The Mendacities of Mr Key #10: “Only two years!!”




In his recent statement to Parliament, Dear Leader Key made this commitment to the people of New Zealand when announcing that troops would be sent to Iraq;

“The deployment will be reviewed after nine months and will be for a maximum two-year period.”

The question that should be in everyone’s mind is; why should we believe a politician who has repeatedly told lies; gone back on his word; or mis-represented previous situations?

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It was only last year, before the September election, that he poo-pooed any suggestion of sending anything but humanitarian aid to Iraq;

But Key said he did not believe it likely New Zealand special forces would be deployed or requested.

“I don’t think that’s likely,” he said.

“We’re just so far away from probably ever having to make that call.

“But in the end in so much as with any global issue, as things play out New Zealand would always look to the [United Nations] Security Council for its view and its sanction of anything that may happen.

“So you can never say never in a world where the Security Council decides that Iraq needs support of some sort – engineers or whatever it might be. That could always be considered but I think that’s very unlikely.”

Asked if that meant he could rule out New Zealand special forces soldiers being deployed to Iraq, even in an advisory capacity, Key responded; “I would say yes’.

He said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was working on a proposal for aid and “I don’t think our involvement in Iraq [will be] any greater than that.”

Eight months later – Key is standing in Parliament explaining why NZ troops are being sent to Iraq. Not humanitarian aid, as he promised in June last year.

This is the same man who;

So why should New Zealanders believe any utterances from John Key about limiting New Zealand military involvement in Iraq – when less than a year  ago he had categorically stated there would be no such involvement in the first place?


1. If National wins the 2017 election, expect NZ Army personnel to remain in Iraq longer than two years.

2. Expect the SAS (or other NZ military forces) to be increasingly involved in military operations in Iraq – known as “mission creep”.

3. Expect casualties.

John Key will break his committment to bring home NZ troops after two years.

We have no reason to trust him.





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  1. In my mind it is to be completely expected that NZ troops will be in this conflict for more than two years. This is first because as Frank has pointed out John Key regularly lies. If you wanted to earn some easy money you could just place bets contrary to Key’s statements and you’d win more often than lose. Secondly, the last action involving the US in Iraq expanded endlessly as they got mired in actions which they couldn’t extract themselves from. Again we have no clear exit strategy, let alone a clearly delineated goal beyond ‘eliminating ISIS’. So expect this to drag on for far longer than two years.

  2. Key is a compulsive lair so we should except the opposite to what he says.

    He believes in “element of surprise” which uses deception as the mechanism.

    He is a deceptive operator and always has used this model.

    His weapon of clearly recognised choice now has been shown in his operation is to the using of total deception to get his way.

    There is nothing more simple than this.

    He uses no magic to achieve his ends, only the simple deception to avoid conflict.

  3. NZ shouldn’t be going at all, even for 2 years without the Security council approval.

    The USA are scared of sending US soldiers on the ground to be slaughtered. That happened in Vietnam. Now they send drone missiles, drop high tech bombs and deploy other countires soldiers on the ground to be slaughtered.

    Since the US have to spend a fortune propping up their appointed Iraq government and infrastructure while the oil assets are striped
    they need other countries soldiers to defend these zones.

    The US have not won a war since world war 2 even though they are constantly starting, instigating and defending them. They then get other governments to join in.

    Expect the situation to worsen and then a few mini nukes to be deployed. Then all hell will break lose throughout the world.

    Someone needs to say No thanks to the USA. We like the people, not the policies. You don’t get peace by violence.

  4. His lying ability is absolutely verified. It reminds me of the NZ acceptance, for a while, of a totally bogus TV CEO from overseas. The Nats have bought the same in a PM. This muculent creature has credibility only as a gutless puppet of the US and world banking moguls, and cowers around our streets surrounded by mercenary goons.

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