Media Watch – Lynn Prentice at it again and reminding us why Labour just don’t get it


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The grumpy old Troll under the bridge at The Strandard is at it again.

This time Lynn is demonstrating the very First Past the Post arrogance of a dinosaur Party like Labour. Labour’s game plan is to cannibalise NZ First and Green vote and MANA vote so that they are the only opposition with a dream towards 40%

Kelvin won Te Tai Tokerau because Key, Farrar, Slater, Winston Peters and the Maori Party vote all ganged up on Hone to kill MANA off. The cheering in the Labour Party HQ when Hone’s loss was announced was a reminder that Labour doesn’t play well with others.

The Left still can’t seem to count and Labour are a first past the post dinosaur that will always find 51% impossible to achieve. In short, Labour needs allies when they don’t want any. Lynn froths about real voters refusing to engage in MMP tactics, he forgets about United Future and ACT who have used these tactics since MMP came into effect. His claim is left voters prefer tribalism to winning elections. Based on the bitter venom Lynn spits and his interpersonal skills which resemble a cancerous tumour, he’s probably right.

If Labour carry off their civil war against the other opposition parties they may win Government in 2017, but it will be a diet version of National. Labour winning for the sake of winning just so that they get to manage things slightly less worse than National isn’t much of an inspiration.

Meanwhile poor kids still go to school hungry, inequality soars, we are going to war while Key is running rough shot over the entire country.

The Left in NZ would prefer to eat the children of their allies than fight the soldiers of our collective enemy.

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PS – Turns out Lynn’s wee rant might look even less connected to reality if the first poll out of Northland is anything to go by.


  1. Lynn Prentice’s sewer of a blog serves as a Labour lapblog with Green and Mana supporters regularly slapped down and censored in favour of debate between Labour and the Nats.

    Not sure why anyone apart from labour activists and Nat trolls would bother going there.

  2. My hope is that labour will pull out at the crucial days of the Northland by election in a stunning round of surprise support for Winston when they find that internal polling shows that labour are just splitting the vote and giving the by election to the “nasty nat’s”.

  3. Your comment is a thinly veiled slur which is potentially defamatory. Do not repeat it. – ScarletMod

  4. Labour needs a leader that’s not scared to blaze away at Key. That’s partly why Key has got away with his arrogance and dishonourable behaviours.

  5. On Northland;
    (On the out of the blue attack on myself and Martyn Bradbury by The Standard Editor)

    On Fantasyland;
    (On the trouble with preaching to the choir, is that you risk losing touch with reality).

    On the release of two mainstream polls, TV3 and the Herald, that show Winston Peters has taken a big lead over the National candidate.

    Before these two polls came out, accusations were made by Lynne Prentice, moderator and tech expert behind the Labour aligned website, The Standard, that Left commentators like myself and Martyn Bradbury and others who had suggested that National could lose in Northland were “self indulgent”, “fantasists”.

    “I can neither see Winston or Willow-Jean Prime winning on their own even if the other was not there. Hell, I’ll even bet that their combined vote in the current byelection where they give voters some choice would be less than 2/3rds of the worst National candidate.
    This non-gambler would even be tempted at half. I like sure things when I bet.”
    LYNNE PRENTICE On Northland

    I mean, how wrong could you get it?

    In the same post Lynne makes further accusations against myself Martyn Bradbury and other Left commentators, that wanting to replace the current government with a united, powerful left-bloc of Labour, the Greens, and Internat MANA. Is an analysis designed to split the left, not unify it. Calling this analysis “rubbish political thought”.

    “As Rob said on the ideas from Mana that Bomber was munting then and ever since…”

    All this, you understand, comes from the excellent starting point of wanting to replace the current government with a united, powerful left-bloc of Labour, the Greens, and Internat MANA. Yet the analysis is designed to split the left, not unify it; and the recommendations would help the left lose, not win. Top work.

    “That kind of rubbish political thought and the denigration that went with it simply resulted in a massive increase in Labour activism in reaction, and the thousands of extra votes in Te Tai Tokerau. Most of the additional votes going to Kelvin Davis voting against such stupidity.”
    LYNNE PRENTICE On Northland

    The reality that Lynne is ignoring here, is that this “massive” Labour “reaction” arguably, cost Labour the election.”Top Work” (To repeat Rob’s snide remark made aimed at those who suggested Left unity instead).

    In a perverse piece of inverted logic, Lynne then accuses myself and Martyn Bradbury of actively attacking possible partners rather then building partnerships. (Following his usual practice Lynne doesn’t give any examples or provide any links as proof for these ad hominen accusations).

    Lynne then goes on to claim that this sort of political stupidity (calling for Left unity), didn’t help the opposition in the last election. That last part I agree with, but the evidence (even in this remarkable post) is that it is Lynne through his editorship of The Standard that actively attacked Labour’s possible political partners, who Lynne seems to reserve more sectarian bile for, than he does for the National and Act parties.

    To finish his post attacking myself and Martyn Bradbury, and the Mana Movement, and he wider Left Generally, Lynn then goes to some length to make out that he is not a voice of the (Right Wing) of the Labour Party.

    ‘BTW: For the usual conspiracy idiots. I dropped out of being a Labour party member at the end of last year because it was interfering with running this blog…..”
    LYNNE PRENTICE On Northland

    So how could being a member of a political party interfere with running a blog?

    Only if it interferes with the careful creation of a veneer that you are trying to create that you are an impartial and neutral commentator, or journalist.

    This is much the same reason the Mike Hosking and other National Hacks give for dropping their membership of the National Party. Because it also risks their mask of journalistic neutrality slipping.
    Though Lynn Prentice names me in the main body of his post as one of the political fantasists he disagrees with, it is in the comments section, to his post, that Lynne really lets slip his mask of impartiality to fully indulge his sectarian bile.

    Lynne uses the comments section of hisown post to personally attack me with a long string of vitriolic verbal abuse that brings no credit on him or by reflection the Labour Party.
    “Pat O’Dea” is, according to Lynne Prentice, “a revivalist southern preacher”, “a silly troll”, “a spoilt child”, “a gormless fool”, “a stupid arsehole”, “a lying rancid pillock”, “a dickhead”, “the scum of the internet”

    So what brought on Lynne Prentice’s personal attack on me?

    You will notice that Lynne offers up not one shred of evidence or link to show that his personal abuse might be in anyway justified. Because it isn’t.

    I merely, have had the temerity to disagree with the political line expressed by Lynne Prentice and other Labour Party commentators at The Standard, the political line that Lynne again gives here in this post, that Labour should go it alone and not try to work with the wider Left to unseat the National Party candidate in Northland, a proposition which he calls fantasy.

    But Labour and the Greens and New Zealand First and Mana should work together to unseat the National candidate, and weaken the Nats grip on power in the house.

    Since these latest polls came out, everyone is saying it now. Leaving Lynne Prentice with egg all over his face.

  6. “If half of the usual Labour Northland general electorate vote turned out to vote for Winston, I’d be absolutely amazed. I’d expect closer to a third.

    So the fantasy jerk off about possible victory dies about there.”
    LYNNE PRENTICE Northland Comment 2.4

    Ignoring the ad hominem abuse about it being a fantasy jerk off typical of how Lynne Prentice refers to other Left commentators, you have ask how he could have called it so wrong?

  7. The scum of the internet (according to Lynne Prentice)

    “Pat O’Dea is a gormless fool who to my experienced eye knows very little about the climate change that he is speaking about. To be precise he acts as if he’d sucked down some the hysterics website that didn’t contain any science, had no timescales in it, and has had a religious experience from it. He acts like a revivalist southern preacher with great need for a credulous audience in a tent. Anything that anyone says to him is shouted down as coming from the devil Labour.

    He also acts like one of the more silly trolls around the net, where everytime he gets told that it isn’t a free-for-all he goes off like a spoilt child. That is why the stupid arsehole’s behaviour picked him up a ban here. It was quite clear that he was going to astroturf posts here, whatever authors wrote the topic to be, to his poorly understood obsession on oil, gas, and coal.

    Damn near every every post or comment that of his that I have ever read attacks Labour and the Greens, and most of what he attacks with appears to be lying crap that he has made up.

    He appears to me to be a complete lying rancid pillock. One of the scum of the internet.”
    LYNNE PRENTICE Northland comment 5.1.2

    This sort of vitriolic personal abuse for no apparent reason, other than an intolerence of any Left view point that strays from the Labour Party orthoxy that Lynne Prentice sees himself as the self appointed gatekeeper of, brings no credit to him and by reflection no credit to the Labour Party.

    To his credit the latest news is that Andrew Little has started to distance himself from Lynn Prentice extremist sectarian view in regards to the Northland by-election.

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