The incredible disappearing news story of John Key caught lying over Mike Sabin


So yesterday, the NBR broke a story claiming they knew Key had lied about when he was told about Mike Sabin. Key claims early December, the NBR claims Key was told in APRIL of last year, not December…

NBR understands the PM was first made aware of the assault complaint in April last year, months before the September 20 ballot – and that the National Party knew before the 2011 election.

…so here is the largest openly right wing cheerleader of a Newspaper contradicting Key, so where are all the other news outlets on this astounding turn of events?

Here’s Stuff…

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 6.51.21 am

…and here’s NZ Herald

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 6.51.36 am

…what you say, how can this be? The NBR have caught and called Key out lying, yet NOT ONE MENTION of this in Fairfax or APN? Welcome to the tiny and spiteful news media culture of NZ. With independent news squeezed out between two Goliath’s the market have ended up creating, this duopoly of news refuses point blank to mention a competitor in the news market if the scoop isn’t generated by their side. What this culture leads to in NZ is that if any small news organisation gets a scoop, the big two completely ignore it, that’s why NBRs scoop hasn’t been run by any of the two largest media duopolies.

Welcome to the free market of news in NZ where profit trumps obligations to hold the powerful to account. Most TV news last night focused on a  couple having sex in Christchurch than the fact the Prime Minister has been caught out lying about when he knew an MP was in trouble and went to the Polls without telling the country.

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  1. Good on you for highlighting this Martyn. The lack of an independent news media is the biggest danger NZ faces.
    The television news is worse than the print probably because the printed media can hide articles, they don’t want highlighted, in the corner of the page whereas everything is “front page” on TV.
    My own hobby horse is the lack of coverage of the MH17 shooting, clearly by the Ukrainian side and the ongoing coverup and non-release of information. I have come to the conclusion that the NZ news media is firmly under the control of the Washington Neocon government and that John Key is protected by them as long as he does their bidding. If he transgressed I am sure all manner of stuff would appear.

  2. Due to NBR’s paywall I’ve been unable to see what evidence they have of the PM being aware of Sabin’s issues in April 2014. If anyone can enlighten me I’d appreciate it.

    If this is the case, it is disappointing that it hasn’t managed to trump a story about two office workers having sex on the job.

    There is such a lack of information on this issue in general, who is Sabin supposed to have assaulted? When? Has he been charged or is he currently still just being investigated?

    Maybe an investigative journalist is on the case, if so they’d best make their findings known soon otherwise this risks being swept under the rug entirely.

    • Re lack of info – Lauda Finem is an interesting website dealing in legal and police corruption in New Zealand

      • Wow! Thanks EP for putting me onto Lauda Finem.

        If we had proper MSM in this country the Sabin resignation would bring this government down!

        every-one should check Lauda Finem out.
        I have added it to my Favorites’!

  3. Agreed Martyn,

    You pointed out that NZ may well now have the sickest most corrupted news source, (if you can call it that) globally today due to these signs now appearing that important political events that may embarrass the ruling junta may be controlling media by deliberately blocking such corruption from the public gaze when you say;

    “Welcome to the free market of news in NZ where profit trumps obligations to hold the powerful to account. Most TV news last night focused on a couple having sex in Christchurch than the fact the Prime Minister has been caught out lying about when he knew an MP was in trouble and went to the Polls without telling the country.”

    Same occurred when the MSM covered (or failed to) the Queensland Election results last weekend.

    Oh sure the duopoly of NZTV & TV3 covered the possibility of Abbott getting thrown out by a leadership cue but they never even covered who won the Queensland election last weekend, so there was maybe a reason for this, was it because the ALP won the election as they did in Victoria recently?

  4. I heard Matthew Hooten, him of the National party, stating on RNZ yesterday that Key knew about the Sabin issue long before the election!

    So there you go. Two staunch Natsies, the NBR and Hooten, saying the same thing about the time frame when Key became aware of Sabin’s case.

    If this is what two Natsy sources are saying, how is it possible Key is able to get away claiming otherwise?

    Oh yes that’s right, msm is in Key’s pocket, dancing to his tune, keeping things sweet for him, by not speaking out and telling the truth!

    A credible news media would be applying the pressure by now, getting stuck into the PM, tearing him apart for answers! But we don’t have a credible msm do we?

    No doubt about it. NZ has a state controlled media, working on behalf of the government!

  5. NZ’s most popular Prime Minister for lying,
    Nz’s MSM most popular for giving a platform
    to the the PM to lie ad nauseam
    Nz’ers complicit in allowing this all to be the new way of life in Nz.
    Mike Sabin just another puffed up ex cop who craved Ultimate power
    Wake up Northland ‘The Land That Time Forgot’ is a movie,
    don’t make it our reality

  6. To add to this story. I was listening to RNZ Checkpoint last evening and the Checkpoint team were giving it the lead story treatment. They interviewed some exec from the company and tried very hard to get him to intimately and pornographically describe everything that this couple supposedly did. To his credit this gentleman refused the bait and simply said that the couple concerned would be spoken to, not taken out and stoned, put in the stocks or forced to fun naked around the block, or anything else. Mary Wilson was heaving with disappointment. You can always trust good ol’ RNZ and TVNZto investigate the stories that really need to be investigated, eh?
    On a related matter, I had to laugh when I saw a promo for the return of Seven Sharp in which Hosking declares his intention to ask the hard questions. I thought to myself, this will be of the calibre of “What does John Key have for breakfast?”

  7. To say too much, speculate on the Sabin case would be to invite legal issues I think.
    However Serious Assualts, Ongoing Nature and Name supression.
    When do people get name supression (victims)??
    Sabin was also living with a partner and children that werent his.
    I have drawn my own conclusions from the above facts, and wont be elaborating further.

  8. Even Slater has come out and said Key is lying about when he knew about Sabin yet still the country waits for our msm to grow a pair and actually do their job.

  9. It was obvious that Key was lieing in the press conference. We are getting well used to his body language now and that fake grin he puts on when he is not telling the full truth gave him away. When is the rest of NZ going to wake up! It is bad enough that he lies about things such as this but that being the case, how much is he lying about the bigger, far more important national issues.

  10. Thanks Bomber
    The tie up between the Media and the major parties of Labor and National showed in the last two elections without a real General Leaders Debate.

    This item further reinforces the view that John Key and his mogul media mates are as bad as those they often complain about…Waiata / song ‘Superstitious’ Stevie Wonder

    Doug Hay

  11. Is this latest in a long line of “misinterpretations” or “memory fades” or whatever the excuse will be this time simply going to be ignored as well?

    I note even Andrew Little through Matt McCarten informed the PM’s office mid to late November about Sabin so for Labour to know the news must have done the rounds well and truly by then

    • “Oh, look, when I say I was made aware of it in early December, obviously I was referring to my office. There was a lot of noise in the press conference and I thought the reporter was referring to just one instance of I, meaning my office, and not the second instance of I, meaning me personally.”

  12. John Key not aware of potentially damaging scuttlebutt that affects a “potential new Minister” (that’s a lovely narrative).
    Because – the National team and caucus focus on matters of policy and governing the nation and rigorously avoid indulging in gossip, speculation and smear tactics excepting, of course, members and candidates in other parties through liaisons with prominent (but independent) bloggers.
    The creativity of these guys’ spin doctors has to be admired because despite barely a skerrick of logical plausibility the public and mainstream journos lap it all up as gospel.

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