Will ‘Social Housing’ evictions be the riot spark in NZ?



I thought it was interesting last year when respected economist Brian Easton suggested that inequality in NZ was so intense that it may bring about civil strife.

I didn’t think it was likely because NZers are culturally easy to push around and basic lack of population density would make civil strife difficult to concentrate enough force to challenge the Police.

Now I’m not so sure.

Yes NZers are culturally easy to push around, but it’s completely different when they are cornered. Key’s new ‘UnSocial Housing’ plans to put the heat on 5000 State Housing tenants to do to them what he’s done in Glenn Innes, a class cleanse so that the developers he’s planning to flog billions of dollars in state housing off to have the property they can turn a quick buck for.

Thousands of State House tenants the Government deem as too rich will be evicted. That’s Police and Bailiffs having to drag tenants out. Social media will make these evictions flash points.

One of the interesting bits of info that turned up looking at the recent Queen st brawl was that much of the posturing had been done on social media between both factions of the gangs involved, imagine if that transmission turns from organising fights to stopping mates being dragged out of their homes? Hundreds of young people descending on Police dragging people out of their homes from suburbs they regard as home.

Live streaming of evictions and calls to defend them have all the ingredients for a resistance to explode out of control of the Police.

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State House evictions could cost the Government far more than they are prepared for.


    • Probably, Peter,the media never report on things they don’t want us to see ,it might give peoples ideas .
      I don’t believe NZs have the strength or will to fight back Key relies on that. I would be happy to be proven wrong.

    • Peter, I think Martyn might have been referring to the Auckland Railway station brawl not so long ago, when a couple of rival gangs went for it.

  1. Something unexpected “could” happen in terms of protests. But generally speaking it is the young people who lead widespread protests and in New Zealand frustration amongst the young is not likely to be expressed over a political issue but something inane like a fence between two groups of campers. But maybe, just maybe, out of the blue ……..

  2. Will Hobbits fight back?
    Probably not. Like the clearances in Ireland and Scotland, they will leave, most likely for the Arch-Satan, Australia.
    NZ will go back to tv, “when’s Shorty on?” Wait for Coro and turn up the volume so as to not hear their neighbours.

    Good Night Kiwis.

  3. With the TPPA pending – giving US corporates unrestricted access to NZ and NZ laws subject to change … Aren’t Smith and Wesson a US corporate? Will that change NZ’s current gun laws? Will a change in gun laws level the playing field?

    • Level it in the way Judas Collins wants to get more guns into the hands of frontline police officers.
      See the work done in Franklin before people disagreed with it? She’d be comfortable with it.

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