Sharpening The Stick At Both Ends: Lord of the Flies comes to Parliament


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THE PRIME MINISTER’s conduct in the House of Representatives yesterday afternoon was disgraceful. It is doubtful if any of John Key’s predecessors have ever displayed such contempt for the dignity of their office. Shouting across the chamber in a manner which has been described, with considerable justification, as unhinged, Mr Key looked and sounded like someone on the verge of unleashing physical violence.

“Get some guts! Join the right side!”, the Prime Minister screamed at the Opposition benches – as if it was an argument.

What happened then was, if anything, even more unnerving that John Key’s out-of-control demagoguery. As he dropped, exhausted, into his seat, the Prime Minister’s colleagues leapt to their feet, roaring and clapping.

Watching them on television, it was difficult not to mentally superimpose upon the screen the 1930s black-and-white footage of thousands of ecstatic Germans hoisted to their feet by the frenzied ravings of the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. If those National Party MPs had stretched out their right arms and begun chanting “Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!”, it could not have been any more outlandish than the Prime Minister’s own conduct.

It is to be hoped that, having had 24 hours to reflect upon their conduct during yesterday’s debate on the Cabinet’s decision to deploy close to 150 troops to Iraq, Mr Key’s parliamentary colleagues are feeling appropriately shamefaced. Because, in the course of delivering his response to the other party leaders’ near-unanimous opposition to the Government’s announced troop deployment, Mr Key crossed a vital constitutional line.

Parliament’s rules, its “Standing Orders” insist that all members are “Honourable Members” – and must be treated as such. Without this rule, the conduct of the legislature’s business would rapidly descend into rancorous disorder. Rational debate would become impossible – raising the spectre of MPs coming to blows on the Floor of the House. It has happened many times in other jurisdictions, it would be tragic if it happened here.

Parliamentary democracy is a brittle thing and very easily broken. All it takes is for those who have agreed to abide by its rules to suddenly renege on their agreement. The vulnerability and fragility of democratic institutions is captured brilliantly by William Golding in his famous novel, Lord of the Flies.

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In the story, a group of English school-boys, stranded on a desert island, create a democratic assembly in which all important decisions are debated. Anyone wishing to speak at these gatherings asks for and is given a beautiful conch shell which, while held, guarantees the holder a fair hearing. The boys’ final descent into barbarity occurs when Jack, driven by his lust for power and control, kills the cleverest boy on the island, Piggy, as, conch in hand, he attempts to persuade the boys to keep working together. The murder weapon is a giant boulder which Jack dislodges from above. Piggy is crushed, and the conch shatters into a thousand pieces on the rocks below.

Yesterday, in the House of Representatives, John Key became Jack. His intemperate outburst, bristling with insults and barely concealed threats against everyone who dared to speak out against his government’s decision to commit New Zealand to another war in the Middle East, was as unprecedented as it was chilling. If not shattered, the delicate conch shell of parliamentary democracy was very roughly handled.

Tellingly, instead of reacting to their leader’s extraordinary display with the same stunned expression of horrified disbelief as the Opposition, the faces of the Government members registered only the most delirious approbation.

In Lord of the Flies, Jack’s followers whisper darkly that their leader is “sharpening his stick at both ends”. It is a metaphor well suited to this Government’s announced intention to not only deploy troops to the Middle East, but to pass legislation further strengthening the powers of the security and intelligence services. The same Parliament which the Executive refused to entrust with a vote on the Iraq Deployment, will soon be asked to invest that same Executive with even more powers to keep the New Zealand people under surveillance.

After catching a glimpse of the Jack that lurks beneath the mask of genial John, the House of Representatives would be most unwise to oblige the Prime Minister in this regard. Or, at least, not before he gives proof that he accepts and understands that the Labour, Green and NZ First parties (and, in the case of the Iraq Deployment, the Maori and United Future parties as well) constitute Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

That these parties have rejected the Government’s decision to re-join the Middle East conflict is both their right and their duty. In saying “No.” they are representing the very substantial number of New Zealanders who do not want their soldiers in Iraq. These people are not gutless. Nor are they on the wrong side of the argument merely because the Prime Minister believes himself and his government to be on the right side.

The aggression and intolerance which the Prime Minister displayed in the House yesterday afternoon should fill all New Zealanders with a deep sense of foreboding. If the Iraq Deployment gives rise to deadly reprisals by Islamic State, it is by no means clear that this government’s response will be either rational or restrained. Those who hold the conch of free speech in their hands will need to keep their eyes open and their backs against the wall.


  1. Well said, Chris. If the media continue to repeat that horrific sound-byte and his party’s mindless coalescence, we must object, not only to the callous display of puppetry displayed by Key and his cohorts (to the US regime), but also to the media toadies playing into his hands. Such fallacious “oratory”. Who wrote that crap?!

  2. Deep down Jack would like nothing better than a terror attack on domestic soil to silence his opposition. Jack is without argument, a heavily entrenched psychopath with heavily entrenched psychopathic skills. Through the veil emerges regularly, a cold hatred for his countrymen for no other reason than holding an opposing view. His barely contained rant to the house in 2003 was similarly unhinged and venomous in character, notably on the exact same subject, although ISIL is the new Saddam now. Is it the subject matter of war that stimulates this frenzied behaviour? A deep sense of foreboding is exactly what I have. Jack is an extremely dangerous man … and collectively we’re Piggy.

      • canada, england and oz are further along the the scripted game plan, now nz is in the sheep race to experience some ‘event’ to polarize public opinion for the manufactured war, dont buy it if anything happens, as bad as the beheadings etc are there are far worse things happening every day aroung this planet – the amplification of those events and doing them in your back yard – as bad as they are are is to shock citizens to run a certain way, dont be a sheep, be objective, a lot of people can see it so easy now, its getting rediculous

  3. After witnessing Key’s intimidating and threatening behaviour yesterday towards opposition to his decision to involve NZ in Iraq, followed by his MPs rapturous applause in response to his disturbing outburst, gives reason to consider the point, is this an indication of what we can expect from Key and his government in the future?

    If it is, then NZ is in trouble. Big trouble!

    • Dead right. Trouble indeed. And the fact that he has lined up his insidious spy agencies behind him, we have everything to fear. One “terror attack” in our borders, spy capabilities as exposed by Snowden, new laws brought in under the guise of terror threats, and then our dear leader “Kim John Con” will probably find reason to suspend elections, …he will see a threat from the left wing Greens as a destabilising threat to the country helping terrorists, with evidence not to be revealed because of national security interest and have to suspend all other parties and temporarily close parliament and the next stage would be to find a conspiracy with Labour…then we would end up with a one party state led by der Fuhrer ….Gee, where have I seen that all before……and we all sit there asking ourselves… the hell did we let that happen. You sit there reading that and say, this guy is nuts. Well, I happen to be a history teacher, and teach World War Two History. And, believe it or not, this is exactly how Hitler came to power and it was gradual, and progressive and the German people were a thriving democracy under an MMP system of Government. They were convinced to give up their democracy to perceived external and internal threats (made up) such as Socialism/Communism…..they must have been asking themselves years down the track…”how the hell did we let that happen”

  4. Ahhh … @ Chris Trotter . Indeed . It was a hideous , odious display of the coward in full , yet safe and secure cry . Anyone can say anything from behind the safety net of an environment such as the House of Representatives . He knew his sickly showmanship would strike home at the morons who voted for the sly little shit, to say little of his minions in waiting sitting on their fat arses on OUR plush seats in OUR House of Representatives being paid OUR money to behave like craven fools . Six figure monkeys dancing to their Masters tuneless rantings

    ” – raising the spectre of MPs coming to blows on the Floor of the House. – ”
    you say .

    About time , I say .

    The greedy , eagerly and enthusiastically power craving , arrogant, yet to be charged, criminal that is our Prime Minister is must go . There can be no argument about that . Sadly , the mechanism to facilitate that is clearly in direct action . Before he does ever more terrible harm to us as a small country , a country who’s only fault is that it’s too beautiful and rich in resources for its own good .

    • Ae, tautoko Countryboy, we are deep in the proverbial and we don’t even know it. Excellent post Trotter, Key’s performance was an embarrassing, illuminating and revealing display by a leader who has lost all perspective, and has no argument. “Join the right side” ffs! Now, which way is that feckin’ revolution?

    • Exactly, monkeys. I know i would rather watch the real monkeys than our primitive primate prime minister and his gang of goons, what a total joke. It would actually be hilarious if it wasn’t so fucken serious! Karma will bite them in the arse.

  5. Well summed up Chris,
    This hideous screaming approach to other MP’s in Parliament was indeed a true show of the sinister side of this radical Hitler style man that is deep inside his cynical aggressiveness.

    Our Parliament has been dragged down to a schoolyard scrap forum rather than a respectful place of constructive debate with dignity.

    Shame on Key the corrupt clown.

    We have a dictator at our door and we should worry.

  6. In all seriousness, Key has drawn a line in the sand. Whether you agree with him or not, we all know where he stands, and deserves some respect for that, just like Clark and Muldoon when they respectively had strong opinions on issues we either did or did not agree with.

    • Key did not draw a line in the sand. He ranted and kicked sand into everyone’s eyes. Moreover I do not find him convincing. Muldoon would have killed him with a one-liner. Not that I liked Muldoon, but Key is a mere shadow.

      • Key doesn’t have an ounce of intelligence on Muldoon, who would have stared at Key and given him that pronounced…heeghhh!
        That would have shut key up until he said something intelligent!
        For all Muldoon’s faults and where he stood politically, even though he was a midget physically, he was a giant compared to this grovelling prick!

        • I didn’t like the man, however we knew where we stood with Muldoon. What we saw was exactly what we got. Unlike the great fraud Key.

  7. As I watched the clip of his very carefully coached and rehearsed little tantrum, I mean “speech”, I wasn’t reminded of anyone from the 1930’s.
    I was reminded of my visit to the Hamilton zoo, watching the monkey flinging shit.
    And the other monkeys peeing, impressed by their “alpha”.

    • I think you are right. The truly horrible thing about this is that the whole performance, including the rapturous applause, has been deliberately orchestrated to pick up votes from the red-neck voters who now run this country. I am sure that the government will have run this past their focus groups and received a positive response. The next opinion poll will be a lift for Key. Isn’t that truly frightening?

      • Absolutely @DD it was so orchestrated – and lifted straight from the Goering playbook:
        “Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don’t want war neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
        – Hermann Goering, President of the Nazi Reichstag

  8. Key must go hes mentally unbalanced.
    In his fear of failing his American bosses he totally lost his mind hes so used to getting his own way when thwarted,he had a nasty tantrum showing his true nature,and his fools behind him cheered .
    A real picture of Hitler screaming at the crowds with a manic look on his face and his followers shouting zieg heil , look what happened to Germany.
    Fortunatly his mps are the only ones cheering like the fools they are
    shame on them all
    .Key is a bully and his mps his gang members.
    If this account of his screaming mentally unbalanced behaviour goes viral on the internet he will be deemed crazy.

    • Key’s MP’s will all be wearing brownshirts soon….The imagery is actually quite astounding.
      Why have we not got those political skits on TV anymore. The John Olivers of New Zealand are really missing. NZ TV seems to be doing such an injustice with our political news, or have they all been bought off by the system? Or are they all so pathetic? I cannot work it out. Humour would be the best way to expose Key and his nasty gang of thugs. Take the piss out of him and his spy laws, his creepy allegiance to UK/USA et al….Humour and good comedy would expose the lot!

  9. I saw a replay of the said incident. The man is a total embarrassment to this country and its traditions.

  10. To add to my previous post. On Tuesday in Parliament, Key was irrational, giving a performance comparable to that of a rabid beast!

    Confirmed the man is as mad as a meat axe! Caution!

      • Well i’ll say it – he was full of piss and wind – half cut. Jokey wasn’t even in the house when Phil Goff spoke just minutes before and he walks in and starts screaming – yeah – theres one at every bbq!!!

  11. Disgraceful theatrics to justify an unpopular and undemocratic decision, exacerbated by the fact Key was unable to put it to a vote because of Mike Sabin. On a side note, how come the Main Stream Media is all over Carmel Sepuloni’s mother’s court case, but not Mike Sabin’s?

    Key’s handlers, appealing to right-wing jingoism, are justifying our part of “the club”. Not only will it make NZ a target of the ‘burners, beheaders and fanatics”, but it will then act as justification for more stringent ‘homeland security’ measures in Aotearoa. That lurches New Zealand even further towards a fascist state, lauded over by “the most popular Prime Minister ever” [cough, splutter]

    New Zealand’s citizens abroad and at home are now target for fanatics because of Key’s decision. Lange will be remembered for his courage to put up with the “uranium on the breath”, Key will be remembered internationally and domestically for a frothy-mouthed, red-faced shampolectic rant, while sharpening a stick at both ends.

    “The rules!” shouted Ralph, “you’re breaking the rules!”
    “Who cares?”
    Ralph summoned his wits.
    “Because the rules are the only thing we’ve got!”
    But Jack was shouting against him.
    “Bollocks to the rules! We’re strong – we hunt! If there’s a beast, we’ll hunt it down! We’ll close in and beat and beat and beat-“

    • Good point. . .And that is clearly the intention. The end game.

      This whole ‘problem, reaction, solution’ , . . . mission creep has been ongoing since 9/11 and is only going to get worse until we all conform and become silenced, wont be long until dissent here at home will be considered terrorism. As it is, . . .believing a lie is the only option, knowledge of truth can be dangerous, . . . or at least, marginalizing (conspiracy theorist/mentally ill (crack pot)).

      It used to be that our spy/security organizations spied on the enemy, . . now they are spying on us, . . .what does that say?

  12. 333

    Key is closely following Germany’s 1933-39 control of the masses and you are very correct, so that was a good call.

    When are the Media Muppets going to wake up before we are all controlled like Germany’s 1930’s population was by the dictator of that day?

  13. Thank you Chris. I totally concur.

    After 70 years of life and 50 in the workforce, one truism I have seen confirmed time and time again: that the agenda, the ‘tone’ if you like, is set at the top. For good or ill. No matter whether it be in business, the workforce, sports teams, or in governance. the leader sets the agenda and the followers- for the most part – copy it. Good leaders produce good followers; evil leaders produce evil followers.

    What a sad, spiteful, even hateful agenda our PM is setting. It’s the antithesis of statesmanlike.

    With such agenda-setting at the top, I am genuinely beginning to fear for the future of our country….

  14. J K has said he speaks for NZers. That’s not true. The misrepresentation makes me sad. It makes me angry.
    Involvement should be with UN – not the ‘club’

  15. Thank you Chris and all the great comments here in support.

    BF – well said, ‘the leader sets the agenda and the followers- for the most part – copy it.’ It looks like the agenda has been set and now prepare for the common use of abuse and threats as democratic debate!

    I think the most cynical thing of all is that behind this ‘performance’ is a global agenda and it has everything to do with power and finances and nothing to do with morality or bravery.

      • Perhaps he has grown tired of observing the nuances of civilised debate and acting like an adult in what has become a schoolyard sandpit filled with bullies and sycophants who do all in their power to avoid constructive rhetoric? It’s all about winning the argument, not about achieving the best outcome, as to do so you may need to concede that your point-of-view was limited, or heaven forbid, incorrect.

        Just for the record, I do not support or even like very many of his policies, I just feel that he is one of a select few in Parliament who act as though the title Honourable has any meaning to them.

      • For family and personal reasons Dan. So he can spend more time with his young family.

        Ian Fletcher and Mike Sabin have also resigned for *family and personal reasons* as well.

        Did I hear you question the latter two’s resignations? Don’t think I did!

  16. “Standing Orders” insist that all members are “Honourable Members” – and must be treated as such.

    Absolutely agree with the general sentiment of the post.

    Apart from that, I have been toying with the idea of writing to the Speaker of the House along the following lines:

    In what way is it acceptable for the ‘prime minister’ of this country to refer to his parliamentary colleagues using such derogatory terms as “BOY”? – This is the term that John Key is drew upon conclude his address to Russel Norman after Norman’s reply during debate on sending troops to Iraq.

    There was another equally, if not more derogatory term/expletive used to refer to another member of the opposition by Key as well during that ‘debate’/’discussion’, but the specifics of it, unfortunately, escape my aging memory cells for the moment.

    Last year on several occasions in the House, Key referred to The Greens as “the looney party” and in similar equally derogatory (if not infantile and imbecilic) terms.

    As an example of respect to one’s colleagues in the house, this sort of behaviour is nothing short of disgusting. It is not the kind of inane behaviour that the tax-payers of this country sign up to when they vote in a general election. Nor is it what they should have to expect as on-going tax-payers/ involuntary funders of parliamentary salaries.

    I realise I am probably wasting my time, but in my opinion the speaker should ‘throw the bugger out’ – oops – I mean ‘order the Prime Minister to leave’ whenever he chooses to exhibit this kind of derogatory and disrespectful behaviour.

    After all, ordering someone who behaves badly (usually a man, it appears) is hardly precedent-setting for the Speaker of the House.
    (Ask Winston Peters, or Trevor Mallard, if you don’t believe me.)

    The standard of behaviour in the house as currently exhibited is neither RIGHT nor HONOURABLE, if you see what I mean.

    It is the Speaker’s job to do something about that.

    • Weirdly, our voting system is MMP but our parliamentary system is FPP (old 2-party Westminster). Terms such as the “government” and “Her Majesty’s loyal opposition” have no place in a modern democracy. The antagonistic system leads to gainsaying as its oen end – and when there is informed substantial opposition it gets characterised as gainsaying. The system is well past its use by date.
      As a first step, remove the ridiculous herding of MPs into their “packs”. Seat MPs either randomly or alphabetically around the chamber – that small change would effect a huge change of behaviour.

  17. Our flag at the moment, that IS OUR NZ flag and the RSA have said quite loudly “DO NOT CHANGE IT’……Perhaps we should start a petition and put it to the army first,… saying …..
    “We the soldiers of NZ will only go and fight YOUR fight if we do so under the current NZ Flag and stop this stupid debate about changing the flag and save that $26 Million for a referendum and use that money to pay for our body bags, the trip home and our funerals. Together with paying for the upping of the security services around our airports and security in our cities awaiting for the Terrorist backlash for fighting in someone else’s war !!!”

    Like Lambs to the slaughter our troops will go, so John “Sociopath” Key can increase his almighty GDP and add to the Economy of NZ as well as please his Puppet Master Obama. Taxpayers will Have to accept that the Nats will have to BORROW MORE MONEY to fund our share of a war that is NOT OURS..and add to the already huge debt of almost $100 BILLION (yes BILLION) that NZ has.
    All the while, he will sell the LIE to the sheep of NZ that we need to sign the TPPA to help us earn more money to pay off our overseas debts, but in fact, that will put us in an even more VULNERABLE position than we have ever been in, in the History of NZ, and we will not be able to get out !!!. Wake up NZ

  18. It’s been a long slow dawning for many, as to who the real John Key really is.
    Bomber tried to warn everyone on National Radio quite a while back, but all he got was ‘the sack’. Well now we’ve seen what a real ‘piece of work ‘ he truly is.
    He has now taken a sleepy back water , minding their own business country and stuck a massive bulls eye on its forehead alerting one of the most dangerous radicalised cults to have a look at us .
    Who in their right mind would poke a stick at a ‘pitbull’ on ‘p’.
    A ‘fuckwit’ , that’s who !!!

  19. Totally agree. Also anyone who wants to hear a real speech should watch Russell’s. It was fantastic. The best speech I have heard for a long time in this country.

    • totally agree save NZ ..twas just about to write so..

      John Key didnt need to perform that bit of pathetic theatre to make a fool of himself…. .Russell Norman did that very nicely thank you very much… with his excellent speech on why it is nothing but a farce. All the pro A
      merican/Israeli warmongering supporters sitting in parliament that day would have surely been squirming in there seats with embarrassment …or are they that stupid?..or just plain corrupt.

    • @ Save NZ
      Yes I agree with you. Russel’s speech was brilliant. He will be sorely missed from Parliament, particularly by us ordinary Kiwi folk.

      Key would never debate with him, because he knows Russel Norman would make a mess of him without even trying!

      Pity Norman is going and we are stuck with the filthy arse pick Key!

  20. At last,Kiwi’s have woken.

    The whole world is awakening and we have a little catching up to do. to keep up with the play.

    Lies,deception and outright propaganda from Government and
    Corporate Media are now at historic levels.

    The Internet Reformation is a process,not an episode. – browse Glossary,under Archives.

    Excellent post,Chris. Great comments.


  21. Ranting and raving! Where’s his sense of gravitas? If he ever had one. Is his decision legal without a vote in the House.

  22. Who would have thought the initial thrust for control of the world by the New World Order would take place here in NZ.
    But it does make sense when you look at all the other “experiments” we have had thrust upon us.

  23. In “Wake up New Zealand” this morning an article states that isil is American invented and run by America, American interests want Syria and Iraq under their control, it also state America is the “terrorists”of the world” read the article its very revealing.
    John Key knows this and still will commit millions of dollars to a fake war and risk getting our soldiers killed by American frauds,some who will maybe be set up to invoke the support of countries with John Keys so called guts, he is a traitor, time for NZto realise it at last and do something.
    All the MPs behind John Key surely don’t want NZ ruined.on the news this morning.
    I watched tv 3 (first time since the election)Jacinda Ahern went against Jamie lee somebody , what an arrogant berk, a clone of John Key talking about the Dong lui donation to National,his dismissive attitude to Jacinda
    was sickening, what is the fate of NZ with these self righteous know alls coming up in the ranks.

  24. An example of just how bad and nasty John Key is shown by him appointing Sabin as chair of the Law & justice committee …..

    I’m waiting for Key to reappoint Clint Rickards as police commissioner and give Graham Capill back his old job as a police prosecutor.

    The returning to the mess that the u.s.a created in Iraq with their first invasion is very handy in its timing for Key.

    This ‘War’ we are going to will take attention from the stench of Sabin, Sky-corp dodgy deals and Nationals Donghua Liu dirty politics smear job on Labor …..

    P.s John Key and Mike Sabin have had a young Nat baby

  25. Dear John,

    Just because Jihadi John’s
    Cut off many heads of late,
    You don’t have to copy him
    By beheading all debate…

    And if you really must…,
    Lift a leaf from his book:
    Do it very ‘cool and couth’,
    Sans frothing at the mouth.

    And thanks Dear John, again,
    For turning us, for no real gain,
    – Without any proper debate –
    Into mad dogma-buggers’ bait.

    & friends

  26. Who is/are this/these psychotic(s) who come about voting down comments without any constructive rebuttal or opposing viewpoint?

    • Such people were termed ‘cyber warriors’ when part of Barack Obama’s election strategy. Their job is to run interference on constructive debate/discussion to try to prevent it from arriving at a coherent resolution. A small but essential part of dirty politics – they might even be getting paid for it.

    • @ 333 –

      Don’t bother about these negative trolls. They come over here to visit TDB from time to time, probably from Whaleoil or some other FJK loving blog site, to give their fingers some exercise. Pity they can’t exercise their brains as well!

      Obviously what these idiots don’t realize is the fact their visits increase the volume of readers/visitors to TDB.

    • Hmmmm, perhaps not all. I reserve judgement that we are ruled by reptilian Grey aliens from Zeta Reticulii, until such time as I see a wee bit more evidence. Perhaps an interview with the Grand Overlord on BBC’s “Hard Talk”, by the brilliant Stephen Sackur?

      • Frank;

        At it again,I see. Ridicule and Distraction.

        She did say many. [not all].

        You can leave the gate open now.

        The sheep have bolted!


      • a lot of them, maybe not all 🙂
        – its a simple formula – people react in certain was, you think of your family, you local town, people like you, being bombed, the ones bombing them are collectively perceived as the west, what would you do if you had nothing to live for and nothing to loose and ‘your ‘ people where being wiped out by this conglomeration of countries – add to that the rigid religious principles of islam, chritianity is as bad in extreme conditions, so, further interfering and bombing them will ensure a war that goes on for generations, ‘they (the keys of this world) ‘ cant be that stupid, unless that is what ‘they’ want, which it is, why would any one wont such a thing? you can figure that out if you havent already

        • Jennifer;

          Unfortunately, that IS what “THEY” want.

          A relatively small group of Global Elite,from my readings,
          that may total about 3,000 people aprox.

          They usually control both sides of most conflicts.

          Including WW2,after which the UN,IMF,etc were set up
          and resulted in the European countries control by the EU.

          “The West” are controlled by these people.NZ included.

          The heads of our Gvts are mere puppets,Obama included.

          We are all slowly being put on a war footing by this manufactured “War on Terror” with further civil rights eroded and more “austerity” to come.

          Their goal? Global Governance.

          Visit on a regular basis.

          Understand the info contained in
          glossary [under archive] See my comment above.
          Or Martyn Bradbury’s article on subject.

          Refer to your family and friends because mass awakening
          may be the only way to get these guys to pull their horns in.[no pun intended]

          It is also important to prepare for what’s to come.


          • when citizens start using general common sense, much of the game will be over – the middle east people are not some type of mutant demons, any more than their general perception the citizens of the west are demons, both sides have been shepherded along certain lines, it could just as well be the west being b0mbed – if it worked more efficiently for the agenda of the elite. they are you, shooting them up is shooting yourself – while the real enemy are harmless appearing – like key

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