Anything Key can bomb, Little can bomb better, Labour can bomb anything better than you



The muddle middle of NZ loves war. It’s something to do between Cricket and Rugby seasons. They puff their chests up and squeeze their children’s hands tight with flag blinded patriotism to celebrate the past slaughter of NZers barely older then their kids on ANZAC Day and shed a tear as the last post is played.

Where the muddle Middle goes, Labour shall follow.

The wafer thin differences between Labour and National’s desire to re-invade Iraq for brownie points with the Americans is spelt out here, but Little’s public announcements that he’d bomb the evil ISIS just like Key is aimed at keeping Labour looking macho in the eyes of muddle middle NZ.

The Guardian shows that for every 1 ‘terrorist’ hit by drone strikes, 27 civilians are killed. That’s a lot of innocent blood spilled for Labour to look macho  isn’t it? Apparently it’s far more ethical to kill from the skies than it is from boots on the ground.

“But something must be done” – wail the armchair warriors. And they are right, something must be done, but bombing innocent people shouldn’t be one of them. Cutting funding to ISIS from Saudi Arabia and Turkey would be far more effective than another bloody invasion.

War is not the answer and when both major political parties are merely offering slight differences of how we kill people for that war, we are not seeing real political leadership, just craven poll chasing of the wilfully ignorant.

Labour is still in a position to change the Government in 2017, but don’t for one second confuse that with a changed Government.

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  1. I havent being able to tell the difference between Labour and National for awhile now… the last 30 years!!!!
    Watch them in parliament they pretend to disagree but vote for the same things anyway

  2. Once again a brilliant piece Mr Bradbury, and you are right. There’s no need to kill innocent people while the cowards hide among them. Your solution is simple, stop the funding. So what if it doesn’t bring profiteering to warmongering heirarchy to increase their wealth already over flowing? The fact remains, it should be humanity before profit, not profit before all else.

  3. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it…

    Mind you, not surprising, as Key seems to have a memory problem at the best of times!

  4. Labour is still in a position to change the Government in 2017, but don’t for one second confuse that with a changed Government.

    Yes but we need the unions to now “Unite” to change the “status quo”

    For to long these power blocks of working class have been silent.

    Remember in the 1980-1999 era when Ken Douglas the president of the Council of trade unions always bad something to say when the NatZ would invoke some labour law or change working rights.

    They are affiliated to the labour Party and we need to see this voice again.

  5. Can someone please enlighten me as to how cutting off funding will stop them? They’re on a killing spree, not a shopping spree…

  6. We shouldn’t be going to Iraq, plain and simple. In my opinion, IF Labour were in government they would’ve had a parliamentary vote instead of Key’s “do as I say” non-vote. These ISIS A-holes will never go away, like the Taliban, you cut one head off, another one grows. The amount of money the FiveEye countries fund their own wars against them is a total waste, and in Key’s own words, “we’ll never defeat them…can’t put a time limit on…defeating them”. It amazes me how National can “find” $65M to fund going to Iraq, and $27M for a flag referendum, especially when they can’t find money for more important things.

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