That was Then, This is Now #26 – John Key will let slip the dogs of war



Let slip the dogs of war John Key




Fairfax Media: No New Zealand forces to Iraq, says Key

NZ Herald: ‘Sending our forces to Iraq is not an easy decision’ – John Key’s full speech

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That was Then, This is Now #25 – Keeping the buggers “honest”

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    • The image on the right is FANTASTIC. Whoever snapped it ought to be able to sell the copyright for a “cool mill.” at least . . . .

      Especially once we have been unwillingly signed up to “The All-American Free Trade Agreement”.

  1. Portrait of a compulsive liar frank.

    He has dragged us all into a war we did not agree to and will be held accountable.

    Problem is will our corrupted media print the truth of what goes on over there or here?

    MSM is also silenced to write anything negative about this dictator now so will the first casualty of a Kiwi Soldier be actually broadcast?

    On track record not likely as this would place extreme pressure on Key so he will hide the truth as he always has.

    No doubt he uses the system well developed by others in the past and uses propaganda to cover his tracks.

    “The first casualty of war is the truth.” Sad state we are in now.

  2. Traitor /noun/ a person who betrays someone or something, such as a friend, cause, or principle. synonyms: betrayer, back-stabber, double-crosser, double-dealer.

    Crimes Act 1961 Part 5 Crimes against public order. 73 Treason:
    Every one owing allegiance to the Sovereign in right of New Zealand commits treason who, within or outside New Zealand,—

    (d) INCITES or assists any person with force to invade New Zealand

    • Touche Murray.

      The problem with Key’s shampoplectic, treasonous rant is that it will be innocent Kiwis traveling abroad, or civilians caught in the jingoistic crossfire, or “Army trainers” that will pay the ultimate price.

      In the good old days, Kings led their troops into battle, and I’m reminded of General Melchett in “Blackadder Goes Forth” who says to Baldric he and “Captain Darling are right behind you” to which Blackadder adds “….about 35 miles behind you!”

      Key needs to take himself and his bodyguards to Camp Taji in Iraq. It would bolster the number of guns available. Then he can try the rant at ISIS from the battlements, froth at the mouth the way he did in the Parliamentary chambers.

      I’d have more respect for him if he led from the front, than ‘standing behind our troops from the rear’ like Melchett.

    • Hmmmmm . . . . Thats an interesting angle: “Inciting invasion”!

      Might it explain why Al Qaeda and ISIL are currently more interested in the “‘lone-wolf” type of nutter than was previously the case? “One lone wolf does not an invasion make . . . ” might be part of their warped thinking?

      One also needs to remember what the acronym “ISIL” stands for: “Islamic State IN THE LEVANT” (not in the rest of the whole world as some of the propagandists would have us believe).

      But then again, and much closer to home, I’ve been increasingly wondering what might be bubbling below the surface in the National party hierarchy at the moment.

      The Party hierarchy does not consist of stupid people. They can only turn a blind eye to the follies of their leader for so long (even if that blind eye is heavily blinkered by party dogma. (And please excuse the mixed metaphor)).

      At what point does a “misperceived asset” become a liability ??

      I suspect the PM is currently skating pretty close to the brink. (And now we are into mixed metaphors. I’d better quit before I fall too far behind . . . )

  3. My fear is reading the garbage from Hoskins” mouth in today’s NZ Herald, is that when things turn to custard and we have Kiwi fatalities these hawks and the MSM will just get more rabid and press for greater involvement to get “revenge” we will end up like the bulk of USA citizens scared of our own shadows and screaming for more blood to protect the homeland. This will get much worse before it gets any better.

  4. Thank you again Frank. The two separate speeches by Key, well summarizes the present situation we find ourselves.

    To summarize John Key –

    and when young Kiwi military personnel start arriving home in body bags, the title of WAR CRIMINAL can be added to the ever growing list!

    Now when is the Governor General going to perform his constitutional duty on behalf of the people of NZ and the Crown and dismiss this treasonous government and have Key face criminal charges?

    Surely to Christ the past seven years and now recent events from Key is enough to give him reason to act!

    • The people of NZ have proven themselves to be gulible suckers. Don’t blame money merchant, populist pop PM Key. Blame the selfish, mindless idiots who vote for him.

  5. The reality is that more people support assisting Iraq than are against it. So it is a win win situation for Key and he will come out of his smelling like roses. And lets be serious, Isis will kidnap any foreigner as history has told us, we will be no more at risk than as we were before.

    • Hugh good work investigating this.

      So Key lied yet again!

      We surely must have enough to lay a public petition to Governor general to investigate improper parliamentary procedure over the cabinet approval to send us to war without both the security council resolution or the UN blessing add this to a disallowed MP house vote including all MPs, as a democratic right?

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