see here, move along.”

    • I don’t use my name when commenting to avoid any repercussions in my professional life and also to avoid the slim chance that some weirdo might want to continue a heated online discussion in person. I am under no illusions that it would make it harder for the GCSB. Their tentacles reach everywhere in the digital world. I doubt that there are many paid RWNJs. I comment a bit at Homepaddock, a blog run by National’s Otago Southland chairwoman, I reckon those I come up against there are mostly just rightwingers who like a rant or an argument, in the same way a lot of us lefties do. One or 2 seem close to the Slater crowd though, such as JC, who also turns up on Dimpost. But I think they are just hobbyists who are keeping busy in retirement and promoting their party line, probably more trustworthy for the party than a paid troll.

  10. The “Nothing to Hide” argument is the biggest bunch of shit I have ever heard. EVERYONE has something to hide, if and when whatever they say or have EVER said (which is what we really need to be concerned about here) might be construed by the current or FUTURE government (or corporations these days, since they’re one and the same thing) as a potential problem for them. The damning thing is that we have LITERALLY in the last few generations had the Jews in Hitler Germany irrefutably proving the point. Jews surely also had “nothing to hide”… I mean, what’s wrong with simply being a Jew, right? Oh wait. Never happen here, right? I’m sure that thinking was pretty cold comfort in Auschwitz and Dachau.
    1984 (because that is where we’re clearly heading) really should be mandatory reading for EVERYONE (i.e. part of the school curriculum). Then maybe, just maybe, people will wake the fuck up.

  11. Real name.

    As I believe in free speech I will fiercely exercise my right to use it, otherwise, we have already lost the freedoms that others have fought and died for.

    Your mileage may vary.

  12. As a point of clarification, my blogpost was not meant to be taken as a blanket condemnation of the use of pseudonyms in on-line fora.

    Rather, it is pointing out the inconsistancies of (predominantly) right-wing supporters of this government who, whilst parroting the “nothing to hide, nothing to fear” mantra when it comes to State surveillance – nevertheless use pseudonyms to make those on-line comments.

    The contradiction is glaring.

  13. I stand by everything I post on the internet.

    There are only six males with my surname in New Zealand, it’s easy to find me, and i’m not scared of these bitch ass fascists.

  14. “scared of these bitch ass fascists.” Not yet.

    Should you ever appear in their sights as a pest of some importance I hope your patience and resilience are immense and your pockets are limitless because they and theirs can pursue you and yours; to ruin your employment chances and records, destroy your reputation and continue their effortless vendetta beyond your grave.

    Like this:

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