Poll shows Winston winning Northland



The significance of this TV3 poll is that even if you take the landline bias into account, Winston is thrashing the National Party nobody.

The anger of not being told about Sabin’s ‘personal issues’ will erupt when people find out what those ‘personal issues’ are. Watch Winston use Parliamentary privilege to get that information out before the election.

Labour look woeful in this poll and Little’s clumsy handling of Winston’s candidacy by bringing Winston’s age into question suggests their 40% strategy is dependent on Winston dying before 2017.

Northland is a conservative electorate who will flock to Winston’s brand of garden variety bigotry, add in the Sabin revelations and it looks like Key’s ability to ram through legislation may well be about to expire.

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These kinds of polls create a momentum of their own in a by-election and at this stage it looks like National and Labour are wasting their money.


  1. Well i hope Winnie wins…he would be perfect for Northland..he has been very good in Oppositon , unlike Labour, so he deserves to win imo…(as would the Greens and Mana if they were to stand candidates…but luckily they are playing the best game for the Left and are Not)

    …and I would also like to see Nactional and Little Labour put down

  2. I am NOT surprised, as the North has been neglected too long, and has been taken for granted by the National Party for endless years. The voters may not in their majority feel “left”, and they are generally more conservative and cautious types, but they seem to have had enough of the patronising that comes from the Beehive and John Key’s Office.

    Prepare for a clear win by Winston, I’d say.

    As soon as I heard that he was going to campaign there, I knew, this was going to be a serious step, and he does not do a thing like that with half the effort, he will get his campaign bus into every little town and settlement, and talk to the people face to face.

    When did Mike Sabin do that to such a level?

    Mike Sabin, I remember him well talking tough on the Social Security Select Committee, to bring in “social obligations” for beneficiary parents, he has not kept up his promises, and he has used his seat as a convenient self serving approval seat, to simply back the social hard liners in his party, to make life even more miserable for the poor and weakest.

    I have little sympathy for that man!

    He has NOT done much at all for Northland!

    Go Winnie Go!

  3. There may very well be a local backlash against the Sabin-Con that the Nats played on the voters of Northland …….

    Local news tends to get around in rural areas ……..

    I do not know what John Key was thinking in appointing Sabin to head the Justice and Law committee and then keeping him there ………….

    Buts Keys choices and methods of government seem very dangerous and nasty.

    • Well, Reason, John Key says he will build lots of lovely bridges in Northland,hes got 19 days before he can lie again and say their is no money in budge,
      If National wins he wont need to honor the promise,. if he loses he will be so brassed off he wont give Northland anything.
      His promise is just a bribe because he knows he might lose a seat . John Key has never promised anything before for Northland.

      His arrogance in saying he wont take notice of the protests against TPP,he will listen to the silent majority, by that he means his backers and some people who will still vote for him.
      Key is supposed to be there for all the people, he has no intention of dropping the TPP ,he cant his backers wont let him ,there is absolutely no doubt he is Americas tool,
      and NZs Judas.
      Reason says Keys methods are dangerous and nasty, very true.

  4. Heeheehee,,,now…I’m still annoyed that Winston joined in to hamstring Hone , that gutted me and disappointed ….but …you got to hand it to that cunning , intelligent silver fox , – he just gets BETTER with age…not worse !!!

    And one other thing – maybe it was youthful perception…but I remember as a young person I expected to see some grey haired men and women in our parliament.

    That was parliament , measured , considered types that were the post war generation. They had lived through the great depression , World War two and Korea…and generally , were pragmatic.

    And then we had that yuppie bunch of arrogant neo liberal pricks come in with Lange …

    And it wasn’t so much their youth , – but their haughty , arrogant ambitious and condescending manner in pushing through their elitist neo liberalism that turned my gut.

    I say we need a few more grey haired , old school types with lived in faces who remember NZ before all this greedy neo liberal charade was imported from Thatcher and Reagun and the Mont Pelerin Society.

    Go Winnie !!

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