Winston to run in Northland



As TDB suggested, Winston Peters will be running in the Northland by-election.

The reason Winston has a shot is all to do with the Sabin issue. Once NZers know what Sabin is being investigated for, the backlash against National will be extreme and angry.

Winston will start using Parliamentary privilege to let NZ know why Sabin had to stand down. The conservative folk of Northland will be very open to Winston’s style of demagoguery once Sabin’s issues have been made public.

The question now is will Labour stand aside in Northland, a private poll by UMR has been doing the rounds and in a straight NZ First-National contest it’s 50-50.

If Labour can work with Winston in Northland it will ask questions why they couldn’t do it with Hone in Te Tai Tokerau. If Labour and NZ First work together it will also mean the Greens have their work cut out for them in 2017 to prevent Labour and NZ First screwing them again.

Any Labour-NZ First minority Government would be a blow to progressive politics.

There’s a lot riding on this by-election, Key would lose his ACT-Nat majority and have to offer United Future or the Maori Party into the majority, that could prevent many of National’s main policy planks this electoral term.

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National have to win Northland or risk their entire political agenda being knocked out.


  1. Sabin is going to need every cent of that nice little back-paided pay rise for his legal costs, depressing to think we are actually contributing to his defence! Let’s hope the truth comes out sooner than later.
    Such a joke, everyone’s talking about it but nobody can pubisize it.

  2. I hate having to say it, but I will:

    Go Winston, go!

    I agree with some NZ First policies, but cannot stomach some of the more conservative ones. But for the mere sake of serving Key and his ruling Nat gang a blow, I really hope Winston will stir up the North and win enough votes of the disgruntled and take that seat.

    The chance is not great, but it could be done, if the closet door is opened and the carpet lifted, in and under which Key and Nats are desperately hiding a big pile of embarrassing dirt.

    Dirty Politics never ended, and we can see this with how the MSM try to discredit Little now, and how they also did it with revealing that David Cunliffe had been contacted by police re his cell phone use in a car.

    Let us have a reverse “dirty politics” campaign now, as the Nats deserve to take what they happily dished out to so many for the last few years and elections.

    The gloves are off, I fear.

    If the Nats lose Northland, indeed many of their bold policy goals will be compromised or even stopped.

    Now that alone is worth supporting Winston, I think.

    The rest can be dealt with smartly at a later stage.

    Let Labour run a campaign like the Nats did in Epsom, discretely supporting the vote for another candidate, this time around only.

    • 1000% Martyn,

      Time is nigh for Labour to play Key’s game and win as voted for Labour to do this for us.

      Forget the past and collectively combine to allow Winston to save our parliamentary system by setting a level playing field with equal votes after Winston takes Sabin’s electorate and helps turn our fortunes around finally after six long hard nightmare years.

      Smarten up Labour play key at his own game for a change.

    • I dont believe that Labour will stand down and allow Winston a clear run at goal. If Labour misses this obvious opportunity people will have to ask why. Not stupidity – even Labour isnt that dumb.
      The only possible reason is that Labour would sooner have National win than New Zealand First. Labour and National want a two party state. Any party that gets in the way of that ambition is the enemy.

      • Agreed. We’re about to see their true colours…. red or blue?

        I’m pretty sure the Rogernomes who hold power in Labour won’t let their candidate stand down.

        Labour isn’t anything approaching left anymore, hasn’t been since 1984. Its time voters realised that.

  3. A safe seat, a low voter turnout, National will win this by election easily.

    Winston will not win.

    Typo corrected. – ScarletMod

  4. The Speaker of the House has already made it very clear that he will not allow Sabin’s name to be mentioned even under privilege.

    The Courts will issue one of the most comprehensive permanent suppression orders in this case.

    The powerful and the privileged will stand together

    • Unacceptable. I have suspended others for making veiled references to Mike Sabin’s situation. Such references put TDB into a precarious position, leaving us vulnerable to legal action. Anyone attempting to “out” Sabin’s situation will be given time out. “Iseeyou”, suspended for one week. – ScarletMod

    • “A week in politics is a long time”. VI Lenin

      This changes everything

      The significance of Dunne’s “rethink” could be important for MPs seekiing to get private members bills passed against government opposition.

      Most noteably Dunnes “Rethink” makes the successful passage of the Greens and Mana Feed the Kids bill much more likely.

      In the light of this possibility….

      It is my considered opinion, that the moral duty of the Labour, Greens, and Mana voters in the Northland by-election is to throw their full support behind Peter’s bid for this seat.

      Especially if Winston Peters comes out against oil drilling and seismic exploration in the Te Reinga Basin off 90 mile beach.

      Off shore deep sea oil drilliing threatens Northland’s iconic beaches

      • It is not just a “moral” duty its a political one for the left and the greens to support Peters.

        It is easily the best chance to make a difference and reign in the growing arrogance of this National government.

        It may be a bitter pill for some to vote NZ First but if they want change its the best one to swallow.

        The Nats are masters of tactical voting lets hope the people of Northland are.

        However there will be huge election bribes of promised spending in the area by the government

        • Thank god someone has finally said it. The big picture (which means above the needs of each party) is that New Zealand will be better off with National losing their majority.

          If you don’t believe that statement then logically, you must be a National supporter.

          It amazes me then that I hardly see anyone on the left talking about this chance to do what is right for the country.

          Well, actually it’s doesn’t surprise me, but it does dismay me to see most people not rising above party politics yet again.

    • For someone who has no leverage whatsoever Dunne is pushing the envelope.

      He’s an MP only because National said so and the opposition are strategic imbeciles.

      • Peter Dunne is losing his seat to Labour (or jumping before pushed) at the next election anyway. He has nothing to lose.

  5. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

    I reckon though that in this case he is guilty – Peter Dunne that is.

    “…have to offer United Future… into the majority…”? Dunne will be in boots and all and will not have the balls to to ring the bell at the important times. He will do his well-practised big “protesteth too much act” of course. I’m sure that it won’t come to thisthough . The NatCandidate can start looking for a place to live in Wellington.

    • You just never know….

      “The NatCandidate can start looking for a place to live in Wellington.”

      If I was you Pete, I wouldn’t be so cocky.

      If the Left can get their act together…,

      If the Left can forget their sectarian differences…,

      If the Left decide not to do a re-run repeat the 2014 election disaster….,

      If Winston Peters comes out swinging against deep sea oil exploration in Northland.

      Then all bets are off.

      Run Winnie, Run!

  6. The politician says he received “countless” messages for his party to stand.

    “We are going to take it to the Government,” he says. “Very shortly you’ll see a number of Maori leaders come out and endorse this campaign.”

    Campbell Live thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to test Mr Peters’ knowledge of Northland, by playing a round of Who Wants to be a Northland MP.
    CAMPBELL LIVE Friday 27 Feb 2015

    A bit of Light hearted fun. But I can’t help wondering….

    Would any other contender for the seat of Northland do as well?

  7. The big question is when will, whatever it is Sabin is facing, be revealed?

    Being National, they will try to bury this corpse until well after the by-election! And Keys war dramatics in parliament has done a sterling job of it so far.

  8. Shock, Horror, and panic amongst the Nats

    Gower Mauls Peters (Peters stand his ground, and gives Gowers his own back)

    Watch, as the Nats shock horror at Winston Peters’ challenge in Northland is captured on the face and body language of their partisan media lickspittle, Patrick Gower.

    Witness, Patrick Gower, the National Party’s media sock puppet, as he disgracefully insults and belittles Winston Peters’ for daring to challenge the National Party’s control of Northland, Peter’s home territory, which Gower calls a “stunt”.

    Listen, as this outrageous partisan Right Wing journalist starts the interview by rudely insulting Peters, asserting that he is not “relevant” and then calls him a “loser”.

    Be appalled, as Gower desperately tries to minimise Winston Peters threat to the National Government’s majority with “deliberate” National Party spin and lies.

    See, how despite Gower’s best efforts to minimise Winston Peters bid to capture the seat of Northland, Peters stands his ground.

    Realise, that Patrick Gower, National Party arrogant Right Wing media bag carrier is really frightened.

  9. More, attack journalism, from another National Party media sock puppet.

    Again, another verbatim repeat of the National Party diversionary attack line from a so called independant journalist that probably orginated from Australian public relations advisors to the National Party Crosby Textor

    More classic Peters, who gives as good as he gets.

    If this keeps up, its gonna be a wild ride.

  10. Go for it Winston and get out of it Labour you wont win but your turn will come.
    Winston also needs to condemn the TTPA and the other shonky so called trade deals.
    With John Key shutting down discussing Mike Sabin its a win win situation for Key but a bad situation for Mike Sabin, with all the secretcy to shield the case Key is looking after number one, but keeping Sabin in the headlights glare, it must be horrible for him.

    I don’t know what the charge is and don’t want to, but with all the hints of the charge being really awful, its to be wondered if the suppression is being held back till after the Northland election ,another sly move by Key, so im voting for Winston .

  11. If Labour doesn’t withdraw it’s candidate, there may well be a voter backlash on Labour also, for being so narrow minded. Personally, I have always been a Labour supporter but Winnie has my vote this time.

    • @ Liberty4NZ – I’m an (literally) old Green voter from way back. Still a NZ Green supporter. However, if I was in the position of having a vote in Northland, I’d go with Winnie as well this time.

      Anything to weaken the viscous Natsy hold in Parliament!

      As Labour hasn’t withdrawn it’s Northland candidate yet and if it doesn’t, then it will seem the party wants to continue playing the Natsy lite blue role.

      Not getting behind Peters here is making me a bit suspicious of where Labour wants to be in the political sphere, particularly as this is a one off opportunity to do something positive for NZ by beating the Natsies!

  12. Nationals hatred for Winston stems from him costing a lot their donars and supporters a lot of money when would not let go of the wine box tax fraud swindle.

    National helps and is helped by rich criminals ……

    The nats have others like Sabin coming through the ranks …..

    Sabins ‘mate’ Mark mitchell being a prime example

    Is Collins the female equivalent of Sabin ?????

    Such a charming bunch those nats ………………

  13. We will fight them on the beaches

    We will not fight them on the beaches

    Will there be no voice against deep sea oil drilling in the Northland by-election apart from Mana’s?

    Simon Dallow Interviews Winston Peters over what he will stand for in the Northland by-election:

    “And the government’s big strategy, one of them is, deep sea mining. Utilising the resources up there. Hugely controversial, we see big protests at Waitangi every year protesting deep sea mining.”
    “Will you Support Mining?”


    “You know what our position is. Before we talk about extraction, I want to know what my country, and second Northland gets out of it. Because our policy is to first, find out what my country gets, and then ensure that 25% of the value of those royalties goes to (Northland)….”

    Ok. But that’s an economic argument. You’re saying that if you can get the right royalties that’s fine. But, what about the environmentalism? Because that’s the big concern.

    Look we are not talking about extraction, at the moment we are talking about exploration.

    But do you have a problem with the environmental risks of mining.

    “Well, No I don’t. Not if… I uh… I’m uh….”
    “I take the Scandinavian view”


    TVNZ Q+A Sunday, March 1, 2015 @ 03:17

    So what is the Scandinavian view?

    It is the same view towards deep sea oil drilling that the Labour Party has to deep sea oil drilling,
    ie, as long as it done as safely as the technology allows, it should go ahead.

    So, to to sum up: It looks like there will be no voice against deep sea oil drilling in the Northland by-election, apart from Mana’s after all.

    And that political business as usual will continue.

    The last word goes to Winston Peters:

    ” I promise you this, if they vote for me on the 28th of March, there will not be a serious issue in this country decided in Wellington without they ask what Northland thinks. that’s what I intend to give them in terms of a powerful voice.

    TVNZ Q+A Sunday, March 1, 2015 @ 04:50

    (Except of course when it comes to asking Northlanders what they think about deep sea oil exploration and drilling in their Rohe).

  14. Why are people wanking on about deep see oil drilling? Expert commentators all agree that within 20 years the daily commute will be electric. Supply and demand….in a short few years no one will want oil anyway. Focus on something that will actually help humanity, rather than wallow in the self gratifying glory of some other persons old cause.

    • “Why are people wanking on about deep see oil drilling?”

      The problem is Dan, is that the fossil fuels derived from deep sea oil and gas, from fracking, from tar sands, from shale oil, from the Arctic, are what are called unconvential fossil fuels.

      When the known conventional fossil fuel reserves , if exploited, have the potential to fry the planet, fossil fuels from unconventional sources will gaurantee it.

    • Why are people wanking on about deep see oil drilling?

      Perhaps if I could sum up the reason why people are “wanking” on about deep sea oil drilling with one word: Rena.

      • Ah OK. That will explain why after Erebus no one flew on an air plane, ever.

        Seriously, expert commentators are saying in 20 years, electric cars will be common place. (with electricity being generated from a green source hopefully)

      • Perhaps if I could sum up the reason why people are “wanking” on about deep sea oil drilling with one word: Rena.

        Respectfully Frank I think this needs to be summed up not with one word, but with two words: Climate Change

        As Gareth Hughes of the Green Party says; “If we are really serious in fighting against deep sea oil drilling then we need to fight it on climate change grounds.”

        To which I would like to add, ‘ This is because there can be no rational argument for the expansion into unconventional fossil fuel production in the age of cllimate change. The evidence is overwhelming, the danger is near, and present. And no amount of “environmental protections” can guard against it. Only an urgent scaling back of fossil fuel production and use can help us avoid the very worst scenarios predicted by the science.

        Expanding into unconventional fossil fuels exploration and production is going 180 degrees in the wrong direction.

        “Why climate change is not an environmental issue”

        Or, why deep sea oil drilling is not ‘just’ an environmental issue.

        • “Hardly anyone seems to have grasped the gravity of the situation….”

          “During the three presidential debates the words climate change were not spoken. When they did talk about energy issues Romney and Obama spent their time arguing about who was more pro fossil fuels.”

          Why climate change is not an environmental issue

          And the above example is the same situation that we here in New Zealand have faced during the last two general elections, and that we now find again in the Northland by-election. With the Greens sitting it out, and all the remaining contenders, bar the Mana candidate, arguing about who is the most pro fossil fuels.

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