Labour cut Green’s nose off despite mass surveillance face


As part of the new Labour Party rebrand to appeal to the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind, Labour have to over compensate in all the areas where the sleepy hobbits think they are weak, and national security is according to Labour one of those places.

Mass surveillance apparently reminds NZers too much of Kim Dotcom so Labour have rolled over on 24 hour warrantless spying for the SIS and this decision to deny the Greens a position of oversight on the Intelligence Services…

Government’s spy review deal angers Greens
The Government has sewn up a deal with Labour to ensure no minor parties are on the parliamentary committee overseeing a major review of the intelligence services.

The move left the Green Party fuming. Co-leader Dr Russel Norman said that an illegal spying scandal occurred under the watches of both major parties.

…you would think the SIS colluding with the PMs Office to falsify information to smear Phil Goff months out before the 2011 election on a far right hate speech blog and our spy services telling the NSA new legislation rammed through Parliament would allow for mass surveillance would force Labour to demand a hell of a lot more in terms of democratic oversight.

But no. Labour didn’t want to be painted by National as allowing a former anarchist like Metiria into a sensitive intelligence oversight role because Labour is chasing the middle and the middle are intellectually intimidated by soy lattes, so appointing Metiria would just allow National to stir up all that again and muddy Labour’s ‘JOBS.JOBS.JOBS’ mantra for the next 3 years.

Similar to the way Labour slit MANA’s throat in Te Tai Tokerau, Labour is more focused on controlling the losing team rather than losing control of the winning team.

It’s moves like this that give truth to the possibility Labour are always going to cut a minority coalition deal with NZ First and leave the Greens in the cold again. The reality for left voters is that they either like this or lump it, because where else are they going to vote?

With ‘allies’ like Labour and The Standard – who on earth needs enemies?


  1. Deeply depressing in its implications for the future of anything other than a right or far right coalition running New Zealand

    • Labour are so far from their roots that they are dyed blonde! They should disappear because they are pointless. They don’t hold to their roots neither do they become a constructive opposition. They are fast becoming either a different coloured carbuncle on National’s arse or completely irrelevant, which no matter what pantomime head they place upon it can distract from tis ugliness.

  2. It’s fucking weird isn’t it ?

    Everybody out there ( And by everybody , I mean those few weak-tea political opponents. ) hates the current political status quo and yet no one wants to piss it off ????

    I mean ? If you go to the trouble of organising a rally , get fuckin’ crazy ! Not just mooch along as if heading to the gallows ! Chuck a brick ! Say many ‘fuck’ words ! Get angry for Christ’s sake ! It’s YOUR lives THEY’RE fucking around with . I’ve seen people get angrier over a dead cat !
    Show no fear !
    Never say please !
    Do first, apologise later !

    Then? Once they’re in jail , their assets have been stripped to reimburse NZ , the tar has been painted and the feathers have been stuck? Then we can have a Chardonnay and cheese on crackers .

  3. Spot on there Martyn.

    Where did all those enquiries go that were ordered on the Key/Ede issue?

    Maybe opposition should order an enquiry into sky tower debarkle?

    • Just goes to show doesn’t it. Shearer won’t ask questions or rock the boat. Metiria would and because of that she hasn’t got ‘skills, understanding or experience.’ What a patronising, dumb ass git.
      The real light is now beginning to show. And he’s fkn boring.

  4. What do you mean, “Where else are we going to vote!”

    MANA of course, as I did last time!

    If you vote for Labour you should vote for National. Why vote for the monkey when you can vote for the Organ-grinder.

    Labour has been a lost cause since 1984. Wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole!

    Keep up the good work Hone!

    • Can anyone say what is happening to the Internet Party? As far as I can recall they are meant to have an AGM in March.

  5. The Greens should have been on the committee. God I despair, why do Labour have to fuck everything up??? If they actually want to get into government they need to collaborate with the Greens or even NZ First – obviously they should be working closely with both.

    But no, just gets Shearer. Another wasted opportunity to show they are not NationalLite.

    Winston and Meteria should kick up blue murder over the legality of it.

    If Labour vote to keep the surveillance going, they are going to lose the election as it is such a big issue, it will split the left vote.

    I could not vote Labour if they vote for the surveillance bill again.

    Also Martyn is wrong. The surveillance issue was the one that has got middle NZ up in arms. In spite of only giving a very short period of time for submissions apparently their was a record response from the public.
    Far from worrying about Dotcom they are more worried about a camera in their bedroom with no warrant for 24 hours or an Arthur Alan type situation. The SIS have been shown to be untrustworthy and politically influenced.

    Like with the Nuclear issue, Labour could be gone by lunchtime like Brash with this one. It is a fundamental human right and national identity to have a passport and not been surveilled without court approval and real evidence to support it.

    I have been trying to support Labour, but if they fuck this one up again, they won’t even be getting my electorate vote, next time.

    labour sweat the small stuff and stuff up on the big ‘moral ethical sovereignty human rights issues’. But they don’t even understand it or realise the public actually does notice this and that is why their votes are declining.

  6. “If we want to give the Nats a bloody nose in Northland, we need to lobby the Labour Party to change their stance on deep sea oil drilling, and agree to work with the Green Party and the wider Left and Maori concerned about Kiatiaki of the North. We need to convince these Labour activists and members that that they need to work with all these potential allies, all who are opposed to deep sea oil drilling in Northland, and want to see Labour come on board with this Take.” PAT O’DEA

    “Bans for diversion pushing the Mana Northland line on authored posts will be to the end of by-election.”

    When the moderator of the Labour Party aligned website ‘The Standard’ Lynn Prentice, writes he will silence anyone who dares raise the idea of Labour and the Greens and the wider Left working together during the Northland by-election, which he calls the “Mana Northland Line”. To the end of that by-election, (and probably beyond). Then you know that the Labour Party have chosen a position in which they would rather have a National government in power, than work with Left or the Greens.

    Which is indeed the strategy that informed Labour’s behaviour towards the Greens and Mana during the last general election and looks likely to be their strategy again in the next general election. Even if this sectarian strategy again leads to a further National led coalition.

    Shame on them.

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