Andrew Little at Ratana – ignoring the battle to win the war


Andrew Little was one giant flop at Ratana, but that was always going to be the outcome.

Andrew Little survives at Ratana but Peters steals show
Andrew Little has survived his first address to Maori at Ratana but was well and truly upstaged by NZ First leader Winston Peters when it came to wooing the nannies.

The balancing act that Little was attempting wasn’t going to be easy. On the one hand he had to pay enough lip service to Maori to recognise Maoridom’s latest infatuation with the labour Party from the last election. Without a swing from Maori, Labour’s election result would have been even more dire. Seeing as Labour are the Party who confiscated more land than any other political party in NZ history with the stealing of the foreshore and seabed legislation, Maoridom are being very optimistic.

So Andrew said the the things that needed to be said to keep Ratana happy, but of course he couldn’t do much more than that because the target for 2017 is the infamous middle of NZ politics. That beige subdivided middle class who when push comes to shove are quickly heard around the cheeseboard saying ‘I’m not racist but’. Labour can’t spook the middle by having any strong voice for Maori.

Little ignored the battle today so that he has a chance of winning the war in 2017.

Personally I don’t want a change in Government, I want a changed Government.

Thank God the Greens showed some spine.


  1. A changed government in what direction? Moving New Zealand toward including everyone and fearing no one? Or pandering to the middle class duped for so long to be slave workers to the top 1% of the rich Kiwis?

  2. Right again Martyn,

    Winston is a champion public speaker as we had him in Gisborne on his rail policy trip “Rails of national importance” before the election.

    This was a sop to national’s “Roads of National Significance” which is killing our rail in the process.

    The public loves Winnie and Andrew will have to partner him to learn how to take the people forward at least.

    Winston is maybe still the best skilled politician we have on our side so we should embrace his skill & natural abilities as we go forward to battle NatZ.

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