100 NZ soldiers off to kill for peace – time to protest at ANZAC Day?


The drum beat to re-invade Iraq dressed up as a fight against Terrorism is beating pretty loud now with revelations that the British have asked us to send 100 troops.

The anti-Muslim fear mongering Key has used to con the sleepy hobbits into agreeing with reinvading Iraq should go down in history as a bleak day for NZ, the reality is that this is the cost of the 5 eyes ‘club’ that Key wants to keep us in.

I think NZers with a social conscience must contemplate silent protests at ANZAC Day this year. How can we piously gather to remember the dead when the lessons of their deaths have been totally ignored by the Government?

Remember, before the election we weren’t going into this war, now after the election we have to fight Islamic terrorism because the wrongful invasion of Iraq by America the last time around has created a massive power vacuum which the Saudi’s have filled with dangerously crazy fundamentalists.

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This club has all the ethics of a pack rape.


  1. There would not be a more fitting place for a silent protest than the Anzac day parade. With signs asking why this govt is so intent on making more dead for the country to ‘honour’. Those very same men who will be honoured, died so that we wouldn’t have to. This is insanity, the irony of FJK being at an Anzac day parade, hell no.

  2. Key states that “we” will send troops to fight isis,who is this we ?
    The troops “we” are sending are peoples children,who joined the army as a career because no decent jobs around,Key is not sending his children nor are any Mps volunteering.
    Key will do anything to keep in with big corporations for they are the one who profit from war.
    The Tpp is expected to be signed in the next few months ,a lot of republicans and democratics in congress and senate dont even know the content of Tpp. Corporate lobbyists are working on them to sign the agreement .
    Australia is fighting big tobacco right now because they say plain packaging of their “cancer sticks” is losing them big profits and will sue the government .
    If john Key signs the Tpp and he is all for it, even knowing the repercussions. then our freedom is gone.
    If msm don’t tell the people and everyone remains in ignorance, Key will get away with it.
    Why is this crook still running this country,hes not interested in NZ
    The Governor General must be the ultimate stooge for hiding in plain sight to allow Key to ruin NZ.,he is just a token Queens representative
    Key has got all his ducks in a row to finalise his hand over of NZ to big corporations ,can no one stop him?

  3. If we must support anyone it should be the Kurdish Revolutionaries who recently liberated KOBANE.
    Western groups are apparently working to assemble an International Brigade for service in Kurdistan. Shade of 1930’s Spain.
    Western states really got behind the anti-fascist forces then-not.
    Maybe the this is the real reason for all the new anti terrorism laws.

  4. So why are we going back to Iraq

    Reason one
    Everyone else is. Really?

    Reason two
    ISIS are evil they chopped off someones head and threw some gay people off a building and have killed some Christians. On those grounds there are probably a dozen countries where similarly evil things are happening and to which we should send troops.

    The Plot (or who’s on our side)
    This is more complicated than a soap opera.
    Turkey(sunni) is fighting Isis( sunni; takfiri-salafist) but not too diligently as they want Isis to defeat Assad’s Syria (shia) oh and if they smack over the Kurds a bit as well that would be even better because no one likes them.
    Saudi Arabia (sunni; Wahhabi you know beheadings, amputations flogging zero rights for women) have dropped a few bombs on Isis mainly because they are pissed that Isis didn’t stay in Syria and are getting too close to the Saudi border.
    Iran (shia) supporting Assad so find themselves fighting along side the USA
    And America, (dumb arse Christians) they want Assad(shia) gone but defeated by an army of moderate sunni and where the fuck they will find that army is beyond me and al-Abadi’s Iraq (shia) saved.
    ITs all starting to look like Saddam Hussein was the best thing to happen to Iraq since Oh I don’t know some ancient Persian leader that Chris Trotter would know the name of

  5. If you are a woman say nothing about this and do not protest – at least not in public or you will be threatened by members of the Armed Forces, backed by the NZ Police. You will be threatened by rape with chainsaws by these men, they will threaten to run your children down in the street and they will publish your address on FB and encourage people to visit your house to rape you. And the NZ Police will smile and tell you no crime has been committed.

  6. This last paragraph sums it up nicely.
    “Remember, before the election we weren’t going into this war, now after the election we have to fight Islamic terrorism because the wrongful invasion of Iraq by America the last time around has created a massive power vacuum which the Saudi’s have filled with dangerously crazy fundamentalists.”
    What would be the point of sending NZ troops into this war. It is solely to give the outrageous offensive foreign policies of the USA some credibility that they do not deserve. It will invite retribution from middle eastern extremists and destroy NZ’s reputation and credibility among the world community. The world is bigger than USA and NATO.

  7. Key dosnt care what mayhem he inflicts on NZ, he wont be here to witness it.All Key cares about is pleasing his corporate bosses and trying to gain a reputation for being clever,but like a dog with bad owners he will be booted into touch once he is no longer useful,but he will leave behind the filth he dropped for someone else to clean up.

  8. We should stay out of the I.S.I.S. war. This has nothing to do with being green or a peacenik, and more – much more – to do with, there is no demonstrable risk that I.S.I.S. are going to attack here. I.S.I.S. have not said anything about the South Pacific and I hope they never do. If we want to show some military prowess, how about we sweep the Southern Ocean clean of illegal fishing trawlers?

  9. Already thinking about how I can protest for peace and against war during WWI commemorations and Anzac Day.

    So far ideas are do more chalking on the streets of Wellington in regard to this issue. Make up cardboard signs and attach to fences around the WWI sites.

    Looking forward to turning the upgraded Cenotaph into a ‘speakers corner’.

    Will check out some history and see what anti-war protesters have done in the past. Feel like getting dressed up and covered in fake blood, block some busy intersections around Parliament? Occupy some places, put up some posters, get involved in some anti-war groups. Mmmmm busy busy

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