What’s the point of a new flag if this is what it represents?



Surely the decision to go to war is one of the most important a Government can ever make, and Key’s refusal to put the re-invasion of Iraq up for a vote in Parliament is totally unacceptable.

We’re allowed to vote for a change of the flag but we can’t vote on going to war?

What’s the point of a new flag if this is what it represents? A Prime Minister who acts like a King?

Those who voted National or didn’t vote at all have a lot to answer for.



  1. Yes indeed, Hitlertarianism all over again. Democracy is alive only if we do everything John Key says we can do under his rules. Here’s a suggestion, let’s push Key out. There’s a petition out on facebook calling for Key to be removed by the governor general. People are signing it.

  2. Martyn,

    The flag issue was only going to be an expensive diversion as you may now agree.

    Key had to polarise us at the time of a rocky road coming along so the flag issue would divert the gaze from his rocky road we are about to confront.

    Key=is a hollow man with hollow manufactured issues while he is busy robbing all our assets and helping them into foreign mates hands while we are busy on key’s roadblocks.

    • CLEANGREEN – watch the flag issue rolled out again when there’s a contentious issue about to unfold, involving Key and his Natsy brownshirt MPs!

      The Sabin case will be gathering momentum soon, to be rapidly followed by a discussion of the flag! Then the same will happen with the Lui issue exposure. Ditto involving more on the Sky City dirty dealings! The flag change will get a good airing!

      We are onto the creeping infestation Key. Yet he’s still there! What the heck do we have to do to get him out, other than taking things into our own hands that is, such as a revolution?

      Numerous requests have gone in to the Governor General asking for his intervention. But he seems to prefer to sit back and watch Key destroy NZ piece by piece! Gives me reason to believe the Key installed GG is part of the game.

      What are we to do?

      • Hi Mary,

        We must let Winston run in Northland against Sabin’s replacement but this will require Labour to do what key did in Epsom to cut a deal to get Act back into parliament.

        If labour sees the strategy to let Winston run and labour to stand aside in this upcoming “First past the Post” contest Winston’s vote total then wont be split & weakened by Labour not standing.

        There is hope if Labour don’t stand and blow this strategy.

        Pray hard for this.

        See Martyns other blog on the Northland election suggesting that Labour stand aside.

        • Yes, you are correct Cleangreen.

          We can only hope that Labour does the right thing here, not only for Northland, but also for NZ. Fingers crossed.

          To have Winston take the seat (with Labour’s support), would be a shock of seismic proportions for National 🙂

          • Yes there, Mary,

            And a seismic shock is what is required just now to give the voter a chance of hope again to save our country.

            Please let it be I say.

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