Sabin to grill Police while he is under investigation for serious allegations?



The hypocrisy of Mike Sabin grilling Police when he is under such serious allegations is simply too much to accept.

Most of the Press Gallery by now must know how serious the allegations are, the rumours are swirling and National right now are trying to work out how the hell they jettison Sabin before he explodes. The problem is that if they stand him down, it immediately becomes a story and the uncomfortable questions about when Key knew and how much will start to damage their brand.

The last think Key needs is a shock defeat in a Northland by-election.

Due process and presumption of innocence is fine, but when you are an MP and the allegations this serious, allowing Sabin to stay on is politically expedient, it is in no way principled.


  1. Maybe Sabin will escape justice because he is a National MP but the person/s will be able to take out a private prosecution .
    The sad thing is that National is not trying to bring him to justice because its not in their interest, one rule for them another for the people.
    Key is in Davos singing his own praises,rock star economy blah blah, the so called economy is not for NZ but good news for the wealthy other leaders.
    All Key has done is copy other countries policies,because we are so small and mostly compliant its been easy for him.Key is a would be if he could be copycat in a brown nosed way.

  2. Allowing Sabin to be in a position of grilling the police, demonstrates to me that further investigation into the assault allegation against him, is not likely to proceed!

    Wouldn’t mind betting Key has already directed the police to wind things down, to avoid an embarrassing situation arising for the government!

    In depth msm reporting and publicity about Sabin has been so quiet, it’s become deafening!

    Influence and interference there from Key, as a face saving tactic for himself and his motley mob of miscreants? I think so.

    • Labour leader Andrew Little yesterday urged Key to come clean about what he knows. “The public are entitled to know. If there is an investigation, tell the public. If there isn’t, tell the public.”

      Sabin has not responded to requests for comment.

      No surprise there.

      • @ cleangreen –

        NZ needs some snarling, snapping journalists, unafraid to bare their teeth and bite into an issue such as this one, working as the proxy of the people, which incidentally is the purpose of the media!

        Anywhere else other than NZ, Sabin, Key & Co would be worn down by now, through sharp journalists applying the pressure for answers! There would be action one way or the other.

        Alas instead we have a compliant msm, ready and willing to dance to Key’s tune and downplay this issue (and God knows how many more, we aren’t aware of), as per instruction!

        Govt control of media is a sure indication of a fascist state. In NZ’s case, led by a scheming, lying, cheating, sociopath despot, with multiple personality disorder!

        Dangerous times for Kiwis!

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