Malcolm Evans – lessons in free speech


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Malcolm Evans – lessons in free speech


  1. Keep up the Good Work Malcolm! You and your ilk are an important part in defending our democracy today!
    I remember that cartoon in the Herald and who you didn’t appear in that rag again!!!
    I can proudly say, that I cancelled my subscription and have never brought a Herald since. I will “prostitute” my-self and read some-one else’s or look at on the net but they haven’t had a cent of my money and never will, since that day.
    I would love to here the story of what happened to you that day, who put the pressure on, what was said etc! It was one of the worse days for “free speech” in this country and the Herald’s hypocrisy over “Charles Hebro” after what happened to you is breathtaking.
    Please can I request you to tell the story?

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