Do American cops just like shooting black people?



Tamir Rice case: Cleveland mayor apologises after city claims 12-year-old to blame for his own police shooting death

The video, though silent and impersonal, remains chilling.

On a cold autumn morning in Cleveland a boy ambles around a bandstand in a park playing with a pellet gun.

Suddenly a police car appears, and without even leaving the driver’s seat an officer shoots the boy, 12-year-old Tamir Rice in the stomach and torso.

…and this…

Los Angeles police kill homeless man in struggle captured on video

Three Los Angeles police officers shot and killed a man as they wrestled with him on the ground, a confrontation captured on video that millions viewed online. Authorities say the man was shot after grabbing for an officer’s gun.

…follows so many other recent examples of Police shooting dead African Americans one needs to wonder how any of this is anything less than a paramilitary Police force out of control and drunk on their own power.

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Let’s never allow the NZ Police this level of militarisation and self-justification.


  1. Sadly Martyn, “our boys” are already well on the way to fulfilling this manifest destiny. Just ask any polynesian kiwi…

  2. Its no longer innocent until proven guilty. He was shot from a police car, almost like the olden days in the usa when they shot buffalo from trains, just a bit of sport. I am dumbfounded. The list of innocent people being murdered by those that are paid to serve and protect these very people is obscene. I think we are heading that way, in increments. They will find a way contrived or otherwise to arm our police, that is a given. When obama crooks his finger in this direction it will happen.

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