The sanctimonious love fest for a cruel and evil Saudi Dictator



Can you believe the wave of bullshit that has been lavished upon the the new Saudi Dictator by world leaders?

This attempt to portray the last Saudi Dictator as some sort of moderate and the attempt to portray the next Saudi Dictator as a moderate is so shameful it should become some sort of drinking game for those wishing to commit suicide via alcohol poisoning.

Saudi Arabia’s ruling elite use a warped version of Islam to keep a vicious hand on the throat of any freedoms and is the largest source of terrorist funding next to America on the entire planet.

The only reason we suck up to them and don’t bomb them the way Key has convinced us we need to bomb ISIS is because our allied buy oil off the Saudi’s.

The West’s hypocrisy at lauding the Saudi’s form of brutal Islam while demanding war for the ISIS form of brutal Islam is a sick joke.


  1. Yes, it is a sad indictment on our government and other western governments that go on about “freedom of speech”, about “democracy” and “human rights”, when one of their remaining few main allies in the Middle East is having a rather dim view of all this.

    The Saudis are also bank rolling the Egyptian government, that abolished the bit of democracy they were temporarily allowed to try, under dubious arguments now, and the same Egyptian government is locking up innocent journalists, besides of political activists, human rights advocates and more, all sanctioned by the Saudi government and really also the US and others.

    Go and look up the Amnesty International website for info on human rights in Saudi Arabia, but they do have even worse extremists than their government, who would go much further. Some Saudis support IS, and their government had both eyes closed too long, being quite happy about various islamist extremist groups fighting Assad in Syria, an ally of Iran.

    As for ISIS, I think, to be fair, they are a real rogue movement, and despite of all their ruthless evil the Saudi government is responsible for, they can claim to at least run a “steady regime”, where their citizens know from their early days, what the rules and sanctions are. ISIS have on the contrary “conquered” or claimed territories, created a new state, and are not just beheading, cutting limbs off and crucifying persons they consider criminals or blasphemous evil doers, they also have reintroduced proper slavery, have conducted mass executions, have driven out Christian and other minorities, and take delight in bombing Shiite shrines and public places all over Iraq now.

    They are admittedly a step much further than the Saudis have taken their strict interpreation of Wahabi led islam.

    But, yes, all evil and hypocrisy deserves to be mentioned.

    • I wonder if the new bloke will free the previous one’s daughters, who have been kept in virtual imprisonment for 13 years because they dared to speak up for women’s rights…

  2. I understand that on Monday the NZ flags on Auckland Harbour bridge and government buildings were at half mast because of the Saudi Kings death. Unbelievable hypocrisy.Is the national government so besotted with neocon USA it has to mimic their every gesture or are they playing a game of “I am the biggest brown-noser” with Tony Abbott and his Knighthood for the father of the Queens children.

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