How different is Labour’s re-invasion of Iraq from National’s re-invasion of Iraq?



It looks like we are going to join this pointless and immoral re-invasion of Iraq. Every week Key pushes the case for war by highlighting the internet atrocities of ISIS while totally ignoring the atrocities of America’s allies.

Saudi Arabia behead more people than any other country, I haven’t heard John Key explain why we are invading them yet.

It’s not that something shouldn’t be done about ISIS, it should. We should be pressuring Saudi Arabia and Turkey to stop funding ISIS and seeing as ISIS only came to power because of the barbarity of the Iraq Government and the power vacuum created by America invading in the first place, suddenly hopping on the ‘we have to re-invade Iraq because that’s the cost of the 5 Eyes club’  bandwagon seems like an incredible ability to learn absolutely nothing from history.

But how far are Labour actually from where Key wants to go? Labour voted for warrantless 24 hour spying by the SIS and slapped down the Greens by locking them out of the Intelligence review – (despite the SIS and PMs Office getting caught red handed trying to influence the 2011 election by falsely smearing Goff). These tactical decisions are being driven by Labour’s desire to reconnect to the middle, and sadly the middle worship authority.  Over compensating by playing the macho man routine on National Security is a way for Labour to appeal to the middle and nothing gets the middle more excited than a war against an evil enemy.

Simplistic enemies who are evil are pretty easy to go to war against, complex regional powers funding sock puppet fanatical religious splinter groups fighting regimes as barbaric as they are however creases the foreheads of the middle. It is vital for Key to keep this war simple and the right wing media won’t risk boring the middle with the complexities, so Labour need to look like they love killing evil as well.

Which brings us back to how far apart Labour and National really are on this. National want boots on the ground and will pretend that the armed forces are ‘training’ and ‘safe behind the wire’ blah blah blah. Andrew LKittle doesn’t want to put boots on the ground, but he is happy for the NZ intelligence organisations to guide in air strikes for the American’s.

In Pakistan, America’s drone strikes are killing 49 civilians for every terrorist, that’s an incredibly high rate of innocent people being blown to pieces for freedom-democracy-war against barbarity – choose your justification.

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The differences between Labour and National on re-invading Iraq are marginal at best, but the desire to kill ISIS by Little will endear Labour to the middle.

Labour are well on their way to winning 2017, the only question is how many immoral, unprincipled, carcinogenic dead rats they have to swallow to get there.


  1. Martyn,

    Key is just a stool pigeon for the armaments industry Krupp ect’.

    Israel was provoking more conflict with Arabian countries also to deflect attention away form them so we are not surprised why Slater went to a secret meeting in Israel and maybe brokered Key to get involved tin more regional conflicts to get the global watchdogs off Israel and onto the Arabs again.

    Boy are we ever being taken to the cleaners by these war mongerers.

    Martyn your blogs are not coming up on the main page of new latest blogs and maybe many are not seeing your blogs?

    Can you enter them on the “Latest Blogs” line up again.


  2. When a country asks you for help in fighting against an invader, how can that be ‘invading’ that country?

  3. We know that you are not a supporter of Labour, but the struggle to improve government is not done any favours by partisan divisionalism. In the same way the spat between the Greens and Labour over representation on the Intelligence and Security Committee doesn’t really help. This was particularly true when we take a look at the arrogant and self-congratulatory pronouncements from Metiria Turei.

    Andrew Little needed to be on the committee, but knew he was light in this area and so needed the support of Shearer in this instance. It would be more appropriate to move to get the Greens included on a supernumerary basis. This might have been approached, initially at least, behind closed doors. Unless, of course, the Green strategy continues to be to attempt to destabilize a still shaky Left in the fatuous hope that one day they will inherit the leadership of the Left.

    I suspect you might like this outcome, too, Martyn. Unfortunately it would cement the power status quo in place for the foreseeable future. Realpolitik requires subtlety not sellout. Righteous indignation, along with $5.00 will get you a cup of coffee.

    • “Unless, of course, the Green strategy continues to be to attempt to destabilize a still shaky Left in the fatuous hope that one day they will inherit the leadership of the Left”…. That in a nut hell is the problem is it not? I welcome people to tell me that I am wrong, but I do not think at this point that I am.

  4. These MF need a bullet or at the least be locked up like the criminals they really are. The American petrol dollar is at stake here once again. The first invasion ( 2002 ) was exactly that, the Americans actually attack Iraq to re-affirm their interest ( re-install the petrol dollar currency ) the WMD and the big bad Sadaam was a front to cover the real reasons behind these tyrants big plan and they are willing to go to war with any country that threatens their interest and guess what we would also have to sacrifice our people for these very rich and greedy individuals.

    • Absolutely. Agree with you 100%. Labour wouldn’t do any different. We belong to the club now. We have to do as we’re told.

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