Covering John Key’s backside



The defence force announcement that it is being a “good employer” in allowing Defence Force personnel to opt out of the troop deployment to Iraq is more about covering John Key’s backside than out of concern for the troops themselves.

We all know the deployment has nothing to do with what’s in New Zealand’s interests. It’s not a deployment based on principle in defence of New Zealand’s interests but is being made on behalf of US global strategic interests. It’s a deployment to try and sort out a mess created by the US invasion and occupation of Iraq from 2003. This latest incursion will increase the problem further.

Allowing soldiers to opt out will give Key an easier ride in the event of casualties. Anyone killed or injured will be “volunteers” and will be used to give some cover to the PM.

It’s a false offer however because any soldier who does decide not to go for principled reasons will have their career destroyed and be labelled as unreliable – even cowardly – within the army. Just look at this country’s history of treating conscientious objectors to see the way the Defence Force treats reluctant fighters.

There have been many apologies for past wrongs but nothing yet for the shameful treatment of hundreds of principled New Zealanders who refused to fight in past wars.

Meanwhile John Key follows the long line of politicians sending soldiers to war for no good reason.

“Forward he cried from the rear and the front ranks died” goes the Pink Floyd song and so does John Key send New Zealand troops to risk life and limb as part of the price our soldiers must pay for this country to be part of the five-eyes “club”.

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Key should put his children where his mouth is and send them to the front line.


  1. Have some pity on the NZ armed forces – trying to survive in a free-fire zone is bad enough without having to babysit the produce of Key’s unattractive loins.

  2. As an ex grunt, who was on standby during the last throes of the Bosnia war, might I suggest we put our devoted prime minister through a day of rugged exercise out in the fields of Waiouru? Although I can only dream such an act to happen, it might open his eyes to a reality check. Unfortunately, he can only call to others to”get some guts and get on the right side”, yet not act on what he spits from his mouth. Disgusting to see John Key portray himself as the coward he is.

    I can only hope my petition has enough support to either have our dishonourable PM thrown out, or send a very loud warning to John Key, the National party, Barrack Obama, and any and all of the American administration and their corporate backers, that democracy isn’t something to be removed, nor are the people who believe in democratic rights, not invalid rules and laws being made in secrecy, for the mere excuse of profit before all else.

  3. Exactly, who in the forces would put their hand up to say they don’t want to go to war. When I hear FJK talk about this now, when asked about NZ casualties, he is so very casual. And getting more so by the day. He has already accepted that we will have deaths and it’s fine by him. Will we ever get to know how some of these deaths occured, will the soldiers’ FAMILIES even be told the truth? The Coroners Amendment bill, which is in the submissions stage, is seeking to take the inquiry into a military death out of the hands of NZ’s coroners (and therefore the public) and have them investigated by “secret” military inquests that could very well keep the manner of death a secret from even the loved ones and families of these men and women. Shocking and another full frontal assault on our democracy by the FJK regime.

  4. I would never normally defend anything said or done by J.K. This time however I just want to say that I think he is pretty much in the right.

    I’d like to point to the rather hypocritical whining from critics on this site and elsewhere.

    Key’s mistake indeed was to say that ‘ we want to be part of the club’. It’s true! He probably does, but disregarding this how can we sit back and watch the spread of a virus like Isis!

    As a relatively small nation, there is very little we can do. However we still owe the world a contribution, whether we’re in the club or not.

    Andrew Little a few weeks ago said if I’m not mistaken ‘ that we should only send troops if invited to do so”. Iraqi foreign minister comes and invites us, so should we now go or not? What exactly is Mr Little’s position.

    Too many people are now just opposing Key’s decision it seems for the sake of it.

    If sending trainers to work with Iraqi troops isn’t helpful enough then, what would you prefer? sending ground troops in?

    • Wzy1 – You seem to have forgotten that Key has no mandate to commit troops. Indeed, he specifically stated in June last year that any aid to Iraq would be humanitarian only, unless mandated by the U.N.

      No such U.N. mandate has been forthcoming.

      On top of which, feel free to explain to the Daily Blog’s readership how a handful of trainers can have any practical effect that the United States, spending $25 billion, failed to achieve to train and equip the Iraqi army.

      Go ahead; you have our undivided attention.

      • How can a bunch of military trainers help? Well how should I know? I’m not a military tactician.

        Sure, 37 million dollars on humanitarian aid would be money well spent, the point is that by sending these trainers we are making a contribution. I fail to see what else we can do as NZ, other than sitting on our arses and doing flip all.

        A so called terrorism expert made comments on TV a few days ago saying that getting involved increased the threat to NZ from terrorism as it clearly demonstrated which side we’re on.

        Isn’t it freaking obvious whose side we’re on anyway!

        I take your point about not being UN sanctioned, why don’t some other opponents of Key’s deployment voice this point more clearly.

        • I take your point about not being UN sanctioned, why don’t some other opponents of Key’s deployment voice this point more clearly.

          That’s a fair question…

    • Wzy1, your cheerleading for Key comes at a cost; the dead bodies of our soldiers, and NZers becoming targets for ISIS lunatics.

      Just think of that, comfortable in your arm-chair, in your own home.

      Cos for the life of me, I can’t see what a couple of dozen army trainers will succeed, where US involvement, training, arming, etc, since 2003, has failed.

      It’s plain to see by anyone except the most naive that Key is grandstanding and showing the big boys in Washington how much he wants to play in “the club”.

      Cheerleaders like you will be the death of us.

      • While the nature of NZ’s involvement may not make perfect sense, the point I’m trying to make is that I don’t think it is morally wrong for us (NZ) to be getting involved.

        You obviously don’t mind sitting comfortably in your own armchair whilst the news reports of more ISIS atrocities come in.

        • I love this whole ‘something must be done and because you don’t want to bomb everything that moves you love the slaughter of innocents’ style argument. No one is saying nothing must be done, intelligent people are calling for funding to be cut, those easily manipulated cry war.

          • Cut funding- sounds simple enough doesn’t it? There’s plenty of accusations floating around about who is funding ISIL currently but does anyone really have any conclusive evidence? Whom ever is funding them isn’t going to be routing funds through banks directly, it’s most likely cash and hawala type transactions for smaller amounts- both difficult to identify/stop.

            Then you’ve got the self funding going on as a result of oil fields ISIL control.

            • This article relates to what I was saying above

              It’s all very easy to say that “intelligent people” are calling for funding to be cut, the theory is sound. I’m genuinely interested in the “how”, my google skills might be lacking but I can’t find any of “intelligent people” contributing from that perspective.

  5. Just an idea.

    How about those Natsy MPs who supported Key’s decision to deploy NZ military to Iraq, spend a month or two there alongside our troops, to get a feel of the conditions. Key included! They might also get a taste of IS during their *visit*.

    It’s called leading from the top. And it takes guts to do that!

      • Wzy1, you obviously have wifi go to google, utube, wiki, get educated about what is happening, and more importantly, why it is happening. Theres cash in chaos, cos you can bet your last dollar that if this war wasnt profitable, it wouldnt be happening. Why is there no money for hungry children, hospital operations in a timely manner,etc, but a war, no problem weve got millions for that. Unless you dont want to wake up?

        • Why is there no money for hungry children, hospital operations? Well exactly, that’s what I’m asking myself, and that’s the reason I didn’t vote for John Key’s party.

          I can think of plenty of names for John Key, but ‘warmonger’ wouldn’t be one of them. We are sending these forces in order to combat warmongers.

          Unfortunately J.K probably won’t put his hand in pocket and give us 37 million for anything, I’ve also got a few suggestions of what we can spend it on, why don’t we start another thread all about this?

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