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Remarkably Sean Plunkett still has a job today. The explosion of those who seem to have an intimate knowledge of Maori slang is also on the rise. This is the translation I trust, from Annette Sykes, Hua is a derogatory term used in Maori as a shortened version for the term pokokohua, which is as derogatory as Maori get.

Sean effectively got to call Eleanor every vile profanity in the English dictionary by using Maori slang. And still has a job.

For daring to suggest NZ has an anti-intellectual national cringe creating shallow neoliberal politicians, Eleanor gets a ‘burn the witch’ response. Hashtag irony.

The PM weighed in spouting his disappointment rather than merely accepting a citizens right to voice their concerns over his corrupt Government and the totally tainted Taxpayer’s Union has the audacity of trying to claim that as a publicly funded person, Eleanor can never criticise the corrupt National Party Government. Of Course Jordan Williams view on women in general aren’t all that nice are they?

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“Similarly Jordan Williams offered to write a post for Whale Oil comparing National and Labour women. Slater said “Heh yeah”, and published it the next day under his own name (Jordan William’s, Facebook messaging to and from Cameron Slater, 22 April 2012). The thesis of this pathetic blog post, the point of which was more sexual innuendo against a favourite Labour MP target, was that, contrary to the ‘theory “that Labour Party women are dud roots’ it could be that ‘larger ugly ladies’ put more effort into sex than their ‘slimline bimbo sisters … Could the [MP] be onto something’…

If standing up to this corrupt Government and the slow witted sleepy hobbits who voted them in is traitorous, Je Suis Traitor.

If only we had sportspeople with the courage and conviction of our writers to stand up and speak truth to political power.


  1. Plunkett will be loving the attention – “there’s only one thing worse than being talked about” – and no doubt his masters will be smiling approvingly.
    As for the Key’s slimy response… pretty much validated Catton’s assertions.

  2. “Hide Witch hide. The good folks come to burn thee. Their keen enjoyment hid behind a gothic mask of duty”.

  3. Graham Mourie. Still remember his great courage. Our sports people are under funding pressure to keep their mouths shut, they too are publicly funded and this creepy govt is watching and waiting to pull funding from any dissenting voice – including our scientists fgs. I feel for their quandary, and maybe we’re not faced with the clear cut of an issue as sharp as ’81, but I agree, it would be refreshing to be able to open up discussion about social justice, climate change, etc without it being an opportunity for our msm to help themselves to unhealthy dollop of antidemocratic vitriol.

  4. Thou shalt not criticise the Government. Democracy here is becoming an increasingly threatened ideology, let alone practice.

    Just ask the Human Rights Commission, the Ombudsman’s Office or Fish and Game, who all criticised the Government and faced threats or outright cuts. If our official public watchdogs – whose job it is to protect the rights and opportunities of all New Zealanders – can’t criticise the Government, what hope does a mere award winning author have?

    And as for supporting the arts, many schools no longer run art or music programs or have dedicated teachers, through funding issues, even the much lauded “importance of literacy” and “working for all NZers” is belied by dismantled ACE funding, new rules around supported education which is ageist and particularly disempowering of women and the latest announcement, for the sake of $300,000 odd per year (around the PM’s salary) to remove access to the National Library resources for teachers and schools. Just to name a very few of many.

    Democracy here is becoming a travesty. I totally agree with Ms Catton’s assessment of our Government, and am only disappointed that she connected it with arts funding, when, in fact it is a much broader brush of disempowerment that effects almost every sector of NZ where once people could hope to learn, grow or better themselves. A dumbed down Nation that lives in fear of critical thought or expressing opinions is ripe for fascism, corporate takeover and covert slavery.

    This is aided and abetted by all but a few in our media with the ability to present ill-informed opinion or outright propaganda seeming to be the benchmark for employment or popularity.

    I’m ashamed too.

  5. I note that Key’s criticism refers to his work and her work as comparable. Her work as a writer/author is one of enlightenment, which can enliven and warm hearts across the nation’s culture. His ‘work’ is resulting in greater division and social disharmony than we ever had before. To try to compare the two is futile, her social conscience is alive and working, while his ……

  6. I heard the visual artist Dick Frizzell being interviewed on National Radio about Catton’s criticisms. One of the judges of the New Zealand Book Awards, he basically argued that she got the same fair treatment as all the other nominations. This may in fact be true. But if Frizzell had been a bit wiser, he would have taken the criticism on the chin. He should have understood that any comments he made would be used to validate the right wing attack on another artist and free speech.

  7. In reply to “pineapples” i heard the same interview with Frizzell. I disagree with the presumption that he should have stayed silent least his comments be ceased upon by the Right Wing. He was totally entitled to say his piece…..why can’t we on the left tolerate nuance in our stances…i.e.Catton may be totally correct re her views on the govt but incorrect about why she missed out on the NZ Book Awards…..This “us versus them” mentality on the left doesn’t seem to allow for subtleties. Also…in their enthusiasm to champion the Leftist Hero Catton no one in the arts community seems to have thought about the actual winner of the NZ Book Awards and how he/she thinks about the matter. To have her/his award impugned by Catton in such a way…”oh he got the gong not because he deserved it but because the judges behind the Award had it in for me”….Wheres the respect for the winning author and fellow artist there??

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