Kelvin Davis asks Laila for donation


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Dear Laila,

There are now just a few weeks until the by-election in Northland. Our candidate Willow-Jean Prime is hardworking, honest and local.

She’d be a great MP for Northland, and would offer a stark contrast to the neglect the area has suffered under National. I know Willow-Jean, and the more people she meets, the better her chances are of winning on March 28.

The trouble is, Northland’s a large, rural electorate, so it’s going to be hard for Willow-Jean to get out and meet everyone in the area before polling day.

But we have a plan. We’ve designed a leaflet outlining who Willow-Jean is, and what her plans for Northland are.

We’d like to deliver one to every household in Northland – that’s around 20,000 houses.

Our team of volunteers can get out and deliver the leaflets to about half of those houses. But because Northland is such a large electorate, some areas are too remote for our volunteers to get to. So to get leaflets to those houses we’ll have to use NZ Post – and that costs money.

Each leaflet will cost about $1 to send – the price of the stamp, envelope and printing the leaflet. And thanks to donations from people like you, we can already send about 3,000 of these letters.

But to make sure everyone in Northland knows they have a real choice this election, we need to raise thousands more.

Will you chip in and sponsor leaflets to deliver to households in Northland?

Chip in $10 to sponsor 10 households’ leaflets

Chip in $25 to sponsor 25 households’ leaflets

Chip in $50 to sponsor 50 households’ leaflets

Chip in $100 to sponsor 100 households’ leaflets

Chip in another amount

It’s going to be hard to win in Northland. National had a large majority in the last election, and the seat’s been held by them for decades. But together, we can make sure Northlanders know they have a choice on March 28 when they head to the ballot box.

Thank you,

Kelvin Davis
MP for Te Tai Tokerau


Maybe Kelvin could ask Cameron Slater and David Farrar for a donation seeing as they donated to him last election?

It just seems churlish to ask Laila for money when Kelvin worked with Key, Winston Peters, Maori Party, John Key, Cameron Slater and David Farrar to deny her entry into Parliament.

Labour’s email list should probably get updated.



  1. churlish or pig ignorant ( sorry pigs) ?…or …hide of a rhinoceros?…or hoping like hell to curry favour with the REAL LEFT….Mana and Greens …and hoping to use Laila’s name as a publicity endorsement?

  2. Get f****d Kelvin Davis, you belong to the blue reds, that is my impression. This is simply a stuff up, I am sure, but Laila has every right to respond and ridicule Kelvin and Labour.

    They clearly have not “sorted” their database, no surprise to me.

    What a desperate effort, now, why did Kelvin do what he did to Hone? He does not condone progressive, truly progressive policies, that seems to be the truth, he rather goes with the mainstream and whatever trend they follow.

    I am afraid, this is a total waste of money and effort, leave it to Winston now, he has got himself and NZ First well prepared, while Labour are desperately trying to find direction, and have not delivered yet, on future policy priorities and the likes.

    And sorry also, Chris Trotter, your sudden fan post for Labour does not convince me, next week you may put the boot into them, as we have seen too often, with some of your posts.

    But then, you have a right to opinion and expression.

  3. i think if Laila was sincere about wanting to limit john Keys power she would stick her hand in to her pocket and give. The fact that she remained on the Labour email list means that she did not remove herself and bet you anything that Everyone else you mentioned is on the email list as well so that they all get to know what’s happening

    • A person wanting to help limit FJK’s powers would be better to donate to Winston First. Besides the fact that Labour can’t win Northland, they have supported FJK’s power where it really matters – voting for increased spy powers and keeping Metiria off the intelligence committee. It should be “Want to help FJK attack us more? Donate to Labour.”

  4. Just another example of the mess the left are in. Totally lacking in any sort of cohesion or direction. Always short of money and like the polls show shuffling numbers amongst themselves. What is required is a combined effort to become the Government. At the moment the polls are showing the usual trend of Labour increasing their popularity at the expense of other like minded parties. This will not win the Treasuary benches at any election. The left need to get their act together!

    • You mean Labour has got to get its act together…otherwise a new Left cooperative alliance should be formed with the Greens and Mana…and possibly NZF….Labour’s vote is soft…so half of them would probably join this as well ….leaving the rest for Nactional

  5. I know, what idiots. Please Labour get some credibility!!! Firstly most Labour supporters are divided about running Kelvin Davis, so to put his name to a truly awful plug for money in an electorate where anyone who supports Labour should really vote for Winston Peters.

    A vote for Labour is a vote for National (just like a vote for Kelvin Davis).

    For all those die hard Labourites that pooh poohed Winston having a chance, latest poll has Winston in front.

    God, even non political people from the side lines can work it out, I just hope Labour see some sense in not supporting National and being NationalLite by not plugging 3rd place Willow-Jean who does not have a chance of winning.

    Labour do the right thing for the country – pull her out or tell Northland to support Peters.

    We need the RMA and all the other National plans to destroy our country stopped/slowed by getting Winston in Northland.

    Don’t stuff up the country like last election Labour! It is not about you!

  6. Aren’t we a little hard on Labour here? I mean, Laila has obviously signed up to their newsletter list and all party newsletter lists ask for money during elections and by-elections. I bet you that Slater and co are all already on this email list and would have got the same email. If Laila doesn’t want emails from Labour, unsubscribe from the email list. Otherwise, don’t complain when you get an email you don’t like.

    As to Kelvin, aren’t we all being a bit tough on him too? I mean, Labour has put a candidate up for the by-election (whatever you might think of this decision… but so has MANA and I haven’t seen many people upset by MANA’s decision not to toe the ‘single anti-government candidate’ line), but once the party has made this decision it’s really the job of all MP’s to get behind and do what they can for their candidate, rather than sitting on their hands. That’s exactly what so many (rightly) got upset about during the election

    • Yes, we are being a bit hard on Labour here, but that is out of frustration. How can they be considered a alternative government if they can’t even work out basic election strategy, and their marketing is so amatuer and actually divides their own supporters and potential allies? Even National woo’s/bribes minor parties who they understand they need to stay in power.

      Although die hard Labour supporters state that Labour knows they need allies to get in government, it is pretty difficult to work out who they are wooing as potential partners, and instead seem to be attacking their potential allies to let National get in AGAIN.

      As for Mana probably throwing support behind other candidates would do the opposite:) Due to the stitch up from MSM and other parties of which Kelvin was a part of, and if people are hard on him, it is his own and Labour’s doing.

      The point is, how long will Labour keep living and nurturing Planet Key?

    • Mana will not get enough votes from Northland pakeha to keep NAct in power. Labour might. That’s the difference.

      Reuben running can get a lot of coverage for the Mana campaign against mining and drilling, which Labour support. His campaign won’t take votes off anyone.

  7. I can’t see what’s wrong with asking Laila. Kelvin even asked me but it turns out i don’t have the means to do it electronically. I do support Willow-Jean Prime as a candidate and if I was in that electorate I would vote for her. The only reason I would want Winston to win is because that would make life for the Nats very difficult. By the way why did Sabin resign again? Is there still an ongoing police investigation of this former cop?

    [Please respect Court suppression orders when discussing Mr Sabin’s circumstances. – ScarletMod]

    • I wouldn’t know who is involved of course, but a there is a case with name suppression that is due to have the suppression lifted on about March 19.

  8. “Maybe Kelvin could ask Cameron Slater and David Farrar for a donation seeing as they donated to him last election?”

    What is it with NACT sympathisers donating to Labour candidates in elections and leadership contests.

    Wasn’t Shane Jones supported by Wira Gardiner when Jones ran for leader of the Labour Party?

    Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Much like ACT’s infiltration of the 1980’s Labour Party. Right-wing influence buying future member muppets to perpetuate the neo-liberal agenda.

    “Who controls the past controls the future;
    who controls the present controls the past.”

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