The hypocrisy of Key on freedom of speech


When it was cartoonists shot in Paris, John Key couldn’t wave the freedom of speech flag high enough could he folks?

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But now it’s Nicky Hager and Key has once again attacked Hager rather than the substance of what Hager is revealing.

Today Key went on the attack, giving “very strong advice” for New Zealanders not to believe Hager, whose Dirty Politics book was a major theme of the September election.

That book alleged that National used a strategy of making Key the friendly face of the government while using right-wing blogs, most notably Whale Oil, to attack opponents. It was based on correspondence hacked from Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater’s computers.

Key claimed the material in Dirty Politics was wrong, and the same would be the case this time.

“Last time he came out with all this stuff, he was categorically wrong, he’ll be wrong this time as well, because information changes, we review things all the time, different actions are taken,” Key said this afternoon.

Slagging off Hager whose revelations in Dirty Politics have shown the PM’s Office working with the SIS to smear the Leader of the Opposition while senior MPs were feeding a far right hate speech blog to attack public servants and hatching manufactured hits have all been proven to be true.

Key is hoping that the sleepy hobbits are too busy with the Cricket World Cup to give a damn, and he’s probably right. If they rallied to his corruption and abuse of power during an election, they won’t give a toss when the Black Caps are playing.

Key has threatened and attacked journalists in this country so that he can get away with anything he likes. It’s a list that just gets longer and longer.

John Key’s crimes against Journalism

  • Killing off Public Broadcasting TV by shutting down TVNZ7 and having Minister’s lie about how many people watched the station.
  • Raiding newspapers and broadcasters to stop them publishing the tea pot tapes.
  • Defaming investigative journalist Jon Stephenson who questioned if NZs SAS had committed war crimes in Afghanistan by handing civilians over to known torture units.
  • Defaming investigative Journalist Nicky Hager by calling him a communist conspiracy theorist when Hager opened up the Dirty Politics black ops team working within Key’s office.
  • Calling award winning Journalist Glenn Greenwald and whistle blowers Julian Assange and Edward Snowden ‘Henchmen’ when they revealed the truth of Key’s mass surveillance plans.
  • Having all of Andrea Vance’s emails and phone records taken.
  • Using far right hate speech merchant and Fascist Cameron Slater to smear public servants the Government didn’t like.
  • Falsifying SIS information and working with the state spy service to smear Phil Goff in the media months before the 2011 election.


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  1. Go Martyn!! Your material has to goes far and wide in NZ I hope. Key is a liar, two-faced and corrupt.

    • 1000% Martyn,

      Key is a compulsive liar and a hired gun no doubt at all.

      Remember how National used to place the “average bloke” or working family as the nexus of their support for kiwis, most notably expounded during the Muldoon years?

      Now it’s “Aspiration, or security” but never mentioning about the 90% of us as regular folks, so Key has never been supportive of the masses, only the rich & privileged.

      A revolution will come when the third stagnation depression hits the globe after the printed money tree runs out.

      There is talk it will dwarf the 1929, and 2007 events and be catastrophic in proportion.

      We are ready to respond so be prepared to see all the rich either melt away to some retreat or vanish as the day of reckoning arrives.

      We all know it will come, but the rich will plunder all they can before then sadly.

  2. Typical of Key. Nothing other than a liar, a hypocrite and an Obama puppet, just so Key can make himself wealthy at the expense of selling out any country he can. That’s his admission fee for that club he’s in.
    Key has to be stopped. He’s a liability to this country and its people. Kick him out.

  3. Martyn’s final paragraph headed “John Key’s crimes against Journalism”, is enough material on its own to initiate an independent investigation into the suspect and treasonous activities of Key and his government, against the people.

    Either that, or a revolution!

  4. “Last time he came out with all this stuff, he was categorically wrong, he’ll be wrong this time as well, because information changes, we review things all the time, different actions are taken,” Key said this afternoon’.

    What a job the PM has,not just any old lie will do, it has to be the sort that doesn’t tell the truth by accident…

    “,,,he’ll be wrong this time as well, because information changes….

    Meaning, if the information did not change, Hager would have been right.

    “The GCSB sent a dump of data to the NSA yesterday, but Hager didn’t specify yesterday, he implied it was all the time, and a dump hasn’t been sent today yet, so he’s all wrong, because it changed.”

    “He’ll be wrong this time as well…”

    No, Mr Key doesn’t know that. Hager might guess right,even based on pure luck. All Mr Key actually knows is that whatever Mr Hager’s guess is, Key will call it wrong.

    Which is code for ‘I will not promise to lie all the time, but only when someone akshully guesses the truth.’

    “… different actions are taken…”

    Sometimes he lies, sometimes he doesn’t. We just can’t trust him to be consistent with it.

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