So we spy on the Pacific for America?



Key has lied – we aren’t spying on security threats we are spying in the Pacific for American interests.

Now it’s been proven by Hager & Snowden that we are a Stasi stooge for the States, Key’s new flag should be a star spangled silver fern CCTV camera.

I pledge allegiance to my brand new Prime Minister designed Flag and the Milk Powder Republic for which it pollutes rivers and sells publicly owned assets to subsidise unsustainable irrigation for.

One nation under GCSB, indivisible, with selfishness and property speculation for some.

In John we trust. 

NZers have been conned, this Government is mass spying across the Pacific for American interests while dressing it up as combating terror threats against NZ.

Our spy agencies don’t answer to Wellington, they answer to Washington.


  1. NZ, the US/Israeli Pacific police force!

    Perhaps now is the right time to begin joining the dots to get the full picture of John Key.

    A good place to start would be to find out when he first became a member of the National Party. He seemed to appear out of the blue, to rise up to the position of leader!

    Because I’m convinced there is enough evidence to suggest Key is definitely a US plant put where he is to not only betray his own country NZ, but also, judging by the latest spy information, the Pacific islands as well, to feed the greedy, unscrupulous US spy machine!

    I’m an old cynic I know, but since these latest spy revelations via Snowden through Nicky Hager have come to light, I’m beginning to wonder now if the 2008 election was deliberately rigged and others since, to allow Key to carry out his US/Israeli driven tasks!

    NZ is in a very dark ominous place at the moment!

    • I totally agree with you Mary. I remember John Key said he would resign if NZ was found to be mass spying. Fingers crossed!

    • 1000% Mary and Martyn,

      Key said on today’s news that he sleeps easily now after saying;

      “Nicky Hagar has been wrong before and is now!!!”

      Key is a hired gun, a lair, carpetbagger and a Judas priest

  2. ” Our spy agencies don’t answer to Wellington, they answer to Washington. ”

    Yep . ‘fraid so . And Washington answers to whom one might ask ….

    Big fleas have little fleas,
    Upon their backs to bite ’em,
    And little fleas have lesser fleas,
    and so, ad infinitum.

    And the great fleas, themselves, in turn
    Have greater fleas to go on;
    While these again have greater still,
    And greater still, and so on.

    Benjamin Netanyahu was where ? Saying what to whom and why again ???

    • Hi Chooky, Long time no see.

      Yes funny things happen over at TS.

      I was banned two weeks before the election on The standard for some mystery reason and asked why but was never responded to.

      I only visit TB once a month now, and happily vent my stuff in Martyn’s camp, and feel much more at home here, but always followed both TDB and TS from July 2014 before then.

      • yes i missed you on The Standard…you should come over more often…I wasn’t sure why you got banned either…you always made a lot of sense to me…

  3. This cannot surprise anybody, to be honest, from the day the New Zealand troop seizes Samoa from the Germans (who had a crucial shortwave transmitter station in Apia), there has been total surveillance and spying on our “Pacific brothers and sisters” all along. NEVER have New Zealand governments fully trusted the Pasifika people, they do not to this day, and hence this is what goes on, I am NOT surprised.

    What does surprise me though is the reach into French New Caledonia and French Polynesia, this is spying on foreign, supposed “friendly” territory, of an allied nation. It seems they got consent to do so, otherwise the French would have protested long ago.

    As for the consequences, Fiji will now most certainly steer a more “independent” course, and some others may follow, feeling “a bit betrayed” here. Can you blame them? But do not think for one moment, the Chinese, the French and others are also spying on the same island nations and individuals visiting there. They are!

    Some info gathering may be justified, given incidents of drug trafficking through the islands, but that does not justify full blown blanket meta data gathering, does it?

    New Zealand is as part of the Five Eyes a loyal servant to the biggest member of that “club”, and make no doubt about it, the US is the dominant force, and the UK the next lackey in the club, and Australia, under flatlining brain PM Abbott the third most loyal. Welcome to the “club”, that is if you have not noticed you are part of it, willingly or not.

    Now dear citizens, what are you going to do about it, I ask? Where is the civilian courage and integrity, to stand up for rights and principles? Or has that just been sold with the swipe card at the shop at the mall? Swipe, wipe, no conscience, could not be bothered, I just care about MYSELF and nothing else, is that what NZers want to identify with?

    What should get some bothered now is the fact, that ALL meta data is gathered, also holiday communications via email and phones by New Zealanders holidaying there, and instagram pictures. But we love to “share”, do we not, we “caring” lot?

  4. All good Scarlettmod. Wasn’t actually being anti semitic just being sarcastic to Country boys delusions of conspiracy. If he mentions the Israeli PM I should be able to ask if he suspects an Israeli/jewish element in the secret world government he is alluding too. And I thought it was established that John Key is an alien lizard

  5. The Herald is getting cold feet after it’s brief foray into journalism today.
    It has closed down the comments ‘ below David Fisher’s article after an almost unanimous set of comments derided and denigrated Key and his toadying to the US.
    ‘This debate is closed’ it says.
    So democratic from the corporate media. Can’t have those pesky citizens actually question our idol.
    Maybe Messrs Roughan got a phone call telling them to rein it in.

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