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Disassembling John Key

By   /  January 30, 2015  /  9 Comments

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The sleepy hobbits love John. “He’s one of us” they cry. “From a State House and did good, because NZ is good” they sing.

Is he?

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It’s weird right, the narrative of Key.


We hear he’s this laid back, have a beer at the barbie everyman.

There was a poll taken by Key’s people before he ran that asked people how much a PM of NZ should have before they stopped trusting them. The options were

a) $50million

b) $100million

c) $150million

d) $200million


The majority of responders said $50million. More than that amount it looked like the leader was corrupt.

Key has always been publicly valued at $50million.

The sleepy hobbits love John. “He’s one of us” they cry. “From a State House and did good, because NZ is good” they sing.

Is he?

He seems beyond that repeated right wing mantra to be a very different sort of person.

A money trader with pirate like ethics that takes and speculates and gambles. Key doesn’t add, he takes. He buys and slices off. He thinks short term, never long term.

He isn’t a very nice person. His policies devour the poor while enriching those already wealthy. He plays to people’s aspiration with vacant smiles while being surrounded by the largest security detail in NZ political history.

He erodes our civil liberties with a shrug and cuts deals with his American mates that are never in our best interests. He has built a mass surveillance state and used the SIS to falsify and smear the leader of the opposition months before the 2011 election, then he granted the same spy agency millions in extra resources and the power to spy without warrants for 24 hours.

He is on the phone to far right hate speech merchant Cameron Slater, his office ran a dirty ops team that manipulated the media for 6 years. He attacks investigative journalists and writers who criticise him and has media outlets raided by Police to seize evidence of a conversation he had with John Banks.

We are laid back about everything in NZ, especially our fascism.

We are a cargo cult without the cargo.

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  1. Mooloo magic says:

    Wanted: John Key
    For Crimes against humanity and committing heinous crimes and callous cruelty on this nation’s vulnerable and working people.
    Key is a Charlatan with all the charm of a snake oils salesman the fact that the Right have been able to con the majority of the electrode since is 2008 is scary.
    There is absolutely nothing nice about Key and his cabinet of evil .

  2. e-clectic says:

    The average person is pretty honest – they may indulge in some petty dishonesty from time to time as opportunity arises but fundamentally most people aren’t venal sociopaths. If they were we’d have a very different society.
    Customs officers don’t have to check every bag because most people don’t break the rules OR if they do it isn’t by much.
    Within that range of integrity most people expect that their peers operate in the same way (apart from the bad buggers and people who look a certain way – hair, tatts, skin colour, patches. Or lately – suits, ties, power dressing, TV makeup).
    So pitch up a narrative that your favourite politician could be your neighbour and just like you and trust isn’t a million miles away.
    In fact, to distrust the “neighbour” would be to distrust yourself and that would be weird.
    To see the real Key, each kiwi has to be prepared to face some uncomfortable truths about themselves. That’s the challenge.

    As they say, “the truth will set you free, but first it’ll really piss you off”.

  3. PhilDC says:

    But a clever little shit bag he be… brushes off everything with a disingenuous
    grimace and smug shrug.
    Every time I see him speak now I see an expression of someone sniffing the shit pouring out his own gob.
    I can’t bear to look anymore or I will either vomit or cry.

  4. cleangreen says:

    Great summary Martyn on this evil subhuman species that seems to enjoy screwing all Kiwis for his demented love of ruling with such destructive results on behalf off his puppet masters probably the Bilderbergers and the US elitists.

    Remember Key loves the US system nowadays which is a predatory system not what the founding fathers envisioned when planning the free democratic society they wished for.

    I lived there in the 60’s and the 90’s and saw a large change to a predatory society from a former inclusive society and Key loves the rip shit and bust climate as he thrives on this as an aggressive money trader in NY.

    He has bought this same aggressive money hungry society here and has set about destroying the once egalitarian society we all grew up with and cherished highly.

    We need you there Martyn and all other brave souls if we are going to save this country from destruction.

  5. Murray Smith says:

    “We are a cargo cult without the cargo.”

    Empty promises of a brighter future fly like the skull and bones attached to the mast. That’s why the holds are empty .. they’re here for plunder not trade. They don’t look like pirates either .. except for the eye patch, the sword and the talking parrot. Oh, and the corporations that organise the treasure hunt is still a secret here I believe. They without doubt must be Gods.

  6. We are told Key was mixed up with some US banks and came away with $40 – $50 million, and talked NZ into voting him into power as Prime Minister as it was his 8 year old state house boy hood dream. Sounds like the work of a con man ? What if Key came back from the States with $40 – $50 million he BORROWED from some US Banks.
    Now that starts to make sense.
    Especially in light of how he has been running the country – BORROWING something like $80 million dollars to keep the whole”NZ is doing so well” charade going.

  7. Dale says:

    Just can’t work this out. Most Kiwis are doing well. Enjoying life. And yet we’re constantly told to stop it and be fucking miserable for christ sake! Well fuck that. Why are you all so negative?

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