National’s election finance loophole highlights double standards



The right wing narrative last election was that the evil Bond villain Kim Dotcom was using money to influence NZ Politics despite Kim being illegally spied upon, despite Kim being set up by NZ for American Corporate Hollywood interests, and despite 70 armed paramilitary Police with guns kicking down his door, terrorising his family and bashing him so that he identified with MANA more than any other political party.

The strength of this false narrative was backed up by Labour, Maori Party, NZ First and John Key when they all ganged up on Hone and cost him his seat in Te Tai Tokerau. When Kelvin Davis’ biggest cheerleaders were Slater, Farrar, Winston Peters and John Key, you know something is terribly wrong.

The hypocrisy of this false narrative has been laid bare with the examination of National’s ability to launder over a million dollars worth of donations as ‘anonymous’.

That people were screaming about Kim Dotcom’s influence while ignoring National secretly hiding the interests of those who were funding them should be enough to make those who bought into the mainstream media narrative question their conclusions. It won’t though because the Cricket World Cup is on.



  1. The Nats are masters at pointing the finger and accusing others of their very own crimes …..

    A prime example being the Dirty Politics hatchet job they did on Cunliffe for being ‘tricky’ with Dong Lui when his crime was not remembering a 9 year old form letter ……

    While the real and hidden story was Key and the Nats were getting $25,000 dollar donations from Lui at private dinner parties at his house……

    National is also very soft on crime when it comes to rich criminals ……. part of their hatred of Winston stems from him costing some National and Act supporters a lot of money when he stopped their wine box tax fraud.

    And when it comes to ‘Welfare’ nobody does it better than National ….. as long as your Sky-corp, warner-brothers,Rio Tinto or some other big wealthy corporation.

  2. One more step down the path to fascism. Government of the People by the Corporates for the Corporates.

  3. Actually the narrative at the last election was foreign citizen fighting extradition and charges that he organised the most successful computer piracy operation involving the “sharing” (theft) of copy righted material sets up his own political party so that he can “fuck john key”. Hone, having a successful brand representing not just maori in the north but fighting for the poorest people throughout Aotearoa mistakenly climbs on board and is hammered in his own electorate.
    National didn’t do anything illegal with their election funding they just followed the time honoured New zilland practice where the richest and most powerful citizens have the best lawyers and accountants to find the loop holes that suit their purpose.
    Interestingly Stuart Nash had, I think, the second largest contributions and the intriging story is why did Caniwi Capital Partners give him so much money

  4. Any National party practicioner is incapable of practicing honesty, it would kill them. So instead they practice their dishonesty, which in turn will give themselves enough rope to hang themselves. A big difference between murder and suicide. With their eventual demise of self infliction, their idea is to fool the public before they take their deceit with them to their graves. Trouble is, the silly Nat practitioners keep tripping themselves up, and everything about them becomes embarrassingly exposed by their own hand of doing. That’s when the Nats come back with guns blazing in all directions, taking merciless shots at anyone within their Magnum sights.
    You’ve got to watch them Nat practitioners, they’ll sneak in wherever they can.

  5. The narrative of the election was scripted by Nationals Dirty Politics Club and they certainly won dirty …………. Sabin and Lui style dirty.

    I don’t think the misguided war of opportunity against Isis that Key has jumped at will divert attention from Lui, Sabin and Sky-corp for as long as he would like…..

    Eventually people will realize it is the rich who steal the most and that they always vote National

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