Why it doesn’t matter that Key has been caught out lying again



There are two reasons why it doesn’t really matter that John Key has been caught out lying again over when he knew about Sabin’s ‘personal issues’. The first is that the right wing corporate media have already let Key off on the issue and their news producers will be starting to fret that the audience are bored and will move on. The NBR has come out and said Key knew in April, the rest of the right wing corporate media haven’t even caught up to that yet, they are still squabbling over late November or early December.

The second reason it doesn’t matter much that Key has been caught out lying again is that most rump National Party voters don’t care if Key is lying.

This is the real issue at heart here, NZers are allowing Key to get away with this. Even if the mainstream media were actually doing their job and holding the corporate liar to account, National voters still wouldn’t care. They loath Maori rights, women’s rights and beneficiary rights so anything Key does to harm those interests is worth putting up with any level of lying.

Key’s office instigated and co-ordinated a smear of a political opponent using the State spies months out from the 2011 election, if National voters are happy to allow an abuse of power that extreme, they will openly tolerate Key lying on any issue.

There are 2 types of National Party voter – millionaires and suckers.


  1. Yep, another day and another spectacular bullshit explanation. As sure as night follows day! But its par for the course, its our PM, sadly!

    And yet, for example, he will want us to believe that the TPPA is a good thing and that going to war in some form in the middle east is needed. But whatever the reason, right when NZ really needs to trust the word of the PM you can’t believe a God damn thing he says.

    But maybe the National rump will sit up and take notice of something else today, something near and dear to their self centred worlds, the very real fact that Auckland’s property market is seizing up, the big pillar of Nationals so called “Rock Star” economy, its even reported in the Herald. Record private debt and its so bad even people with higher incomes can’t afford a down payment and will struggle to pay off the loan. But right now in Realityville sellers are scared off because they fear, quite rightly, they will not be able to buy again and especially what they want and what they can afford.

    Now what John Key??

  2. you should use the phrase ‘assault charges’ coz that’s the truth isn’t it?

    Key has been out there muttering ‘personal matters’ or ‘personal family issues’ every chance he gets trying to minimise the controversial nature of this: that the Chair of the Law and Order select committee is being investigated for assault.

    It make me shiver with rage every time he tries to squirm out of giving an actual answer.

  3. How the hell are we to get to the truth, when this sinister PM is not confronted about his behaviour? That is the job of msm, which in NZ’s case, always downplays anything likely to challenge or threaten Key!

    Personally I’ve had a right gutsful of being lied to by Key, who not only abuses his station of office, but also abuses Kiwis in the process of his deception! I’m sure I’m not on my own in thinking this.

    Those who turn a blind eye to Key, by continually supporting him, need to realise they are equally as guilty of betraying their country as he is, probably more so, by keeping the stinking, rotten brand going without question!

    • “I’m sure I’m not on my own in thinking this.”

      You most certainly are not! Key and his crony government are a blatant affront to basically everything NZ used to stand for.

      • ‘everything NZ used to stand for’…off topic I know, but this phrase reminded me of an on-line video conversation I recently watched between John Cleese and Eric Idle of Monty Python fame.
        John Cleese brought up their 1960’s visit to this country, to which Eric Idle quickly interjected ‘our 1860’s visit you mean.’ They then followed up with a couple of restaurant misunderstandings. When one of them requested a banana split a perplexed waiter produced a ripe banana careful cut in half length-ways. A three egg omelette resulted in an omelette with three sunny-side eggs on top of said omelette.
        Now these stories may be fallacious but if we can’t laugh at ourselves we have no right to laugh at others…even Aussies!

  4. You argue that it doesn’t matter if John Key has been caught out lying again Martyn. There are two reasons you state for this;

    1) That the matter being debated is when Key knew of the investigation into Sabin and that NBR has already stated this was April, so arguing over November or December is irrelevant.

    2) That National voters won’t care that the person they’ve elected into office lies regularly.

    In response I’d counter that, 1) when Key knew of the Sabin investigation is of relevance to determine how much he has misled the New Zealand public, a little, or a lot. If he knew prior to the 2014 election this means an reputational issue that could have affected votes has been hushed-up. 2) Yes, National voters do seem to be terribly disinterested in John Key’s honesty, but how long do you think it will take them to figure out he’s lying to them too? The so-called $86 billion in debt “rock-star economy” that’s soon to implode is his biggest lie yet. They’ll realise this sooner or later, hopefully now rather than when the property market collapses under it’s own weight and their portfolios go from being worth a lot, to worthless.

    • Dont you mean the rockstar economy that’s floating on $101.8 billion dollars and growing of borrowed govt debt that is $22,000 + per person in this country

      • Really? $101.8B now? I really can’t keep up, let’s just call it an eye-watering amount which in no way reflects an economy doing well. After all, but the time I finish typing this it’s probably risen to $102B!

        • Remember this was the financial whizz-kid, the man with the Midas touch who was going to transform our country and economy from the purported plodding economic mismanagement of Labour (in reality, pragmatic policies that balanced the books) to untold wealth and riches. Funnily enough, there are plenty out there that believe this is what he’s doing despite the numbers in black and white showing the opposite (but as Chris Trotter observes – the conservative doesn’t deal in facts).
          Key spent a couple of years at the Federal Reserve, he knows the game inside out.
          $100bn+ in debt: it’s no accident, no cock-up, no consequence of the GFC/earthquakes/excuse of choice it’s the reduction of New Zealand to vassal state in which we beg for salvation. TPPA, TPPA, TPPA.

  5. There is a third type of National voter – the mindless drone – John Key says jump and they ask “how high?”

  6. Yip, it doesn’t matter how many times he lies. If it’s condoned once, it’s condoned indefinitely.
    I’m amazed and saddened that JK has carte blanche to serve himself, his friends and his career, lying and saying anything that he believes will protect himself and his cause while being elected for it. Because he’s a ‘nice guy.’
    If peoples get the government/leaders they deserve, JK’s position says so little about our public.
    Are we just non-political, or even anti-politics?
    Maybe this is condescending – for all I know, NZ’s overwhelmingly low-wage working-class public support an elitist and careerist neoliberal government. Perhaps democracy/majority rules can only ever yield the political outcome best-suited to the voters’ interests.
    But I’m inclined to think not – the politics scarcely makes the agenda, let alone the real-world implications for mass NZ interests. JK was voted in upon a personal basis – how cunning to make the electoral issue one of personality where the policies offer so little – btw, even here, I can’t for the life of me understand how JK even managed to ingratiate himself – he seems to have about as much charisma as a snake.

  7. My impression is the public have been subjected to such frequent lies and scandals to the point where most of the population are desensitised to them and ultimately accept them as commonplace.

    Who knows how far it will go? Probably will change when the millionaires and suckers start to suffer if or when the economy collapses. The one saving grace about this government is; the longer it remains in power; it can’t blame its problems on the last Labour government and will eventually have to be held accountable.

    This dry summer and all these lies, Key’s pants should combust at any moment.

  8. You are right. Fudging the issue of knowledge of an alleged assault really isn’t enough to disturb the supporters of a popular government, if the supporters of that government believe it’s acting in their best interests on issues that actually affect them.

  9. ok, but what IF a Prime Minister were found to have known about having a rock spider on his team and prevaricated for political convenience, would the electorate be concerned about that? At least one hopes they would be concerned for those directly affected by any offending.

    Conjecture only there are some out there blogs around.

    • If that blogger (based in Netherlands I think) is correct, that means John Key has been doing a Vatican and covering up for a child sex abuser.

      If this turns out to be true, surely that would be too much even for National Party supporters?

    • Dont think Key just plucked those names out of thin air.
      Key knows (as well as as I do) that they are both National supporters.
      The Mad butcher in particular is a fervent Key promoter .

      Keys spinners were probably banking on the MSM picking it up and cornering the Mad Butcher for comment -knowing full well that the MB would stick up for Key.

  10. Hang on . . . . isn’t the real issue here that a high-ranking Gov’t MP was charged with something, WAY, WAY back (assault maybe – i seem to have been very poorly informed by the MSM on THIS issue, surprise, surprise!).

    So what better way to create a smoke-screen, a media-diversion, call it what you will, than by making the “family issues” the centre-piece of the story.

    Ya never know, the actual charge – if there ever was one, might just disappear (miraculously or otherwise) in the smoke and mirrors machine, if the public are kept busy looking the other way . . .

    Which is just exactly what the PM wants – and usually gets, if recent past controversies (Collins, Fletcher, Ede are three names that spring to mind here) are anything to go by.

    Its all about “damage control” so please don’t get suckered in by the trivia that the Government is so busily wafting around to create a diversion.

  11. Wouldn’t it be amusing to see a political satire where FJK could also not tells lies to anyone as portrayed by Jim Carrey in “Liar,Liar,Liar”?

  12. You are right Martyn, it does not matter. We should be under no illusion about the fact that JK is more slippery than Eric the Eel and (as you mentioned a while back) he could eat a kitten live on television and he would be the kitten’s fault for being delicious. The only thing that will trip JK up will be his own arrogance. When you are forever surrounded by sycophants that believe you are God then sooner or later you will trip up and trip up badly. It will happen, hopefully just before the next election so voters don’t get a chance to forget about it before they cast their votes.

  13. John Key – the man who sold the world

    This line from the David Bowie song came up in my mind last night and for the first time I really understood what it meant

    John Key is selling something that isn’t even his to sell – “the world”

    And he’s sold it to a bunch of suckers – “the world”

    “Who me, oh no, I never lost control
    “You’re face, to face, with the man who sold the world”

  14. I still want to know why he had to take 20 bodyguards to Antarctica a few years ago. Who did he think was going to attack him? Penguins?!?!?

    • I wouldn’t be surprized if he thought there were big, blood thirsty polar bears living in the Antarctic , or may be he was worried a few had swum down from their melting home in the Artic.

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