Corruption and the SkyCity Convention Centre Deal? Do we need a Public Inquiry?


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I googled ‘SkyCity Convention Centre cost-benefit analysis’. The first three findings are ‘Close to Corruption‘ in NBR, ‘SkyCity Convention Centre Short on Seats’ from NZ Herald and ‘SkyCity Deal Doesn’t Add Up: Treasury‘ on Stuff .

In this last piece from July 2013, Andrea Vance reports that “In a briefing paper to cabinet ministers, economic development ministry officials note that Treasury was “not convinced by the cost benefit analysis” for the centre. It said New Zealand already attracts a “disproportionate share” of the convention centre market. International arrivals for conferences have plateaued since 2005 and international research showed a low net public benefit of conference centres. “These considerations lead Treasury to doubt that an expanded conference centre in Auckland will attract significantly more international conference attendees.”The paper also laid out Treasury officials’ concerns about gambling.”Public costs will only go to private gain,” it said, once the initial costs of constructing the centre are paid off. “Treasury has strong concerns that private benefits to SkyCity will exceed public benefits to New Zealanders.”

Given this and the extraordinary events of last week, should there be a public inquiry into the Government’s dealings with the Casino giant, the integrity of the original tender process and the role played by the Prime Minister (described in last Saturday’s NZ Herald by Fran O’Sullivan as “shamelessly bypassing good governance procedures”) negotiating a deal that has delivered ‘private benefits to SkyCity that exceed public benefits to New Zealanders’?


  1. Yes. Definitely yes. We all know it won’t happen though. It is a daily menu of disasters from this incompetent, corrupt govt and nothing ever seems to come of it. We have seen corruption being tolerated time and time again. While it looked like Judas may have been a casualty, it seems she just took one for the team and will be back before long. This deal is as corrupt as it comes, any other PM would have been long gone.
    Why is FJK and his sinisters being allowed to get away with their abuse of the citizens of NZ? Where are all the official safeguards to protect us from this kind of blatant deceit and manipulation and theft of NZ’s wealth? IMO, FJK is very quickly running this country into bankruptcy. The debt that they have immersed us in, where did that phenomenal amount of money go? While they’ve been borrowing all this money, they’ve been gutting essential services, like bio-security, and also raising all kinds of new revenue with sly taxes placed on services that should be free. The only financial genius going on in the beehive is the theft of NZ.

  2. Yes for sure we need an INDEPENDENT enquiry into the corruption that permeates the Sky tower so called “Deal” and have Key and his henchman Joyce at the centre.

    If only we had an Independent Corruption watchdog agency as Australia does we would already have one under way.

    Independent Commission Against Corruption Website

    Independent Commission Against Corruption Website … Abstracts are invited from potential speakers to present at Australia’s premier anti-corruption conference.

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