GUEST BLOG: Joe Trinder – Porter confirmed as candidate for By-election


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Left Rueben Taipari Porter right Mike Smith

Rueben Taipari Porter’s candidacy on behalf of Mana in the up-coming Northland by-election was confirmed yesterday at the Mana Te Tai Tokerau AGM. Mr Porter laid out his strategy and presented some interesting facts.

Mr Porter explained the Norwegian company Statoil offers no jobs for Northland. In its home country of Norway 50% of all profits will go back to the Norwegian government. In New Zealand only 6% is awarded to the tax payer and not a cent of that money reaches Northland. The underlying issue here is that Northland is taking all the environmental risk and making no gains.

Rueben Taipari Porter is a fantastic candidate representing the Mana Movement and has displayed his leadership abilities in the Stop Statoil Hikoi.  His campaign that will be setting the narrative on policy for this By-election while other party candidates will run their campaign based on party reputation or political experience.


Joe Trinder is a MANA Party spokesperson


  1. Run, Rueben, Run.

    Make a good showing and give all those gutless oil company lickspittal politicians what for.

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