And now Customs want the right to examine your phones and computers and make you provide the passwords



The rush by every Government department to gain as much unreasonable search powers is on!

There must have been a collective gasp from the Departments that Key had not only gotten away with vast erosions of our civil liberties without a murmur from the sleepy hobbits, but that the SIS had gotten away with colluding with the PMs Office to falsely smear the Leader of the Opposition before the 2011 election and the voting public actually rallied!

Emboldened by a wilful ignorance from an electorate that borders on Cargo Cult, other departments are now just going to try shit on and see if they can get away with it as well.

Welcome to Customs latest attempt at a gross intrusion into our personal lives.

This ‘discussion’ document is meant to begin a ‘debate’ for them to gain this power. Note the last two

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 8.08.30 pm

That’s right, Customs wants to assert their current stretching of the rules to allow for routine searching of your phones and computers and the icing on top of that shit cake is being forced to hand over your passwords.

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That rules Nicky Hagar ever leaving the country with his phone.

The horror of this is that under the bloody Search and Surveillance Act 2012, Customs can gain a search warrant for these kinds of electronic intrusions, so if Customs genuinely believes you are a threat, they can gain the warrant under existing legislation, but that’s not what they want here. They want the automatic right to gain entry and force compliance to hand over your passwords.

What is it about all these agencies who have existing powers but want even more???




  1. So…. if we want to be able to leave NZ we can’t take our e devices with us…. unless we are prepared for Customs to search our data.

    That’s…. totally disgusting, anathema to democracy…. why isn’t this on MSM???

  2. Simple, mail your memory stick and sim card to your destination, then you wont need to carry them through customs.

    • ffs, that is not a solution, nor does it address the issue of unwarranted violation of personal privacy.

      That there are awkward and time consuming workarounds to measures that can be justifiably described as police state intrusion does not justify allowing the intrusion to occur.

      • Who said anything about allowing it?
        Do you really think the Natzis will require our permission?
        My suggestion could be useful if and when it comes to pass that NZ does become an intrusive police state.

  3. Doing the right thing for the people? Working for the people? No spying on our people? Hell no, just making up laws as they go, to encroach on the rights of peoples privacy. What happened to the rights of personal privacy? Guess what. Key threw them out years ago when all his bullshit of political abuse started. He knows our democratic laws, values and rights has a boundary against him, so he’s decided to take the law into his own hands, by trying to do away with all democracy, bring in new laws to spy on those of us who are willing to oppose him and his government, target us as troublemakers who are a threat to his plans of opening the floodgates of he’ll for Obamas TPPA, which will allow all American administration warmongers to hold control over New Zealand and New Zealanders.
    Aint gonna happen, as long the petition to dismiss Key is signed, we can either throw him out, or make him seriously aware that he and his government are a serious threat to the people of this country. Key is none other than Obamas puppet in a long line of illegal gains for mere power and profit. Stand united people, and fight these bastards for your rights, your democracies, and your sovereignty.

  4. Looking more like a Key provoked NAZI style police state now isn’t it.

    They are clearly following the destructive path Goebbels took in 1933 as he was tasked to prepare Germany for war.

    Is that why Key wants the flag changed?

    “Planet Key,” what will it be like in ten years time?


  5. What I’m trying to show is that the customs department is already out of control in a way that is very disturbing and wrong ……..

    “During the questioning, Ms Stewart was made to show her bank account balances and to submit to a strip search.

    “I’ve never in my life been through anything like that before. I was in tears.”

    She said she asked for a lawyer and was told she would have to submit to further detention while one was found.

    She was released after the woman collecting her at the airport started ringing around to find out where she was. Before being released, Ms Stewart’s visitor visa was cut from three months to two weeks.”

  6. “Sleepy Hobbits” have “nothing to hide”, they all walk around starkers 24/7, have you not seen this yet?

    Next step on the agenda is to put high dosages of oxytocin into water, just like fluoride, it will create “miracles”, and a fully trusting society:

  7. Ask the Customs bastards first, what reason they have to ask for a PW. It is unreasonable search and seizure, at this stage, to ask for access to computer and other data, unless there is reason to suspect criminal activities.

    Hence the Greens are right on this, this attempt to further undermine your civil rights must be stopped in the very beginning.

    Are they going nuts, the Nats? Have they not got it yet, that they will lose Northland and a seat? Maybe this is just trying to play va banque, while the going is perceived to be good, but the ship is about to sink, just like the Titanic?

  8. What’s the point of this intrusion? I can’t see why this should be done by customs. If they are searching for drugs fine but what has the phone’s pass word got to do with that unless they suspect that you are talking to their girl friends or wives. But that’s not a crime is it?

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